Forex Scalping Strategy For Beginners

Learn The Secrets to Forex Scalping on the 1 minute Timeframe ,Get consistently profitable and funded up to 7 figures
Forex Scalping Strategy For Beginners
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Forex Scalping Strategy For Beginners

What you’ll learn

Learn The Secrets Of Intraday Scalping
Understanding Price Action On The 1 Minute Timeframe
Get Free Copies Of BestSelling Trading Books
Pass Your Funding Challenges And Max Up To 6 Figures In Funded Capital
Learn How To Create A Trading Plan
Get A Free Trading Plan Template
KnowThe Psychological Secrets Behind Successful Traders

Forex Scalping Strategy For Beginners


Willing and open mindset to learn


In this course I will be revealing the secrets of scalping when trading forex / crypto. How I have managed to get funded and gain over 2000%+ in crypto ROI over the past years and become 6 figure funded trading forex This course also covers the secrets of successful trading habits and psychological issues faced by many traders and the problem of inconsistency among traders and how to overcome these problemsSo whether you want to generate some side income by trading the Forex / Crypto Market or if you want to make trading your only source of income then this course is for you.In this course we will cover beginner and Intermediary level information to get you on the right path to becoming a successful and a consistently profitable Trader. On top of all the material thought we will be giving you our personal tricks, techniques and views on the Forex market that have tremendously fast-tracked our success. Also this course includes :Understanding how to identify market structure properlyUnderstanding the basic concepts of supply and demand Merging supply and demand with support and resistance to gain efficient trading resultsBecome consistently profitable and funded up to 6 figures in prop firms Gain an in depth knowledge and learn the secrets of the 1 minute timeframe Identify key levels in the market to understand why price reacts at certain levels Understand proper risk management and how to manage your money while trading Learn the psychology behind scalping and how to control emotions while holding a trade Having multiple entries in a proper risk defined wayGrow small accounts into large figures with power of compounding interest while scalp tradingTrading and Investing Advice from a pro trader Live trading examples for proper understanding Personalizing your trading plan


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Knowing Your Trading Platforms

Lecture 2 Basic Concepts Of Supply and Demand

Lecture 3 Understanding Support and Resistance

Lecture 4 Identifying Market Structure

Lecture 5 Introduction to Scalping

Lecture 6 Top Down Analysis : Key Levels for Scalping

Lecture 7 Live Scalp Trading

Section 2: Trading with Supply and Demand

Lecture 8 Scaling in Entries on the 1 min Timeframe

Lecture 9 Live Scalp Trading II

Lecture 10 When To Get In and Out of Trades

Lecture 11 Live Scalp Trading III

Section 3: Putting It All Together

Lecture 12 Creating a Trading Plan

Lecture 13 Psychology Session: Handling Emotions

Lecture 14 Trading Books to Help your Journey

Lecture 15 Growing Your Small Account

Beginners and Intermediate Traders,Traders who want to be able to get in and out of the market very quickly,Traders who want to begin day trading instead of swing trading,Those who want to be able to pass funded challenges and become funded,Traders who have problems with reading candlesticks and missing entries,Traders who get scared of executing and most time fail to catch winning trades

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 3h 40m | 1.18 GB
Created by: Pips Pirate

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