FSLogix for Virtual desktop CitrixAVDVMware

Ultimate profile solution for VDI
FSLogix for Virtual desktop CitrixAVDVMware
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FSLogix for Virtual desktop CitrixAVDVMware

What you’ll learn

Understanding of Profile management solution in Virtual Desktop using FSlogix
Plan, design and implement Profile solution using Fslogix
Deployment of Azure premium file for FSlogix profile storage
Plan,design and Implement FSlogix cloud cache for Disaster recovery for Profile
Configuration of Backup for FSlogix Profile
How to secure Azure Premium file using Service and Private Endpoint and Azure Key vault
Best Practice to Deploy Azure Premium file and FSlogix solution
Best Practice and Troubleshooting of FSLogx profile issues
How to Expand Profile Disk using Diskpart and Group Policy
Monitoring the FSlogix Profile solution

FSLogix for Virtual desktop CitrixAVDVMware


Little or zero knowledge on Roaming proflile and VDI concept


A user profile contains data elements about an user information like desktop settings, persistent network connections, and application settings.Managing desktop documents, configurations, and pictures of people’s cats that make up user profiles in the user’s experience is no small task. Over the years, and decades, several generations of solutions to address this huge task have come and gone. In this course, Implementing FSLogix for Non-Persistent Virtual Desktops, you’ll begin by looking at FSLogix from within the lens of historical profile management approaches. First, you’ll explore the architcture and installation of FSLogix for profile and Office 365 containers. Next, you’ll dig deeply into some of the special considerations you should understand for success in a production implementation.FSLogix enhances and enables user profiles in Windows remote computing environments. FSLogix may also be used to create more portable computing sessions when using physical devices.FSLogix includes:Profile ContainerOffice ContainerApplication MaskingFSLogix allows you to:Roam user data between remote computing session hostsMinimize sign in times for virtual desktop environmentsOptimize file IO between host/client and remote profile storeProvide a local profile experience, eliminating the need for roaming profiles.Simplify the management of applications and ‘Gold Images’Specify the version of Java to be utilized by specific URL and applicationsLearning objectivesAfter completing this module, you’ll be able to:Plan for FSLogix.Install FXLogix.Recommend best practices for FSLogix profile containers and Azure files.Recommend storage options for FSLogix profile containers.Configure Service and Private Endpoint for Stroage accountConfigure Profile Containers.Configure Cloud Cache.Manage Rule Sets and application masking.Expand Profile Disk using Diskpart and Group PolicyMonitoring the FSlogix Profile solutionBest Practice and Troubleshooting of FSLogx profile issuesConfigure Backup


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 FSlogix supported File shares (PaaS) in Public Cloud

Lecture 3 Storage account for FSlogix Profile Container (Overview)

Lecture 4 LAB: Azure Storage account (Azure Premium Files)

Lecture 5 What is Service Endpoint and Private Endpoint

Lecture 6 LAB: Service Endpoint for Azure Premium Files

Lecture 7 LAB: Private Endpoint for Azure Premium Files

Lecture 8 LAB-How to implement FSLogix Container in Azure Virtual Desktop

Lecture 9 What is FSlogix Cloud Cache

Lecture 10 LAB-How to Implement FSlogix Cloud Cache in Azure Virtual Desktop

Lecture 11 What is Application Masking

Lecture 12 LAB-FSlogix App Masking

Lecture 13 FSlogix anti virus exclusions

Lecture 14 FSlogix for azure AD Virtual machines

Lecture 15 Encryption of storage account

Lecture 16 LAB-Azure file encryption

Lecture 17 How to Expand FSlogix disk space for users

Lecture 18 How to Configure Exclusion in FSlogix

Lecture 19 How to Configure backup for FSlogix Profile using Azure Backup service

Lecture 20 Configuring Alert for FSlogix profile disk

Lecture 21 Security Best Practice for FSlogix profile Share hosted in Azure Files

Lecture 22 Addressing FSlogix User Profile issues in AVD Environment

Lecture 23 Azure NetApp Files for Fslogix

Lecture 24 AWS FSX for Windows server Overview

Lecture 25 LAB-AWS FSX for Windows server


Course Information:

Udemy | English | 3h 57m | 1.21 GB
Created by: Mahammad Kubaib

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