Fundamentals of Engineering FE Exam Review

Review of the FE Exam, including the likeliest subjects to be on the test
Fundamentals of Engineering FE Exam Review
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Fundamentals of Engineering FE Exam Review

What you’ll learn

Pass the FE Exam!
In-depth coverage on the most common exam subjects
Understand what is in the exam, materials allowed, and strategies to pass
Managing your exam time and improving accuracy
Gain confidence in how to approach the FE exam and the broad subjects

Fundamentals of Engineering FE Exam Review


Basic math
Engineering degree


Learn about the Fundamentals of Engineering exam, how to prepare for it, and dive into the many broad subjects that are included on the test.  Passing the exam is the step before becoming a professional licensed engineer, and this course aims to prepare you with strategies and the most likely subjects.  The FE exam can be a daunting hurdle, but with this course the aim is to build confidence, speed, and accuracy to significantly improve the likelihood of passing the exam.  This course is appropriate for new graduates as well as those who have been out of school for a long time and returning to pursue their PE license.  One of the things to get used to is not needing to get every question correct, but about time management to get answers for each question.  Passing the FE exam will open doors for future opportunities and growth in any of the many fields of engineering and technical leadership.  The lectures here have been honed from teaching the subject online for over a decade.  The content has been continuously updated to incorporate the latest from NCEES as well as feedback from the many students over the years.  The instructor has been aiding and mentoring engineers for over twenty years, and encouraging youth and career changers to enter the fascinating world of engineering for their future and betterment of the world around us.


Section 1: Fundamentals of Engineering Exam Review

Lecture 1 Fundamentals of Engineering Exam Introduction

Lecture 2 FE Review: Math Part 1

Lecture 3 FE Review: Math Part 2

Lecture 4 FE Review: Math Part 3

Lecture 5 FE Review: Chemistry

Lecture 6 FE Review: Statics

Lecture 7 FE Review: Dynamics

Lecture 8 FE Review: Fluid Mechanics

Lecture 9 FE Review: Thermodynamics

Lecture 10 FE Review: Heat Transfer

Lecture 11 FE Review: Materials Science

Lecture 12 FE Review: Ethics

Lecture 13 FE Review: Conclusion

Engineers,Engineering students,Designers

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Created by: John Peterson

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