Full Java Development course with referral in Amazon

with Interview Guidance
Full Java Development course with referral in Amazon
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Varun Chauhan


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Full Java Development course with referral in Amazon

What you’ll learn

Students of this course will be referred to the MNC’s like Amazon, DXC ect. As I have students who are already working in the MNC’s.
This course will teach coding in java from the scratch from beginner to pro
Students will about learn industry level coding and will learn the skillset that are required in the Industry.
Students will develop problem solving skills and will be able to crack any technical interview.

Full Java Development course with referral in Amazon


No programming experience is required. You will learn everything from the scratch.


•You will get to learn Java from scratch. with Interview Guidance•We will help you in getting jobs as a Java Developer. •We have placed approx. 1500 students from our offline coaching.•This means we have 1500 people who can refer you on our behalf.After the course completion you just need to send your resume.You will learn Industrial Level Coding Skills.After this Course a Student can crack any Technical Interview.We have students placed in Companies like – •Amazon, Cognizant, Nagarro, Capgemini, Honeywell, KPMG, DXC, UFLEX LIMITED, Disney+Hotstar, Jtekt India Ltd., Nokia etc.Topics Included in Course – Variables, Arrays, if-else, Methods, Classes and Objects, OOPS, Stack Memory, Heap Memory, Inheritance, Interface, Abstract Classes, Abstract Methods, For Loop, While Loop, For Each Remaining Loop, Debugger, File Processing, Exception Handling, Buffered File Reader, Collections, Array List, Linked Array List, Set, Hash Set, Collection Methods, Maps, Hash Map, Linked Hash Map.Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced programmer, this course is designed to help you develop a strong foundation in Java programming. Starting from the basics, we’ll guide you through the core concepts and features of Java, including data types, variables, control statements, and methods.With our hands-on approach, you’ll gain practical experience in developing Java applications and building complex algorithms. We’ll also delve into more advanced topics such as inheritance, polymorphism, and interfaces, giving you the skills you need to tackle complex programming challenges.Throughout the course, you’ll work on real-world projects and assignments that will help you apply what you’ve learned in a practical setting. By the end of the course, you’ll be able to confidently develop Java applications and understand the core principles of programming.So if you’re ready to take your Java programming skills to the next level, enroll in our Udemy course today and start your journey towards becoming a Java expert!


Section 1: Job Opportunities

Lecture 1 Overview

Section 2: Install Java and Eclipes

Lecture 2 Set Up

Section 3: Coding Starts

Lecture 3 Variables in Java

Lecture 4 Arrays in Java

Lecture 5 Control Flow If-Else Statements

Lecture 6 Methods in Java

Lecture 7 Classes and Objects

Lecture 8 Practice Question

Lecture 9 Stack Memory

Lecture 10 Heap Memory

Lecture 11 Class Inheritance

Lecture 12 Interfaces in Java

Lecture 13 Abstract Classes

Lecture 14 Working with Arrays

Lecture 15 While Loops with Real Industry Problem

Lecture 16 For Loops with Exercise

Lecture 17 Debugger and Nested Loops

Lecture 18 File Processing using Java

Lecture 19 Exception Handling

Lecture 20 Buffered Reader Advance

Lecture 21 Collections, ArrayList and LinkedList

Lecture 22 Sets, HashSet and LinkedHashSet with HashCode

Lecture 23 Traversing ArrayList

Lecture 24 Collection Methods

Lecture 25 Maps in Java

Beginner Java Developers who are interested in Software Development jobs

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 7h 13m | 3.65 GB
Created by: Varun Chauhan

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