Foundations for Mastering Watercolor Painting FIRST STEPS

An in-depth, approachable look at painting materials that will make mastering the medium truly possible.
Foundations for Mastering Watercolor Painting FIRST STEPS
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Foundations for Mastering Watercolor Painting FIRST STEPS

What you’ll learn

Learn watercolor techniques quicker and easier
Understand what watercolor paint is and how it is unique
Discern how a paint will perform based on its pigment property
Gain insight into water’s important role in the water media painting process
Appreciate the importance of surface texture and structure when you paint
Understand the differences between brush materials
Problem-solve with success when something goes wrong in the painting process
Feel freer in developing your own artistic voice

Foundations for Mastering Watercolor Painting FIRST STEPS


There are no prerequisites for this course.


NOTE: This is not a hands-on painting course.“The best watercolour course I have seen…I need a structured better approach than the typical watch-me-paint courses, that explain nothing about quality of paints and mediums and how they affect the final result. Brilliantly narrated, videos quality are amazing and super explanatory. 6 stars!” – Joao C.“I am learning so much. It is really helping me to understand the medium I am working with, as well as how I can manipulate it to create the effects and emotions I want. Everything just changes when you know what you are looking for. My level of confidence in watercolour has definitely skyrocketed.” – Nicole O.The instructor of this course is a Signature Member of the National Watercolor Society.Watercolor painting at its core is built upon pigment, water, and a painting surface, and in order to master the medium you need to thoroughly understand your materials. This course is designed to give you an in-depth look at the properties of each material used in the watercolor painting process. With this understanding, beginners will have an easier time learning techniques and experienced painters will be better equipped to perfect their skill and solve potential problems. This isn’t a hands-on painting class, but rather is a lecture-based course containing information you aren’t likely to find anywhere else.


Section 1: How to Use the Course Tools

Lecture 1 How to Use the Course Tools (Optional)

Section 2: The History of Watercolor (Optional)

Lecture 2 The Evolution of Watercolor – A Closer Look

Section 3: What is Watercolor?

Lecture 3 Introduction and What is Paint?

Lecture 4 How Paints Differ

Lecture 5 Transparency Demonstration

Lecture 6 Lifting & Reworkability Demonstration

Lecture 7 Paint Flow Demonstration

Section 4: The Properties of Pigments

Lecture 8 The Properties of Pigments

Lecture 9 Pigment Weight

Lecture 10 Pigment Size

Lecture 11 Paint Transparency

Lecture 12 Tinting Strength

Lecture 13 Putting it All Together

Lecture 14 Where to Find Pigment Information

Section 5: The Properties of Water

Lecture 15 The Properties of Water

Lecture 16 Cohesion & Surface Tension

Lecture 17 Adhesion

Lecture 18 Temperature

Lecture 19 Water Demonstrations

Section 6: The Properties of Painting Surfaces

Lecture 20 Painting Surfaces

Lecture 21 How Paper is Made

Lecture 22 Paper Weight

Lecture 23 Paper Texture

Lecture 24 Paper Formats

Lecture 25 Alternative Surfaces

Lecture 26 Paper Presentation

Lecture 27 Manufacturer Websites

Section 7: Supplies

Lecture 28 Introduction to Supplies & Studio Tour

Lecture 29 Paper

Lecture 30 Brushes

Lecture 31 Paints

Lecture 32 Palettes

Lecture 33 Additional Supplies

Lecture 34 Some Final Thoughts

Section 8: Practical Application

Lecture 35 Painting Demonstration – Applying the Knowledge

Section 9: Bonus: How Supplies Impact Painting Results

Lecture 36 How Paint Quality Impacts Results

Lecture 37 How Paper Quality Impacts Results

This course applies to both new painters as well as experienced painters. For the new painter, it will make the learning process much easier. For the experienced painter, it will give you a deeper understanding of the medium.,This is not a watercolor technique class. Instead, this is intended to give viewers a broader, deeper understanding of the medium.

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Udemy | English | 3h 19m | 6.44 GB
Created by: Jill Poyerd

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