Fundamentals of Business Analysis

Get the foundation in business analysis you need to solve your organization’s biggest problems.
Fundamentals of Business Analysis
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Don Hussey


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Fundamentals of Business Analysis

What you’ll learn

Learn the foundations of business analysis
Learn how to gather requirements from stakeholders and documentary sources
Learn how to analyze, diagram and model requirements
Learn how to present requirements effectively and gain acceptance
Learn how to manage requirements assets after the project is complete

Fundamentals of Business Analysis


A strong desire to learn business analysis
Some business strategy knowledge helpful
No technical background required


Course Overview
This course provides everything you need to get started in your career in business analysis.
Our courses focus on how analysis is performed in the real world, and they’re full of examples, case studies and lessons learned from actual Business Analysts on the job.
This is a perfect first course in any business analysis curriculum.
1. Business Analysis
Overview of Business Analysis Overview of Requirements Role of the Business Analyst
2. Stakeholders
Who are they? And why do they matter? The most common stakeholders: The project team, management, and the front line Handling Stakeholder Conflicts
3. Life Cycles
Systems Development Life Cycles Project Life Cycles Product Life Cycles Requirement Life Cycles Seventh Morning’s Requirements Development Life Cycle
4. Forming Requirements
Overview of Requirements Attributes of Good Requirements Types of Requirements Requirement Sources Gathering Requirements from Stakeholders Common Requirements Documents
5. Transforming Requirements
Stakeholder Needs Analysis Decomposition Analysis Additive/Subtractive Analysis Gap Analysis Notations (UML & BPMN) Flowcharts Swim Lane Flowcharts Entity-Relationship Diagrams State-Transition Diagrams Data Flow Diagrams Use Case Modeling Business Process Modeling
6. Finalizing Requirements
Presenting – 10 Tips Presenting Requirements Socializing Requirements and Gaining Acceptance Prioritizing Requirements
7. Managing Requirements Assets
Change Control Requirements Tools
8. Scenario


Section 1: Overview of Business Analysis

Lecture 1 Introduction to the Course

Lecture 2 What is Business Analysis?

Lecture 3 The Value of Business Analysis

Lecture 4 What Problems does it Address?

Lecture 5 Requirements

Lecture 6 Who Performs Business Analysis?

Lecture 7 The Business Analyst Role

Lecture 8 Section 1 Materials

Section 2: Stakeholders

Lecture 9 Overview of Stakeholders

Lecture 10 The Project Manager

Lecture 11 The Developer

Lecture 12 The QA/Testing Professional

Lecture 13 Management

Lecture 14 The Front Line

Lecture 15 Managing Stakeholder Conflict

Lecture 16 Section 2 Materials

Section 3: Lifecycles

Lecture 17 Overview of Life Cycles

Lecture 18 The PLC and SDLC

Lecture 19 Waterfall and Iterative SDLCs

Lecture 20 Agile SDLCs

Lecture 21 The Product Life Cycle

Lecture 22 Requirements Life Cycles

Lecture 23 NorwalkAberdeen’s Requirements Definition Model

Lecture 24 Section 3 Materials

Section 4: Forming Requirements

Lecture 25 Overview of Requirements

Lecture 26 Attributes of Good Requirements

Lecture 27 Business Requirements

Lecture 28 User Requirements

Lecture 29 Functional Requirements

Lecture 30 Nonfunctional Requirements

Lecture 31 Requirement Sources

Lecture 32 Gathering Requirements in One-on-One Interviews

Lecture 33 Gathering Requirements in Group Interviews

Lecture 34 Common Requirements Documents

Lecture 35 Agile Requirements

Lecture 36 Section 4 Materials

Section 5: Transforming Requirements

Lecture 37 Overview of Analysis

Lecture 38 “Thinking about Stuff”

Lecture 39 Decomposition Analysis

Lecture 40 Additive/Subtractive Analysis

Lecture 41 Gap Analysis

Lecture 42 Decision Analysis

Lecture 43 Root Cause Analysis

Lecture 44 Stakeholder Needs Analysis

Lecture 45 Overview of Modeling

Lecture 46 Flowcharts

Lecture 47 Swim Lane Flowcharts

Lecture 48 Entity-Relationship Modeling

Lecture 49 State-Transition Modeling

Lecture 50 Data Flow Modeling

Lecture 51 Use Case Modeling

Lecture 52 Business Process Modeling

Lecture 53 Notations: UML and BPMN

Lecture 54 Section 5 Materials

Section 6: Finalizing Requirements

Lecture 55 Finalizing Requirements

Lecture 56 Socialization

Lecture 57 Presentation

Lecture 58 Change Control

Lecture 59 Section 6 Materials

Section 7: Scenario

Lecture 60 Scenario Overview

Lecture 61 High-Level Interview (with Solomon)

Lecture 62 Detailed Interview (with Martha)

Lecture 63 Initial Documentation

Lecture 64 Transforming the Requirements

Lecture 65 Stakeholder Needs Analysis

Lecture 66 Decomposition Analysis

Lecture 67 Swim Lane Flowchart

Lecture 68 Finalizing the Requirements (via a Walk-Through)

Novice to intermediate Business Analysts,Professionals looking to transition into a Business Analyst role

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Udemy | English | 6h 3m | 1.22 GB
Created by: Don Hussey

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