Functional Safety According to ISO 26262 Crash Course

Master the principles of functional safety and learn how to comply with ISO 26262 in this 4-hour crash course!
Functional Safety According to ISO 26262 Crash Course
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Paul Danci


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Functional Safety According to ISO 26262 Crash Course

What you’ll learn

ISO 26262
Functional Safety
Automotive Safety Processes
Automotive Engineering
Hardware Metrics

Functional Safety According to ISO 26262 Crash Course


Be able to understand basic software and hardware engineering concepts


Whether you’re already familiar with functional safety or seeking a fresh perspective, this 4-hour crash course has got you covered. Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll gain from our course:Discover the principles of safety and functional safety and how they combine to create safer cars.Master the structure of ISO 26262 and learn how to integrate it into your daily workflow.Cultivate a robust safety culture within your organization and educate your team to ensure flawless implementation.Learn how to generate a variety of work products that are crucial for complying with ISO 26262.Uncover how to organize your data and analyze it to determine safety goals for your vehicle’s systems and components.Examine your hardware thoroughly to ensure that safety goals are never compromised, and learn about fault taxonomy.Evaluate risk and residual risks from hardware failures and perform FMEDA to calculate hardware metrics.Gain a deep understanding of the development model proposed by ISO 26262, from vehicle design to individual transistors and bits.Verify and validate the safety concepts developed at different stages to ensure that your vehicle meets the highest standards of safety.Join me for this comprehensive course that promises to give you a thorough understanding of functional safety. Register now and prepare to take your career to new heights!


Section 1: First Steps

Lecture 1 Back to basics

Lecture 2 History of functional safety

Lecture 3 ISO 26262, the standard

Section 2: Functional Safety and Management

Lecture 4 Organisational Functional Safety

Lecture 5 Project functional safety management

Lecture 6 Confirmation measures

Section 3: Vehicles and systems

Lecture 7 Make cars safer

Lecture 8 Item Definition

Lecture 9 Hazard Analysis and Risk Assessment (HARA)

Lecture 10 Functional Safety Concept

Lecture 11 Design safer systems

Lecture 12 Integrate, verify, validate the system

Section 4: Bits and transitors

Lecture 13 Bits and transistors

Lecture 14 Specify and design hardware and software

Lecture 15 Faults and failures

Lecture 16 Safety Analyses for concept, system, software

Lecture 17 Hardware safety analyses

Lecture 18 Integrate, verify and validate the hardware and software

Section 5: Conclusions

Lecture 19 Conclusions

Automotive SW Engineers,Automotive Software Engineers,Automotive Project Managers,Automotive Engineering Professionals

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Udemy | English | 4h 0m | 7.02 GB
Created by: Paul Danci

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