FreeCAD Very Basic Course for total novices

Create your first 3D model!
FreeCAD Very Basic Course for total novices
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Damian Lewczuk


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FreeCAD Very Basic Course for total novices

What you’ll learn

You will learn the basic elements of the FreeCAD interface.
You will learn the basic tools for creating 3D models.
You will learn the basic geometries and constraints in a sketch.
You will prepare your first 3D model in FreeCAD.

FreeCAD Very Basic Course for total novices


You do not need to have experience in 3D modeling.


In this beginner’s course, you will learn the basic concepts and tools of FreeCAD, the popular open source 3D modeling software. Through a series of tutorials, you will develop the skills necessary to start designing and creating your own 3D models.One approach to creating 3D models is to create 3D models from 2D sketches.We create a 2D sketch and add 3D solid features based on that sketch.We’ll start with an overview of geometry creation and editing tools. We will discuss basic constraints, which are the relationships between sketch geometries. Constraints make it possible to precisely specify the shape and dimensions of geometry. Next, we’ll go over the basic operations of creating and editing 3D solids from a sketch.By the end of this course, you will have a good foundation in FreeCAD and will be able to create simple 3D models. Whether you’re creating models for personal projects or for professional work, FreeCAD is a powerful tool that can help you express your ideas in 3D design.FreeCAD is free and open source parametric computer-aided design (CAD) 3D software. It is suitable for engineers, designers, students and hobbyists who want to create 3D models of their projects. FreeCAD can be used for hobby and commercial purposes. And to use FreeCAD, just download the installation file, install the software and you can use it. No need to provide your details. FreeCAD works offline, so you can create your own 3D models even in places with limited internet access.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 What is FreeCAD?

Lecture 3 Download FreeCAD

Lecture 4 A quick look at the user interface.

Section 2: FreeCAD Essentials

Lecture 5 Create Sketch – Geometries and Constraints – Part 1

Lecture 6 Geometries and Constraints – Part 2

Lecture 7 Geometries and Constraints – Part 3

Lecture 8 Sketch Extrude and First 3D Model

Lecture 9 Another Part of 3D Solid

Lecture 10 Pocket Feature

Lecture 11 Geometries and Constraints – Part 4

Lecture 12 Circular Pattern

Lecture 13 Fillet Feature

Lecture 14 Chamfer Feature

Lecture 15 Chamfer and Fillet

Lecture 16 Solid Appearance

Lecture 17 More Sketch Tools and Another Way to Create a 3D Solid

Lecture 18 Fillet in Sketch (and effect of editing previous feature on subsequent ones)

Lecture 19 Section View

Lecture 20 Pad and Revolution in One Project

Lecture 21 Remove Material by Sketch Rotation

The course is intended for complete beginners.,For people who want to create their own 3D models in a completely free 3D CAD system.

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 1h 21m | 657.41 MB
Created by: Damian Lewczuk

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