Fundamental Computing Skills for the Digital Middle Age

Best practices for new or novice computer users.
Fundamental Computing Skills for the Digital Middle Age
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Fundamental Computing Skills for the Digital Middle Age

What you’ll learn

Upon completion of this course, students will be able to safely navigate the internet, utilize the MicroSoft Office Suite products, effectively name files and folders, offload and enhance digital photos and videos and connect multiple digital devices.

Fundamental Computing Skills for the Digital Middle Age


Their are no prerequisite skills or knowledge for this course.


This course covers basic personal computer skills to include:  email etiquette, word processing, spreadsheets, presentation software, the file system, digital photography and videography, and interconnectivity.  The perfect student will have some, but limited or no, formal computer training.
The course runs approximately 2.25 hours and is broken into 12 sections.  All sections except the intro and summary include an unscored quiz and all sections include resource materials.
Anyone interested in improving their computer skills should definitely consider this course.


Section 1: This section introduces the learner to the primary learning objectives.

Lecture 1 Introduction

Section 2: This section explores the primary laptop components.

Lecture 2 Anatomy of a Laptop

Section 3: Internet Best Practices

Lecture 3 Internet Best Practices

Section 4: Internet Applications

Lecture 4 Internet Applications

Section 5: This section covers email creation and best practices with respect to etiquette.

Lecture 5 Email Etiquette

Section 6: This section covers basic word processing skills as realized via Microsoft Word.

Lecture 6 Word Processing

Lecture 7 Word Processng with Google Docs

Section 7: Spreadsheets

Lecture 8 Spreadsheets

Section 8: Presentation Software

Lecture 9 Presentation Software

Section 9: The File System

Lecture 10 The File System

Section 10: Digital Photos and Videos

Lecture 11 Digital Photos and Videos

Section 11: Interconnectivity

Lecture 12 Interconnectivity

Section 12: Summary

Lecture 13 Summary

The perfect student would have some, but limited computer knowledge, and wishes to enhance their computer skills through a broader understanding of computer fundamentals.

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Created by: Rick Phillips

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