Fundamentals of Hospitality Engineering Management

understanding systems, planning of operations, controlling aspects of operating activities, enhance guest experiences
Fundamentals of Hospitality Engineering Management
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Fundamentals of Hospitality Engineering Management

What you’ll learn

Overview of Engineering Operations
Scope and Objective of Engineering Department
How engineering efficiency would affect guest experiences
Systems Approach in Engineering Managment

Fundamentals of Hospitality Engineering Management


Basic hotel operations


Hotel Engineering is highly sophisticated and complex operations. Effective engineering operations will have various benefits Enhanced Guest Experiences through achieved standardsoperations cost managementimproving the life of buildings and equipment.Engineering operations are the responsibility of engineering directors however an understanding of operations by other department is equally important to have an impact on effective in achieving guest experiences desired,Hotels are using various technologies to enhance guest experiences in room, kitchen, F&B etc and most of the technologies require engineering setup and IT controls.Having all employees understand key engineering management aspects can help hotels to achieve effectiveness objectives This course will help you understand engineering operations in brief.


Section 1: Introduction to Hotel Engineering

Lecture 1 Introduction to Building Life Cycle concept and Organisation Structure

Lecture 2 Objectives and Characteristics of Engineering Department

Lecture 3 Objectives of Engineering Operations and How would you start as a new manager

Lecture 4 Guest Needs in hotels and Engineering aspects related to each

Lecture 5 What are different system operated by Engineering

Lecture 6 Two Key Systems explained to show how are various components integrated

Lecture 7 What do we Need to understand about Our operations

Section 2: Understanding Engineering Operations and Structure

Lecture 8 Planning – who would be operating systems

Lecture 9 How do decide – When to Operate engineering Systems

Lecture 10 Why its necessary to know how to operate systems

Lecture 11 Importance of SOPs

Lecture 12 Different Engineering Operating Activities

Lecture 13 Different Engineering Operating Activities part 2

Hotel Operations Managers,Engineering Students,Hotel Employees who want to achieve 360 understanding of operations,Department heads willing to grow in career

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