Full Cryptocurrency Course Bitcoin Ethereum Blockchain

Learn All About Bitcoin, Ethereum & The Blockchain Technology That Makes Cryptocurrency Work! Let’s Start Investing!
Full Cryptocurrency Course Bitcoin Ethereum Blockchain
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Marcus Gustafsson


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Full Cryptocurrency Course Bitcoin Ethereum Blockchain

What you’ll learn

How to Buy, Sell, Send, Receive, Exchange & Store cryptocurrencies
What Blockchain is & how it works on the inside
What Bitcoin & Ethereum is and what they are used for
What cryptocurrency & cryptography is
Protecting your cryptocurrency investment
The history of bitcoin & cryptocurrencies

Full Cryptocurrency Course Bitcoin Ethereum Blockchain


A computer with an internet connection
Bank account or credit/debit card (if you want to invest)


Do you want to learn about Bitcoin, Ethereum & the Blockchain technology that makes it all work? Do you want to start investing in Cryptocurrencies and take profit from it’s exponential growth? Then this is the course for you!
I will teach you everything you need to know in order to understand how it all works & start investing in any Cryptocurrency that you feel is right for you!
In this course we will:
1. Learn what a Cryptocurrency is2. Learn about the Bitcoin network & how Blockchain technology works3. Learn about the amazing history of Bitcoin4. Learn what Ethereum is5. Learn how you can Buy, Sell, Send, Receive, Exchange Cryptocurrencies6. Learn about every type of wallet there is to safely store Cryptocurrency7. Learn about important security measures8. Learn how to setup different types of wallets to safely store your Cryptocurrency9. Learn how to participate in an ICO10. Learn about several tools to aid you in your investment decisions11. Get some general investment tips to catch BIG price swings12. Learn what a few terms like “Multisig” & “TPS” mean so that you can take part in discussions about Cryptocurrencies
And more!
This course is crammed with important information to get you started in a very short time!
You will also have the option to use my referral links when buying & exchanging Cryptocurrencies, this will grant you 10$ worth of free bitcoin & 10% discount on the trading fees!
The blockchain revolution is being compared to that of the industrial revolution and the creation of the internet! Cryptocurrencies has so many more use cases than just being a worldwide currency thats faster and with less fees, it will also revolutionize the way political power is distributed, our access to computing power, our access to clean energy, how scientific research is funded and much more!
Join the revolution today and benefit from it’s fast growing market!
1. This is NOT a course for anyone who wishes to learn how to develop ontop of the Ethereum network OR using Blockchain technology. This is NOT a course for developers.
2. The investment tips i will give are general tips that will help you catch big price swings and choose the right cryptocurrencies to invest in. I will NOT give you any “Investment strategies” since i think that is something that noone will need any help with in a market with this insane growth.

3. I will NOT be teaching you how to mine bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency since mining a cryptocurrency thats using “proof of work” is something that is not viable for regular PC owners anymore, although i will point you to where you can read more about mining and where you can download the “Bitcoin core” program to mine solo.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Course introduction

Section 2: Understanding Cryptocurrencies

Lecture 2 What is a Cryptocurrency?

Lecture 3 What is The Bitcoin Network?

Lecture 4 Udemy Reviews

Lecture 5 How Does The Bitcoin Network Work?

Lecture 6 Bitcoin’s Purpose & History

Lecture 7 Bitcoin’s Current Use Cases & Legalities

Lecture 8 What is a Fork?

Lecture 9 What is Ethereum & What is it Used For?

Section 3: Buying, Selling, Sending, Receiveing & Exchanging Cryptocurrencies

Lecture 10 How to Buy Cryptocurrencies

Lecture 11 How to Send & Receive Cryptocurrency (Bitfinex)

Lecture 12 How to Send & Receive Cryptocurrency (Binance)

Lecture 13 How to Exchange Cryptocurrencies (Bitfinex)

Lecture 14 How to Exchange Cryptocurrencies (Binance)

Lecture 15 How to Sell Cryptocurrencies

Section 4: Wallets & Security

Lecture 16 About Exchange Wallets

Lecture 17 Wallet Types

Lecture 18 Your Keys

Lecture 19 Other Security Measures

Lecture 20 Setting Up The Exodus Wallet

Lecture 21 Paper Wallets for Bitcoin, Ethereum & ERC-20 Tokens

Lecture 22 Participating in an ICO

Section 5: Tools & Investment Tips

Lecture 23 Coinmarketcap

Lecture 24 More Tools

Lecture 25 Investment Tips

Lecture 26 Terms And Their Meaning

Lecture 27 Goodbye!

Anyone who wants to learn what cryptocurrencies are,Anyone who wants to learn how blockchain technology works,Anyone who wants to get started investing in cryptocurrencies,This course will not include any coding, it is not for developers who wish to develop apps built on blockchain technology

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 2h 0m | 645.26 MB
Created by: Marcus Gustafsson

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