Fun to learn Japanese at Sendagaya Level1

Learn everyday expressions and basic phrases. Can build a strong foundation for the JLPT N5 preparation and A1 level.
Fun to learn Japanese at Sendagaya Level1
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Sendagaya Japanese Institute 千駄ヶ谷日本語教育研究所


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Fun to learn Japanese at Sendagaya Level1

What you’ll learn

Can have essence of Japanese language in a short period of time
Can learn Hiragana, Katakana, numbers and counting system
Can understand and use familiar everyday expressions and basic phrases aimed at satisfaction of needs
Can interact with Japanese in a simple way if the other person speaks slowly and provides help
Can have a strong foundation to work on the JLPT N5 preparation

Fun to learn Japanese at Sendagaya Level1


Students probably should have a basic understanding of English
Other than that, you need persistence and motivation to work on “Listen and Repeat” exercises


“Fun to Learn Japanese at Sendagaya – Level1” is the best fit for the people all around the world, who are learning Japanese as beginners or whose level is elementary Level.If you want to learn not only Japanese conversations and expressions , but also pronunciation as well, then this course is definitely the one you are looking for !This course is developed by “Sendagaya Japanese Institute”, a Tokyo-based Japanese language school with over 45 years history.This course is designed for Japanese beginners to easily acquire the essence of the language; structure, characters, and pronunciation, by learning familiar everyday expressions. All of the narration and words contain English subtitles, so that beginners can freely study Japanese in this course.In each section, you will learn conversations in daily scenes with common expressions and words. By learning them in context with specific scenes, you will be able to remember them effectively.You will have a lot of “Listen and Repeat” exercises in each section. If you persist with these exercises, you will embed each expression with natural pronunciation and intonation, and open the door to boost your spoken fluency.If you complete this course, you will reach the A1 level on the Japanese CEFR.Today is the best time to start. Let’s get started !


Section 1: Before you begin

Lecture 1 How to study Japanese using ” Fun to Learn Japanese at Sendagaya”

Lecture 2 Meet the characters

Section 2: lesson

Lecture 3 Lesson1 Nice to meet you. I’m Ellen.

Lecture 4 Lesson2 Ellen, are you a company employee?

Lecture 5 Lesson3 Japanese characters ~Hiragana and Katakana~

Lecture 6 Lesson4 I’d like an oyakodon and a beer, please.

Lecture 7 Lesson5 What is this?

Lecture 8 Lesson6 Numbers ~1 to 10~

Lecture 9 Lesson7 Numbers ~11 or above~

Lecture 10 Lesson8 How much is the coffee?

Lecture 11 Lesson9 Mr. Hayashi, is this your pen?

Lecture 12 Lesson10 Where is the Japanese sweets department?

Lecture 13 Lesson11 I want three, please.

Lecture 14 Lesson12 It is a little bit far.

Lecture 15 Lesson13 No, it is not expensive.

Lecture 16 Lesson14 No, it is not quiet.

Lecture 17 Lesson15 It is a good place.

Lecture 18 Lesson16 She is in the copy room.

Lecture 19 Lesson17 It is in this drawer.

Lecture 20 Lesson18 I clean my room.

Lecture 21 Lesson19 No, I do not.

Lecture 22 Lesson20 There are roller coaster and ferris wheel.

Lecture 23 Lesson21 It is from 9 to 12:40.

Lecture 24 Lesson22 I played soccer yesterday, too.

Lecture 25 Lesson23 No, I did not.

Lecture 26 Lesson24 I got back home around 7.

Lecture 27 Lesson25 Would you like to go out for a meal together?

Lecture 28 Lesson26 It sounds good. But tomorrow might be a little difficult.

Section 3: In the end

Lecture 29 In the end

Learners who want to study elementary Japanese in a short period of time,Learners who want to communicate with Japanese friends in basic Japanese,Learners who want to take the JLPT N5,Learners who are interested in Japanese language

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 3h 55m | 2.76 GB
Created by: Sendagaya Japanese Institute 千駄ヶ谷日本語教育研究所

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