Fun to learn Japanese at Sendagaya Level3

Learn everyday expressions and basic phrases. Can build a strong foundation for the JLPT N4 preparation and A2.2 level.
Fun to learn Japanese at Sendagaya Level3
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Sendagaya Japanese Institute 千駄ヶ谷日本語教育研究所


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Fun to learn Japanese at Sendagaya Level3

What you’ll learn

Can have essence of Japanese language in a short time
Can understand and use everyday expressions and basic phrase
Can learn the expressions of giving and receiving, conditions, etc.
Can interact with Japanese in a simple way
Can have a strong foundation to work on the JLPT N4 preparation and A2.2 level

Fun to learn Japanese at Sendagaya Level3


Students probably should have a basic understanding of English
Other than that, you need persistence and motivation to work on “Listen and Repeat” exercises


“Fun to Learn Japanese at Sendagaya – Level3” is developed by “Sendagaya Japanese Institute”, a Tokyo-based Japanese language school with over 45 years history. “Fun to Learn Japanese at Sendagaya – Level3” is the best fit for people all around the world, who are learning Japanese as beginners, or who completed “Fun to Learn Japanese at Sendagaya – Level2”.You can learn everyday expressions and basic phrases with English narration and subtitles. So you can study Japanese very easily even if you are not familiar with Japanese characters. You can also practice speaking while listening to a real Japanese teacher’s pronunciation. If you have experienced that you couldn’t make yourself understood in Japanese, then “Fun to Learn Japanese at Sendagaya”  is definitely the one you are looking for. This course includes some of the most essential lessons such as “giving and receiving”,  “intransitive verbs and transitive verbs”,  and “conditions”.Through this course, you can build a strong foundation for the JLPT N4 preparation and the Framework of Reference for Japanese Language Education A2.2 level.  You can enjoy and improve your Japanese at the same time by using our Fun to learn Japanese at Sendagaya for sure.You just got to do it.Let’s try it together!


Section 1: Before you begin

Lecture 1 How to study Japanese using ” Fun to Learn Japanese at Sendagaya”

Lecture 2 Meet the characters.

Section 2: Verb Conjugation and Inflection of Words

Lecture 3 Lesson1 Understanding Inflection and Conjugation

Section 3: Lesson

Lecture 4 Lesson2 That steak looks delicious.

Lecture 5 Lesson3 Taxies are more convenient than trains.

Lecture 6 Lesson4 May I turn on the radio?

Lecture 7 Lesson5 I want to buy a computer, so, do you know any recommended stores?

Lecture 8 Lesson6 What is the name of the dojo?

Lecture 9 Lesson7 You should take a rest on the sofa for a while.

Lecture 10 Lesson8 I ate too much rice cake and it’s painful as I’m so full.

Lecture 11 Lesson9 I’ll give it to you.

Lecture 12 Lesson10 Mr. Kim and Ms. Cho made it for us.

Lecture 13 Lesson11 Your child has become able to walk already.

Lecture 14 Lesson12 I study it to enter university.

Lecture 15 Lesson13 Since my mother is arriving at Narita Airport tomorrow evening…

Lecture 16 Lesson14 I am thinking of traveling to the Kansai area together.

Lecture 17 Lesson15 It is said that it will snow this afternoon.

Lecture 18 Lesson16 Do I have to write this with a pen?

Lecture 19 Lesson17 There is no one in the Conference Room, but the air conditioner is on.

Lecture 20 Lesson18 I have already bought our admission tickets.

Lecture 21 Lesson19 intransitive verbs・transitive verbs

Lecture 22 Lesson20 I will go to a book store and try looking for one.

Lecture 23 Lesson21 There is an interesting movie showing, so let’s go and see it.

Lecture 24 Lesson22 How can I get there from here?

Lecture 25 Lesson23 If you turn around the corner, you’ll find the library on your right.

Lecture 26 Lesson24 What are you going to do after graduating from high school?

Lecture 27 Lesson25 If you visit someone’s house, you should let them know that …

Section 4: In the end

Lecture 28 In the end

Learners who want to study elementary Japanese in a short period of time,Learners who want to communicate with Japanese friends in basic Japanese,Learners who want to take the JLPT N4 and A2.2 level,Learners who are interested in Japanese language

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 4h 31m | 2.91 GB
Created by: Sendagaya Japanese Institute 千駄ヶ谷日本語教育研究所

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