From Sketch Design to iOS App with Swift and Xcode

Master Creating Custom User Interfaces for Your Apps: Design a Cool iOS App and Build it From Start to Finish
From Sketch Design to iOS App with Swift and Xcode
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From Sketch Design to iOS App with Swift and Xcode

What you’ll learn

Build a cool app, starting with designing it in Sketch and then build it from start to finish with Swift and Xcode
Customize UIKit components like CollectionViews
Implement cool and custom transitions between ViewControllers
Translate a UI design into a real app
Understand and apply the basics of prototyping in Sketch
Design user interfaces in Sketch

From Sketch Design to iOS App with Swift and Xcode


Have a good understanding of the Swift programming language
You should know your way around the Xcode IDE
You should know the basics of Auto Layout


This course is going to guide you through the complete process of designing a cool iOS app and then also build it from start to finish. If you want to create apps that stand out you need the ability to translate a great user interface design from its concept stage as wireframes, mockups or interactive prototypes into a fully functional app. Among other things you will learn:The fundamental iOS design principlesBasics of designing and prototyping in SketchHow to design an app and then create it from start to finishHow to customize UIKit components like buttons, collection views or the navigation barHow to work with custom views and xib filesHow to create awesome transition animations: implementing a custom and animated view controller transition from a collection view cell to a new view controllerHow to create simple animationsBecome a more skilled developerThis course is suitable for you if you have already made your first experiences in building apps using Xcode and Swift. You won’t have to be an expert developer or an experienced designer. You will however learn a lot of useful tricks and techniques that will also broaden your general knowledge around the processes of designing and developing iOS apps with the powerful tools Sketch, Xcode and the Swift programming language.Our RoadmapBefore writing our first line of code we are going to have a look at fundamental iOS design principles followed by a quick introduction into Sketch. Sketch is a powerful tool for designing and prototyping and after completing this course you will be able to design your own application with it. Before building a complete iOS app, we are going to make a solid development plan starting with an app idea, the design of several mockups followed by a the creation of a simple prototype. Not until then are we going to launch Xcode.In the actual development part of this course you are going to setup the user interface in Interface Builder, work with a modern data model, customize different UIKit components, and even create an awesome custom animated transition between two view controllers. For more detailed information about the content of this course have a look at the curriculum and the free videos. You get this course complete with all the necessary project files, so that you’ll be able to work alongside the author as you work through each concept. In addition you will receive a verifiable certificate of completion upon finishing the course.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Welcome and Overview

Lecture 2 Using the Project Files

Section 2: Design and Sketch Basics

Lecture 3 iOS Design Themes

Lecture 4 Get Sketch

Lecture 5 Get to Know the Sketch UI

Lecture 6 What Are Artboards?

Lecture 7 Use UIKit Symbols

Lecture 8 Layout Constraints in Sketch

Lecture 9 Work with Symbols

Lecture 10 Export your Artwork

Section 3: Idea, Mockups and Prototyping

Lecture 11 We have an App Idea

Lecture 12 An App Design in the Making

Lecture 13 Prototyping in Sketch

Section 4: First Development Steps

Lecture 14 Design Translation for Development

Lecture 15 Project Setup and Data Model

Section 5: The Overview Screen

Lecture 16 First Setup in Interface Builder

Lecture 17 Customise the Navigation Bar

Lecture 18 Custom CollectionView Cells

Lecture 19 Load Category Data

Lecture 20 Display Categories in the CollectionView

Lecture 21 Preparations for Selecting Images

Lecture 22 Perform a Segue and Transfer Data

Section 6: Custom ViewController Transitions

Lecture 23 Custom Transitions: The Theory

Lecture 24 Basic Transition Setup

Lecture 25 Get the Transition Context Ready

Lecture 26 Define the Animation

Lecture 27 Animation & Navigation Controller

Lecture 28 The Final Step: ImageViews for Animation

Lecture 29 Back to Overview: Reverse Animation

Section 7: Image Selection Screen & UIScrollView

Lecture 30 Export Button Assets with Sketch

Lecture 31 Transition Back to the Overview

Lecture 32 Setup the Image Selection UI

Lecture 33 Apply Auto Layout Contstraints

Lecture 34 Custom Photo Views with a XIB File

Lecture 35 Load Images with Custom View

Lecture 36 Paging with UIScrollView

Lecture 37 Beautify the Custom Transition

Section 8: Final Steps and Sharing Cards

Lecture 38 Project Update and Runtime Attributes

Lecture 39 Basic Segue Transition and Data Transfer

Lecture 40 Start Transition with Gesture Recognizer

Lecture 41 Share a Card: ActivityViewController

Section 9: Conclusion

Lecture 42 Next Steps

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Course Information:

Udemy | English | 4h 3m | 2.61 GB
Created by: Brian Advent

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