FusionFX Pro Advanced Forex Crypto and Stock Trading

Master Trading – Supply-Demand, Wyckoff, Candlesticks, and More with FusionFX!
FusionFX Pro Advanced Forex Crypto and Stock Trading
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FusionFX Pro Advanced Forex Crypto and Stock Trading

What you’ll learn

Ultimate Destination: No Course talks about this. Understand why 99.9% (almost everyone) fail in trading, & how to stand out while creating your edge.
Mastering Supply and Demand: Understand the principles of supply and demand in trading and how to identify key levels on price charts
Institutional Trading Strategies: Learn how to analyze and leverage institutional trading strategies to gain an edge in the markets
Wyckoff Methodology: Dive into the Wyckoff Methodology, a time-tested approach to understanding market cycles, volume analysis, and price action
Technical Analysis: Learn how to effectively use technical analysis tools and indicators to identify trends, patterns, and support/resistance levels
Order Blocks: Understand the concept of order blocks and how to use them to identify significant levels where institutional traders place their orders
Trading Psychology: Learn the psychological aspects of trading, including risk management, emotional control, and mindset strategies to improve performance
Comprehensive Case Studies: Dive into real-world case studies of different markets, including crypto, stocks, and forex, to apply the concepts learned
TradingView: Master the art of reading and interpreting candlestick charts to identify price patterns, reversals, and trend continuation signals

FusionFX Pro Advanced Forex Crypto and Stock Trading


An Open Mind & Willingness to Learn


Revolutionize Your Trading with FusionFX – The Ultimate Trading Course with Cutting-Edge Strategies, Smart Money Insights, Unique Concepts, and Comprehensive Techniques. Unlock the Secrets of Order Blocks, Institutional Trading, Wyckoff, Supply Demand, Candlestick Charts, and Master Mental Psychology Mastery. Earn 50%-100% per Day and Generate Passive Income!Are you ready to take your trading to the next level? FusionFX is not just any another trading course – it’s a game-changer. With never-before-heard unique concepts and groundbreaking strategies, FusionFX will transform the way you trade. From understanding Smart Money strategies, mastering Order Blocks, Institutional Trading, Wyckoff principles, Supply Demand analysis, and developing Mental Psychology skills, to mastering Technical Analysis and Candlestick Charts, this course covers it all.With practical examples, step-by-step guidance, and real-world insights, FusionFX will empower you to become part of the 1% of profitable traders. Say goodbye to traditional trading approaches and unlock the secrets of the market with FusionFX’s cutting-edge techniques.Join thousands of satisfied students who have witnessed remarkable results with FusionFX. Enroll now and embark on a journey towards financial freedom. Learn the comprehensive strategies and unique concepts that could change the way you trade. Earn 50%-100% per day and create a reliable source of passive income.When registering to this course, you have:1. Lifetime Access to the course2. Access to all new/additional lectures (Our courses are always up to date!)3. Access to our Q&A section forever!Eager to see you in the course!


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Section 2: Laying Important Mental Foundations

Lecture 2 Why 99% of Traders Fail – Probability Secret Hack

Lecture 3 Win Rate vs Risk Reward : The Reality

Lecture 4 Risk Management

Lecture 5 Less Chart time = Faster Learning

Section 3: Institutional Supply – Demand

Lecture 6 What is Supply-Demand : How to Draw Zones?

Lecture 7 4 Scenarios : The Two to Focus On

Lecture 8 Identifying Displacement

Lecture 9 Determining Zone Strength : Probability

Lecture 10 How Long are Zones Valid : Exact Timescales

Lecture 11 Efficient Supply-Demand Tool

Section 4: Enhanced Simplified Wycoff

Lecture 12 Extracting from Wycoff – Simplified

Lecture 13 Old vs New – Enhanced Formula

Lecture 14 Identifying Phases

Lecture 15 Better Understanding – More Examples

Lecture 16 Fractal Phases

Lecture 17 Refined Setup

Section 5: Putting Everything Together – Combining the Concepts

Lecture 18 Fusing – Phases with Supply Demand

Lecture 19 Which zone will work? – Market Behaviour

Lecture 20 Picking Timeframes

Lecture 21 Analysis – Step by Step

Lecture 22 Advanced Directional Bias – Price Range Matrix

Section 6: Finalising – Ready to Trade

Lecture 23 Entries, Stop Loss and Target Placement

Lecture 24 Mastering Zones & More Tools – Simplifying Entries

Lecture 25 Scalping Short Term – Improve Success Rate & Reduce Time

Lecture 26 Volume Profile – Finding Best Trades

Lecture 27 Building a Trading Plan

Lecture 28 Live Analysis – Backtesting

Lecture 29 Setup Breakdown

Section 7: Success Processes

Lecture 30 Only Strategy is Not Enough – Successful Habits

Lecture 31 How to Backtest Properly – Most FAIL at This Step

Lecture 32 Journal Properly – Template

Lecture 33 Self Review – Secret Weapon

Lecture 34 Advanced Trade Analysis

Section 8: Mindset Mastery EXTRAS!

Lecture 35 Emotional Mastery

Lecture 36 Prevent Psychological Mistakes!

Lecture 37 Recommended Reading

Anyone who wants to trade! Beginner/Advanced Traders or Struggling Traders – Anyone can learn the simple art.,Anyone who wants to earn Passive Income

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 5h 58m | 3.77 GB
Created by: The Ultimate Forex Organisation

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