Full Stack React and Java Spring Boot The Developer Guide

Learn how to build a Full Stack web application with React and Java Spring Boot with this project-focused course.
Full Stack React and Java Spring Boot The Developer Guide
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Chad Darby


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Full Stack React and Java Spring Boot The Developer Guide

What you’ll learn

Develop a Full Stack web application with React front-end and Spring Boot back-end
Learn how to build React front-end applications …. all from the beginning. We assume no prior knowledge of React.
Develop a Spring Boot back-end using REST APIs and MySQL database
Develop a professional web application with React frontend and Spring Boot backend integration
Develop your code using modern development tools such as IntelliJ, VS Code, Maven and npm
I am a RESPONSIVE INSTRUCTOR … post your questions and I will RESPOND in 24 hours.
Join an ACTIVE COMMUNITY of 500,000+ students that are already enrolled within this developer community! Over 100,000+ Reviews!
You can DOWNLOAD all source code and PDFs. Perfect for offline LEARNING and REVIEW.

Full Stack React and Java Spring Boot The Developer Guide


Java Developers with Spring Boot experience
No experience required for React. I will teach you React from the beginning.


Learn how to build a Full Stack web application with React and Java Spring Boot.React and Spring Boot are two of the hottest technologies for developing Full Stack applications.Knowing how to build Full Stack applications with React and Java Spring Boot can get you a job or improve the one you have. These are hot skills and companies are desperately looking for developers. Some of the highest paying job posting are for Full Stack developers with React and Spring Boot experience.This course will help you quickly get up to speed with React and Java Spring Boot. I will demystify the technology and help you understand the essential concepts to build a Full Stack application with React and Java Spring Boot.You will also use modern development tools such as IntelliJ, Visual Studio Code, Maven and npm. All of the projects are based on Maven and npm, so you are free to use any tool that you want.During the course you will build a full stack web application. You will develop all of the code step by step, so you feel confident developing your own web applications after completing this course! The course also shows you how to add security to your application. We will use JWT, OAuth2, and OpenID Connect. You will add login/logout features, protect access to sensitive data while handling user roles.—In this course, you will get:- All source code is available for download- Responsive Instructors: All questions answered within 24 hours- PDFs of all lectures are available for download- Professional video and audio recordings (check the free previews)—Compared to other Full Stack coursesThis course is up to date and covers the latest versions of React and Spring Boot. Beware of other Udemy Full Stack courses. Most of them are outdated and use old versions of React and Spring Boot. Don’t waste your time or money on learning outdated technology.Take my course where I show you how to develop a real-time full stack application with React and Spring Boot. You can type the code along with me in the videos, which is the best way to learn.I am a very responsive instructor and I am available to answer your questions and help you work through any problems.Finally, all source code is provided with the course along with setup instructions.Student Reviews Prove This Course’s WorthThose who have reviewed my courses have pointed out that the instruction is clear and easy to follow, as well as thorough and highly informative.Many students had also taken other Full Stack courses in the past, only to find that my courses were their favorite. They enjoyed the structure of the content and the high quality audio/video.This is the best tutorial I’ve seen so far for Spring/Hibernate, each step is well explained and the tutorial videos are made to a high standard. I highly recommend this course! – RobHats off to you Chad, the best Spring fundamentals course I have done on Udemy thus far. You never disappoint. – MorebodiBy far the greatest asset this course has is how responsive Eric is to questions. This is how CBT training should be, and it was well worth the money and time. I was able to complete everything in the course and I now have an app! – GabrielOMG This course is amazing!!! So many awesome things to say. Apart from the course itself, I was also blown away at how quickly Eric responded to questions/issues and how promptly he was able to troubleshoot my code : ) – PaigeQuality MaterialYou will receive a quality course, with solid technical material and excellent audio and video production. I am a best-selling instructor on Udemy. Here’s a list of my top courses.Spring and Hibernate for BeginnersSpring Boot Unit Testing with JUnit, Mockito and MockMvcFull Stack: Angular and Java Spring BootDeploy Java Spring Apps Online to Amazon Cloud (AWS)JavaServer Faces (JSF) for BeginnersThese courses have received rave 5 star reviews and over 560,000 students have taken the courses. Also, these courses are the most popular courses in their respective categories.I also have an active YouTube channel where I post regular videos. In the past year, I’ve created over 800 video tutorials (public and private). My YouTube channel has over 6 million views and 38k subscribers. So I understand what works and what doesn’t work for creating video tutorials.No Risk – Udemy RefundFinally, there is no risk. You can preview 25% of the course for free. Once you purchase the course, if for some reason you are not happy with the course, Udemy offers a 30-day refund (based on Udemy’s Refund Policy).So you have nothing to lose, sign up for this course and learn how to build Full Stack web application with React and Java Spring Boot from scratch!It is time to level up your career and become a Full Stack developer with React and Java Spring Boot.Target AudienceJava Developers with Spring Boot experienceNo experience required for React. I will teach you React from the beginning.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 How To Take This Course and How To Get Help

Lecture 3 Download the Source Code and PDF Files

Section 2: React Overview

Lecture 4 React Overview

Section 3: Set Up Development Tools

Lecture 5 Set Up Development Tools

Section 4: React Crash Course – Fundamentals and Project

Lecture 6 Getting Started with React

Lecture 7 Exploring the React Project

Lecture 8 Creating a New React Project

Lecture 9 Behind the Scenes of An React Project – Overview

Lecture 10 Behind the Scenes of An React Project – Demo

Lecture 11 Creating React Project Template

Lecture 12 Adding CSS to React Project Overview

Lecture 13 Add CSS to our React Project

Lecture 14 Creating a New React Component

Lecture 15 Writing React Component Reusability

Lecture 16 Passing Data To React Components Dynamically

Lecture 17 Create a Second React Component

Lecture 18 Rendering React Lists Dynamically

Lecture 19 React onClick Listeners

Lecture 20 Handling Data using React State

Lecture 21 Creating React Form Inputs

Lecture 22 Adding User Input to React Form

Lecture 23 Passing React Functions through props

Lecture 24 Understanding React Keys

Lecture 25 Delete Item using React Functionality

Lecture 26 React Conditional Rendering

Section 5: TypeScript Crash Course – Fundamentals

Lecture 27 TypeScript Overview

Lecture 28 Creating our first TypeScript application

Lecture 29 Defining Variables – Overview

Lecture 30 Defining Variables – Write Some Code

Lecture 31 Creating Loops and Arrays – Overview

Lecture 32 Creating Loops and Arrays – Write Some Code – Part 1

Lecture 33 Creating Loops and Arrays – Write Some Code – Part 2

Section 6: TypeScript Crash Course – Creating Classes

Lecture 34 Creating Classes – Overview

Lecture 35 Creating Classes – Write Some Code

Lecture 36 Defining Accessors – Overview

Lecture 37 Defining Accessors – Write Some Code

Lecture 38 Configuring Compiler Options with tsconfig.json

Lecture 39 Parameter Properties

Lecture 40 TypeScript Modules: Import and Export

Section 7: TypeScript Crash Course – Inheritance and Interfaces

Lecture 41 Inheritance – Overview

Lecture 42 Inheritance – Creating the Superclass and Subclass

Lecture 43 Inheritance – Pulling it all together in a Main App

Lecture 44 Inheritance – Developing a second Subclass

Lecture 45 Inheritance – Adding Shapes to an Array

Lecture 46 Abstract Classes – Overview

Lecture 47 Abstract Classes – Write Some Code

Lecture 48 Interfaces – Overview

Lecture 49 Interfaces – Write Some Code

Section 8: React and TypeScript Integration

Lecture 50 React and TypeScript Overview

Lecture 51 React and TypeScript – Part 1

Lecture 52 React and TypeScript – Part 2

Lecture 53 React and TypeScript – Part 3

Lecture 54 React and TypeScript – Part 4

Section 9: Full Stack Application Overview

Lecture 55 Full Stack Application Overview

Section 10: Library Project – React Front End – Home Page

Lecture 56 React Project – Home Page – Overview

Lecture 57 React Project – Home Page – Setup Front End Project

Lecture 58 React Project – Home Page – CSS & Images

Lecture 59 React Project – Home Page – Bootstrap

Lecture 60 React Project – Home Page – Navigation Bar Component

Lecture 61 React Project – Home Page – Explore Top Books Component

Lecture 62 React Project – Home Page – Carousel Component Part 1

Lecture 63 React Project – Home Page – Carousel Component Part 2

Lecture 64 React Project – Home Page – Return Books Component

Lecture 65 React Project – Home Page – Heros Component Part 1

Lecture 66 React Project – Home Page – Heros Component Part 2

Lecture 67 React Project – Home Page – Library Services Component

Lecture 68 React Project – Home Page – Footer Component

Lecture 69 React Project – Home Page – Home Page Clean Up

Section 11: Library Project – Spring Boot Backend

Lecture 70 Spring Boot Project Setup Overview

Lecture 71 Spring Boot – Setup Database

Lecture 72 Spring Boot – Setup Backend App

Lecture 73 Spring Boot – Entity Setup

Lecture 74 Spring Boot – Create New API Interface

Lecture 75 Spring Boot – Read Only Configuration Overview

Lecture 76 Spring Boot – Read Only Configuration Setup

Section 12: Library Project – React Front End – Consume Carousel Book API

Lecture 77 Overview

Lecture 78 React Project – Home Page – Setup Book Model

Lecture 79 React Project – Home Page – UseEffect

Lecture 80 React Project – Home Page – UseEffect Part 2

Lecture 81 React Project – Home Page – Loading and Error Renders

Lecture 82 React Project – Home Page – ReturnBook Props

Lecture 83 React Project – Home Page – Loading Spinner

Section 13: Library Project – Search Books Component with Pagination

Lecture 84 Search Books Component Overview

Lecture 85 React Project – Search Books Page

Lecture 86 React Project – Search Books Page – DOM

Lecture 87 React Project – Search Book Component – Part 1

Lecture 88 React Project – Search Book Component – Part 2

Lecture 89 React Project – Pagination Overview

Lecture 90 React Project – Pagination Component

Lecture 91 React Project – Add Pagination to Search Books Page Component – Part 1

Lecture 92 React Project – Add Pagination to Search Books Page Component – Part 2

Lecture 93 Spring Boot – Find by Title – Search

Lecture 94 React Project – Find by Title – Search

Lecture 95 React Project – Alternative Text For 0 Books

Lecture 96 Spring Boot – Find by Category – Search

Lecture 97 React Project – Find by Category – Search

Section 14: Library Project – React Routing

Lecture 98 React Routing Overview

Lecture 99 React Router – Installation

Lecture 100 React Router – Switch and Redirect Routing

Lecture 101 React Router – NavLinks and Links

Lecture 102 React Router – CSS to Keep Footer on Bottom of Page

Section 15: Library Project – React – Book Checkout

Lecture 103 Book Checkout Component Overview

Lecture 104 React – Book Checkout Page Implementation

Lecture 105 React – Book Checkout Page useEffect

Lecture 106 React – Create Book Checkout Page Component

Lecture 107 React – Checkout Link

Lecture 108 React – Star Review Component

Lecture 109 React – Star Review Implementation

Lecture 110 React – Star Review Logic

Lecture 111 React – Checkout and Review Box Component

Section 16: Library Project – Reviews On Book Checkout Page

Lecture 112 Review Overview

Lecture 113 Spring Boot – Review Entity

Lecture 114 Spring Boot – Review DAO

Lecture 115 Spring Boot – Find Review by ID

Lecture 116 React – Create the Review Model

Lecture 117 React – Review useEffect

Lecture 118 React – Create Latest Reviews Component

Lecture 119 React – Review Component

Lecture 120 React – Wrap up Reviews

Section 17: Library Project – Authentication

Lecture 121 Security Concepts Overview

Lecture 122 Security Concepts Part 1

Lecture 123 Security Concepts Part 2

Lecture 124 React- OIDC Client Setup

Lecture 125 React – Develop App Configuration

Lecture 126 React – Download Authentication Dependencies

Lecture 127 React – Develop Login Widget

Lecture 128 React – Develop Sign In Widget

Lecture 129 React – Adding Configurations to our App

Lecture 130 React – Adding Routes and Security Routes

Lecture 131 React – Adding Logout Functionality

Section 18: Library Project – Home Page Refactor with Authentication

Lecture 132 Home Page Refactor with Authentication

Section 19: Library Project – Checkout Book Endpoints

Lecture 133 Checkout Overview

Lecture 134 Spring Boot – Checkout Entity

Lecture 135 Spring Boot – Checkout Repository

Lecture 136 Spring Boot – Book Service Enhancement

Lecture 137 Spring Boot – Book Controller Enhancement

Lecture 138 Spring Boot – Book Checkout By User Endpoint

Lecture 139 Spring Boot – Current Loans Count

Section 20: Library Project – Spring Boot Security

Lecture 140 Spring Boot – Install Dependencies

Lecture 141 Spring Boot – Security Configurations

Lecture 142 Spring Boot – Application Security Configurations

Lecture 143 Spring Boot – Access Token Demo

Lecture 144 Spring Boot – JWT Extraction

Lecture 145 Spring Boot – JWT Extraction Part 2

Section 21: Library Project – React Checkout

Lecture 146 React – Checkout Overview

Lecture 147 React – Loans Count Setup

Lecture 148 React – Loans Count useEffect Request Complete

Lecture 149 React – Is Book Checked Out State

Lecture 150 React – Is Book Checked Out useEffect

Lecture 151 React – Dynamic Button Rendering

Lecture 152 React – Checkout Book Functionality

Section 22: Library Project – Spring Boot Reviews

Lecture 153 Checkout Review Overview

Lecture 154 Spring Boot – Review Repository Enhancement

Lecture 155 Spring Boot – Review Request

Lecture 156 Spring Boot – Review Service

Lecture 157 Spring Boot – Review Controller

Lecture 158 Spring Boot – Review Endpoint Service and Controller

Section 23: Library Project – React Reviews

Lecture 159 React – Review State

Lecture 160 React – Review useEffect

Lecture 161 React – Review Render

Lecture 162 React – Leave a Review

Lecture 163 React – Optional Description

Lecture 164 React – Review Request Model

Lecture 165 React – Submit Review

Lecture 166 React – Leave a Review Implementation

Section 24: Library Project – Review List Page

Lecture 167 React – Review List Page Overview

Lecture 168 React – Create Review List Page and State

Lecture 169 React – Review List Page Loading and Pagination

Lecture 170 React – Review List Page HTML/CSS

Lecture 171 React – Review List Page Routing

Section 25: Library Project – Shelf Page

Lecture 172 Shelf and Loans Overview

Lecture 173 React – Create Shelf Page

Lecture 174 React – Secure Routes

Lecture 175 React – Navigation Bar Enhancement

Lecture 176 Spring Boot – Create Response

Lecture 177 Spring Boot – Current Loans Service

Lecture 178 Spring Boot – Query Annotation

Lecture 179 Spring Boot – Current Loans Service Implementation

Lecture 180 Spring Boot – Controller Endpoint

Lecture 181 React – Shelf Current Loans Model

Lecture 182 React – New Loans Component

Lecture 183 React – Loans useEffect

Lecture 184 React – Loans Component HTML/CSS

Lecture 185 React – Loans Component Mobile HTML/CSS

Lecture 186 React – Loans Modal HTML/CSS

Lecture 187 Spring Boot – Return Book Service

Lecture 188 Spring Boot – Return Book Endpoint

Lecture 189 React – Return Book

Lecture 190 Spring Boot – Renew Loan Service

Lecture 191 Spring Boot – Renew Loan Endpoint

Lecture 192 React – Renew Loan

Section 26: Library Project – History Page

Lecture 193 Shelf History Overview

Lecture 194 Spring Boot – History Entity

Lecture 195 Spring Boot – History Repository

Lecture 196 Spring Boot – Enhance Book Service for History

Lecture 197 React – History Model

Lecture 198 React – History Page

Lecture 199 React – History useEffect

Lecture 200 React – History HTML/CSS

Lecture 201 React – Shelf State

Section 27: Library Project – Library Services

Lecture 202 Library Services Overview

Lecture 203 Spring Boot – Message Entity

Lecture 204 Spring Boot – Message Repository

Lecture 205 Spring Boot – Message Service

Lecture 206 Spring Boot – Message Controller

Lecture 207 Spring Boot – Message Security and Testing

Lecture 208 React – Messages Component

Lecture 209 React – Message Model

Lecture 210 React – Post a Question Component

Lecture 211 React – Post a Question Functionality

Lecture 212 Spring Boot – Message Repository and Security

Lecture 213 React – Message Component

Lecture 214 React – Message useEffect

Lecture 215 React – Message Component HTML/CSS

Lecture 216 React – Add Link to Library Services

Section 28: Library Project – Admin Services

Lecture 217 Manage Library Services Overview

Lecture 218 React – Manage Library Page

Lecture 219 React – Secure Routes for Manage Library

Lecture 220 React – State for Manage Library

Lecture 221 React – Redirect Implementation for non-Admin

Lecture 222 Create Admin User

Lecture 223 Spring Boot – Open Ticket Endpoint

Lecture 224 React – Admin Messages Component

Lecture 225 React – Admin Messages useEffect

Lecture 226 React – Admin Messages HTML/CSS

Lecture 227 React – Admin Message Component

Lecture 228 Spring Boot – Admin Question Request

Lecture 229 Spring Boot – Enhance Messages Service

Lecture 230 Spring Boot – Enhance Messages Controller Endpoint

Lecture 231 React – Admin Messages Request

Lecture 232 React – Submit Response Function

Lecture 233 React – Wrap up Admin Response

Section 29: Library Project – Admin: Add new book

Lecture 234 Add a New Book Overview

Lecture 235 Spring Boot – Add Book Request

Lecture 236 Spring Boot – Admin Service Layer

Lecture 237 Spring Boot – Admin Controller and Security

Lecture 238 React – Add Book Request Model

Lecture 239 React – Add Book Component State and HTML/CSS

Lecture 240 React – Save Image to State

Lecture 241 React – Submit New Book

Section 30: Library Project – Admin: Change Quantity and Delete Books

Lecture 242 Change Quantity Overview

Lecture 243 React – Change Quantity of Books

Lecture 244 React – Change Quantity of Books HTML/CSS

Lecture 245 React – Change Quantity of Book

Lecture 246 React – Change Quantity of Book HTML/CSS

Lecture 247 Spring Boot – Increase Book Quantity Service

Lecture 248 Spring Boot – Increase Book Quantity Controller

Lecture 249 Spring Boot – Decrease Book Quantity Service

Lecture 250 Spring Boot – Decrease Book Quantity Controller

Lecture 251 Spring Boot – Enhance Repositories for Delete

Lecture 252 Spring Boot – Delete Book Service

Lecture 253 Spring Boot – Delete Book Controller

Lecture 254 React – Add Increase Functionality

Lecture 255 React – Add Decrease Functionality

Lecture 256 React – Implementation of Delete

Lecture 257 React – Enhance Navigation Bar for Admin

Section 31: Summary

Lecture 258 Thank You

The course is appropriate for all Spring Boot developers.

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Udemy | English | 22h 40m | 11.06 GB
Created by: Chad Darby

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