Fullstack GoLang React Insanity Volume 1

Ubuntu 19.x Servers React Hooks frontend & GoLang REST / WebSockets Backend with new mongo-go-driver
Fullstack GoLang React Insanity Volume 1
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Zach LaCourse


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Fullstack GoLang React Insanity Volume 1

What you’ll learn

React Golang Redis Nginx Mysql Mongo Node

Fullstack GoLang React Insanity Volume 1


Internet Access


This Course is aimed at Ubuntu Servers, Running Go-Lang REST & Websocket services as a back-end platform and React for front-end development. Various technologies will be introduced for data storage and manipulation, including Mongo, MySql and Redis. Nginx will also be introduced and used to give a complete full circle adventure. We will also  build our own Pub Private keys to secure our proof of concept applications. Think of these modules(course curriculum ) as building blocks and proof of concept exercises to fit the pieces together.I will be adding a section with zoomed in videos that rebuilds the whole project again in the case depending on your setup the course videos are hard to see.I know that this information for a beginner can be tough so I have a You-tube channel setup that will break down each concept into smaller beginner to insane examples. The concepts broken down on the channel being (react, golang, node, ubuntu, nginx, mysql, mongo, etc… etc…) . There will be a lot on other languages as well there.here is the channel: /channel/UCUbgK5E3s4-R57dOpGW1DNAits a work in progress so be sure to check back.facebook group: /groups/2465484987043796/Please friend me on Facebook if you would like and i can answer any questions my user name is Zach Isaiah LaCourse.


Section 1: My Other Courses: What Were Building Vids

Lecture 1 Volume Two Promo Vid 1

Lecture 2 Volume Two Promo Vid 2

Lecture 3 Design to Reality Vol 1 Promo Vid

Lecture 4 Mini Redux Course in Vol 2 Insanity

Lecture 5 Insanity Volume 3 Promo

Section 2: Introduction

Lecture 6 Introduction

Lecture 7 What we are building.



Lecture 10 PLEASE READ

Lecture 11 GitHub Resources



Lecture 14 Acquiring a Domain and Remote server

Lecture 15 System Setup Basic Ubuntu and Nginx

Lecture 16 Finish Nginx Setup Download Node

Lecture 17 Plese Read before Node Parcel

Lecture 18 Finish Node Parcel and Babel React setup

Lecture 19 Starting The NavBar

Lecture 20 NavBar Part 2

Lecture 21 NavBar + DropMenu

Lecture 22 NavBar + Modal Setup

Section 3: Mongo / Golang Setup & Finish Drop + Modal

Lecture 23 Install MongoDB, Secure It, Test with Robo3t

Lecture 24 Install Go, Write Compile Test First Go Program

Lecture 25 Code Compile Go Websocket Server

Lecture 26 Code useWs Hook Websocket Client

Lecture 27 Implement useWs Hook Send Data(base64) w/ go ( base64 ) decoding

Lecture 28 Create API Mongo DB / Code Mongo Connect / Code User / Pass Test

Lecture 29 Code Pem Generation / Test Real Websocket JWT Trial Message

Lecture 30 Code JWT Generation / Send Real JWT over Websocket

Section 4: Modal Alerts / Dynamic Drop Menu / ASYNCQ Package / Signup Validation

Lecture 31 Modal Alerts Part I

Lecture 32 Modal Alerts Part II

Lecture 33 Modal Alerts Part III

Lecture 34 Store JWT to Local Storage Add Navigation Logic Part I

Lecture 35 Finish Off Local JWT Storage Profile Icon

Lecture 36 Dynamic Menu Items Part I

Lecture 37 Dynamic Menu Items Part II

Lecture 38 Dynamic Menu Items Part III

Lecture 39 Dynamic Menu Items Part IV

Lecture 40 Finish Dynamic Menu Items / Add Logout Functionality

Lecture 41 Alerts / Email Validation Part I

Lecture 42 Alerts / Email Validation Part II

Lecture 43 Alerts /Password Validation

Lecture 44 Add Create User Functionality

Lecture 45 Finish User Creation

Section 5: Main Content Section

Lecture 46 Setup Content Area / Hide Drop Menu’s

Lecture 47 Add Loader Bars

Lecture 48 Add Toast Messages

Lecture 49 Pty Term Part I

Lecture 50 Pty Term Part II

Lecture 51 Install Pm2 / Compile gws to full Executable / Finish Pty

Lecture 52 Explanation of Pty Code (client/server)

Lecture 53 Add Prism Module

Section 6: Side Bars

Lecture 54 Side Bars Part I

Lecture 55 Side Bars Part II

Lecture 56 Side Bars Part III

Lecture 57 Side Bars Part IV

Lecture 58 Finish The Sidebars

Lecture 59 Explanation of Vertical Menu / Filesystem Code

Section 7: Admin Sidebar / Redis / SSE / Operations Panel

Lecture 60 Administration Menu

Lecture 61 Redis Install / Config

Lecture 62 MySql Install Config / PHPMyAdmin install config

Lecture 63 Go SSE and Mysql Modules

Lecture 64 Start ClientSide Operations Modules / Finish Backend SSE MySql Code Test Run

Lecture 65 Final Operations Setup and Test

Lecture 66 Final Operations SSE Code Breakdown

Section 8: Close Ups Full Project

Lecture 67 GitHub Resources For this Path

Lecture 68 Install Nginx and Lets Encrypt

Lecture 69 Install Mysql Mongo PHPMyAdmin

Lecture 70 Install Node and Go

Lecture 71 Install Redis Server

Lecture 72 First React App & Nodejs Fun Stuff

Lecture 73 Recap Full Server Provision Part I

Lecture 74 Recap Full Server Provision Part II

Lecture 75 Wire Up Hook Context System

Lecture 76 Start NavBar Component

Lecture 77 Continue With NavBar Part I

Lecture 78 Continue With NavBar Part II

Lecture 79 Polish Off NavBar

Lecture 80 Quick App Fixes ( Context Brain, DashBoard, Icon Button )

Lecture 81 Go Websocket Server

Lecture 82 React Context Hook Web Socket Client

Lecture 83 Polish Off React Websocket Client And Go Websocket Server

Lecture 84 Code The GoLang Create Read Write Delete Files Package

Lecture 85 Go Lang Public Key Private Key Genereation

Lecture 86 Add UUID to Websocket Clients, Store in Client Context System

Lecture 87 Test Jwt Generation & Validation Over Websocket

Lecture 88 Login Form Part I

Lecture 89 Polish Off Login Form (Part II)

Lecture 90 Build Sign Up Form

Lecture 91 SignUp Functionality Part I

Lecture 92 SignUp Functionality Part II

Lecture 93 SignUp Validation Part I (client side)

Lecture 94 Polish Off Sign Up Form Validation Send to Server

Lecture 95 Challenge One! 4 years later. my bad

Lecture 96 Signup Form Serverside Utils Package Base64 Decode Prep

Lecture 97 Mongo Package Setup Connect Test

Lecture 98 Quick Mongo Fix

Lecture 99 Mongo Create User Functionality

Lecture 100 Modal Close Show Functionality Part I

Lecture 101 Modal Close Show Functionality Part II

Lecture 102 Patch Up Sign Up

Lecture 103 Start Login Form Functionality

Lecture 104 Login Form Validate Credentials Prep User Payload

Lecture 105 Refactor Login Process With Jwt and User

Lecture 106 Polish Off Login Form / Error Handling and Signup Form

Lecture 107 Store Jwt / User Local Stroage after verified

Lecture 108 Add Loading Widget

Lecture 109 Add Use Stored JWT Code Setup Stored Verification Server Logic

Lecture 110 Add Corrupted JWT Logic

Lecture 111 Drop Menu’s Part One

Lecture 112 Setup Content Display Area

Lecture 113 Add Show Hide Drop Menu Functionality

Lecture 114 Configure UI DB Collection Add Rest Route Wireup Context Axios Call

Lecture 115 Finish Rest Route and Mongo Db Component Data Calls

Lecture 116 Displaying Drop Menu Elements Part I

Lecture 117 Polish Off Drop Menu’s ( Styling and Actions )

Lecture 118 Pty Term Front End / Back End Part I

Lecture 119 Polish Off Pty Term Build Our Full Binary Program Pipe it out

Lecture 120 Setup Prism Code Display Component

Lecture 121 Prep Backend For FileSytem Frontend Side Components

Lecture 122 Documentation Frontend Backend Components Part II

Lecture 123 Documentation Frontend Backend Components Part III

Lecture 124 Documentation Fronend Backend Components Part IV

Lecture 125 Polish Off Documentation Filesystem Component

Lecture 126 Polish Off Filesystem Component

Lecture 127 Finish Documentation Filesystem Data Pulls & Display

Lecture 128 Wireup Admin Sidebar (Component Data Call)

Lecture 129 Admin Sidebar Styling and Functionality Part II

Lecture 130 Add Database Operations Grid Display

Lecture 131 Polish Of Show Hide Database Operations Grid Logic

Lecture 132 Add Mysql Go Package Part I

Lecture 133 Polish Off MySql Db Functionality, LIst

Lecture 134 Websocket Client Connections List Part I

Lecture 135 Last Video Of This Course Bye Guys ( Finish Websocket Client List )

Lecture 136 The Secret Recipe 😉

Lecture 137 About:

Section 9: Mini Docker Course :: Creating the pr0con Image

Lecture 138 About:

Lecture 139 First Steps

Lecture 140 Polish off all docker tools install

Lecture 141 Pull Start Build Process

Lecture 142 Moving forward installing Services to Image

Lecture 143 Polish Image off with Nginx

Lecture 144 Commit and Test our Image

Lecture 145 Install MySql Prep PhpMyAdmin

Lecture 146 Apply Elusive Trick and Watch phpmyadmin light up

Lecture 147 Configure Test SFTP and SSH to Container

Lecture 148 Install Mongo to Docker Image Part I

Lecture 149 Finish Mongo install / Secure It / and Test Connection to image

Lecture 150 Configure Redis Server & Test

Lecture 151 Setup Final Build Environment Node & Go Push to Docker Hub


Section 10: Local Slim Build ( no https, domain, or major setup )

Lecture 153 In Development.

react and golang hackers or just awsome coders….

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 29h 14m | 13.94 GB
Created by: Zach LaCourse

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