From Engineer to Technical Manager A Survival Guide

New manager training for engineers – smooth the transition from individual contributor to manager or team lead.
From Engineer to Technical Manager A Survival Guide
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Sundog Education by Frank Kane


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From Engineer to Technical Manager A Survival Guide

What you’ll learn

Thrive in your transition from individual contributor to manager or team lead
Avoid common pitfalls of engineers moving into management
Optimize the morale and productivity of your new team
How to recruit the best people to your team
Best practices for letting someone go
Building productive relationships with senior management
Effective time management – how to handle all those new meetings and messages

From Engineer to Technical Manager A Survival Guide


All you need is some familiarity with the professional world.


Hey, you got promoted to manager! Congratulations! But… moving from an individual contributor role to a managerial one is more challenging than any engineering problem you may have faced. Managing people is a lot different from managing machines!I’m Frank Kane, and I’m here to help you through it. I made the transition from software engineer, to manager, and ultimately senior manager at Amazon’s headquarters in Seattle. And I did it while maintaining the highest review ratings and low team turnover in a very challenging environment. There’s a lot about management I had to learn the hard way, but I’m going to share those tips for success – with you – in this course.At this end of this course, you’ll be driving results with your team that are much bigger than what you could have achieved yourself. And you’ll know the most common pitfalls for new technical managers, and how to avoid them. In short, you’ll be set up for success as you move from managing machines to managing people.This course covers:The most important survival tips for new managersHow to deliver results from your new teamThe basics of people management nobody taught youHiring the best people for your team, and letting go of those who are holding your team back.Working effectively with upper managementHow to build and maintain morale on your team to keep it productiveTips on growing your own career in management over timeI designed this course for engineers or technicians moving into their first management role, but early-career managers will also benefit from these tips. Or, maybe you’re just considering making the move from individual contributor to manager, and want to know what you’re getting into – this course can help with that, too.This course is full of practical tips and activities; we don’t mince words or waste time on empty business-speak. Choose to maximize your chance of becoming a great manager – enroll now, or check out the free preview lectures to see if this course is for you. This course was created by an experienced human – no generative AI or ChatGPT was used to generate its content.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Using this course

Lecture 2 Introduction

Section 2: Survival Tips for New Technical Managers

Lecture 3 Introduction: Survival Tips

Lecture 4 The importance of letting go

Lecture 5 Nurture your team’s ideas; don’t steal credit.

Lecture 6 Leading by example

Lecture 7 Time management: achieving and maintaining Inbox Zero

Lecture 8 Self-discipline with time management

Lecture 9 How to remain focused and productive amidst all those meetings

Lecture 10 Delegation, and the art of saying “no”

Lecture 11 [Activity] Tame your inbox!

Lecture 12 Thinking strategically, acting tactically

Lecture 13 [Activity] Understanding Tactics and Strategy

Section 3: Delivering Results from a Team

Lecture 14 Introduction: Delivering Results

Lecture 15 Avoiding overcommittment

Lecture 16 Tactics: How things get done

Lecture 17 Pushing things forward

Lecture 18 Situational awareness

Lecture 19 The importance of simplicity

Lecture 20 Working backwards

Lecture 21 [Activity] Working Backwards

Section 4: People Management Basics

Lecture 22 Introduction: People Management Basics

Lecture 23 Structuring useful 1:1 meetings, Part 1

Lecture 24 Structuring useful 1:1 meetings, Part 2

Lecture 25 Mock 1:1 meeting

Lecture 26 Handling difficult conversations with active listening

Lecture 27 Mock difficult conversation with active / reflective listening techniques

Lecture 28 Managing employees’ growth

Lecture 29 [Activity] Practice active listening

Section 5: Hiring and Firing

Lecture 30 Section Intro: Hiring and Firing

Lecture 31 Raising the bar

Lecture 32 Creative recruiting and candidate sourcing

Lecture 33 Managing “up or out”

Lecture 34 How NOT to fire someone

Lecture 35 Firing: the best case scenario

Lecture 36 Handling layoffs

Lecture 37 [Activity] Starting a performance improvement plan

Section 6: Working with Upper Management

Lecture 38 Section Intro: Working with Upper Management

Lecture 39 Managing up

Lecture 40 Have backbone; disagree and commit

Lecture 41 How to deliver problems or bad news

Lecture 42 Meeting etiquette, and overcoming introversion in meetings

Lecture 43 Presenting to upper management

Lecture 44 [Activity] Understanding higher-level decisions

Section 7: Building and Maintaining Morale

Lecture 45 Section Intro: Building Morale

Lecture 46 Building your tribe

Lecture 47 Good goals = good morale

Lecture 48 Keep the right people on the bus

Lecture 49 Killing a project without destroying morale

Lecture 50 [Activity] Apply what you’ve learned to your team

Section 8: Your Continued Growth as a Manager

Lecture 51 Section Intro: Your Continued Growth

Lecture 52 Finding a mentor, learning the business, and building relationships

Lecture 53 [Activity] Get a mentor

Section 9: Wrapping up

Lecture 54 Now go captain your ship

Lecture 55 Thanks for watching!

Lecture 56 Bonus lecture

Newly minted technical managers,Engineers considering a move into management,Early-career managers looking to improve their management and their teams

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Created by: Sundog Education by Frank Kane

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