Forex Trading

Learn how to approach the forex markets with confidence
Forex Trading
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Forex Trading

What you’ll learn

Understanding Forex Basics
How to identify the trend
How to execute Trades
How to manage Profit and Loss

Forex Trading


No experience needed only discipline.


Learn at your own paceINCLUDES:- Technical Analysis: Learn how to Analyse the Forex Market- Fundamental Analysis: Learn how to Analyse the Forex Market- Beginner to Advance Training: Mentorship from the basics all the way to advanced trading strategies.- Nasdaq Strategies- Online Webinars- Weekly Market Breakdowns- 24/7 Support- Lifetime MentorshipThe entire course is in video format for your ultimate learning experience.Includes ZOOM webinars which are at your disposal.This course equips you with all the knowledge and experience needed to become a successful trader.COURSE:3 Months – You will be set up with a DEMO trading account which requires zero deposit. This will be a tool used for you to gain experience in the financial market without spending any money and learn all about risk and how to manage your funds.During this first 3 months you should see improvement and hence encourage yourself to trade in aims of making a profit.4 Months + – You now have the skill to trade on a LIVE trading account where you should deposit funds which you can afford.You will be thoroughly assessed to see if your trading knowledge is of a satisfactory level and if you skillful enough to manage your funds in a profitable manner.


Section 1: Beginner Course – Basic Introduction

Lecture 1 Welcome

Lecture 2 Forex Terms

Lecture 3 Market Structure

Lecture 4 Candlestick Patterns

Lecture 5 Candlestick Patterns Setups

Lecture 6 Charting Patterns

Lecture 7 Risk Management

Lecture 8 Win Rate

Section 2: Beginner Course – Advanced Introduction

Lecture 9 Uptrend Market Structure

Lecture 10 Downtrend Market Structure

Lecture 11 Ranging Market Structure

Lecture 12 How to draw trendlines part 1

Lecture 13 How to draw trendlines part 2

Lecture 14 How to draw levels

Lecture 15 Trading Formula

Section 3: Intermediate

Lecture 16 Understanding the Fib

Lecture 17 How to draw Fib Uptrend

Lecture 18 How to draw Fib Downtrend

Lecture 19 Trading Formula + Fib

Lecture 20 How to set Pending Orders

Lecture 21 Fundamentals

Lecture 22 How to Scalp

Section 4: Advanced

Lecture 23 How to draw monthly key levels

Lecture 24 How to draw weekly key levels

Lecture 25 How to draw daily key levels

Lecture 26 Top Down Analysis

Lecture 27 Sniper Entries

Lecture 28 Stacking Entries

Lecture 29 Counter Trend Trading

Lecture 30 How Banks Trade

Lecture 31 How to Trail Stop Loss

Section 5: Nasdaq Strategy

Lecture 32 Nasdaq Scalping Strategy

Lecture 33 Nasdaq Strategy 1.0

Lecture 34 Nasdaq No Loss Strategy 1

Lecture 35 Nasdaq No Loss Strategy 2

Lecture 36 Nasdaq Investment Strategy 1

Lecture 37 Nasdaq Investment Strategy 2

Section 6: Winners Psychology

Lecture 38 Winners Psychology

Lecture 39 Patience

Lecture 40 Discipline

Lecture 41 Success

Section 7: Interface

Lecture 42 How to use Tradingview

Lecture 43 How to use Metatrader

Lecture 44 How to customize Metatrader

Lecture 45 Entering and Setting SL and TP in MT4

Lecture 46 How to use

Beginner to Advance

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Udemy | English | 4h 18m | 2.99 GB
Created by: Zaheer amadien

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