Generative AI for data analytics

Learn how to use ChatGPT to analyze data, and to build expertise in data science, math, coding, and statistics
Generative AI for data analytics
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Generative AI for data analytics

What you’ll learn

How to access ChatGPT
Using ChatGPT to help learn data science
ChatGPT to help debug your code
ChatGPT to interpret statistical results
Using ChatGPT to help communicate data science results
How ChatGPT can help you with machine learning
What AI-assisted data science means

Generative AI for data analytics


Internet access
Some experience with Python code is helpful (but not necessary)
Some familiarity with data science is helpful
Interest in learning how ChatGPT can help you be a data scientist
Curiosity about AI-assisted machine learning


Artificial Intelligence (AI) is Increasingly Dominating Technology and Has Major Implications for SocietyArtificial Intelligence (AI) has emerged as a key driving force behind technological advancements in the 21st century. From voice assistants to self-driving cars, AI is transforming industries and revolutionizing the way we live, work, and communicate. The rapid development of AI technologies has far-reaching implications for society, with the potential to reshape the global economy, job market, and ethical considerations. As AI continues to dominate the tech landscape, it is essential for individuals and organizations alike to stay informed about the latest advancements and understand the impact AI can have on various aspects of our lives. You Need to Understand AI-Assisted Data ScienceData science is at the heart of the AI revolution, and understanding AI-assisted data science is crucial for professionals who want to excel in this domain. By harnessing the power of AI-driven tools like ChatGPT, data scientists can automate routine tasks, uncover hidden patterns in data, and generate actionable insights more efficiently. AI-assisted data science empowers professionals to make data-driven decisions, optimize business processes, and drive innovation across industries. By mastering AI-assisted data science techniques, you’ll not only enhance your skill set but also future-proof your career in this fast-evolving field. Introducing ChatGPT: a groundbreaking AI technology that’s revolutionizing the way we learn and implement data science Imagine having access to a virtual assistant that not only understands complex data science concepts, but also helps you apply them in real-world scenarios. ChatGPT (produce by OpenAI and based on deep learning) offers exactly that, enabling users to ask questions, generate code from prompts, and communicate their findings effectively. By harnessing the power of ChatGPT, you can accelerate your learning, enhance your problem-solving and data visualization skills, and become a more proficient data scientist. Get ready to embark on an exciting journey that will open up new possibilities in the world of data science, making the learning process more engaging and efficient than ever before. Course OverviewWelcome to this comprehensive course on using ChatGPT (sometimes written Chat GPT or chatgpt) to enhance your data science abilities. Discover the power of AI-assisted learning to elevate your understanding of machine learning, business analytics, and statistics. This course is carefully designed to provide you with the knowledge and practical skills needed to stay ahead in the rapidly evolving world of data science.  In this course, you will learn how to:Utilize ChatGPT to improve your coding abilities in data science and machine learning projectsMaximize your learning potential with AI-assisted guidance in the fields of business analytics and statisticsCommunicate complex data-driven findings effectively using ChatGPT’s natural language processing capabilitiesAdapt to the emerging trends in data science and navigate the age of AI with confidenceUse prompt engineering to get the best results from ChatGPTCourse StructureThe course is divided into four main content sections, each focusing on a different aspect of harnessing ChatGPT for data science mastery:ChatGPT for Coding – Learn how to leverage ChatGPT’s AI-generated code to enhance your programming skills, streamline your workflow, and improve the efficiency of your data science projects, especially those involving big data, data mining, modeling, and feature engineering ChatGPT for Learning – Discover how AI-assisted learning can help you absorb new concepts, techniques, and tools in data science, machine learning, business analytics, and statisticsChatGPT for Communicating – Master the art of communicating complex data-driven insights to both technical and non-technical audiences using ChatGPT’s natural language generation capabilitiesData Science  in the Age of AI – Explore the future of data science in the context of AI advancements and understand how to stay ahead of the curve in this rapidly evolving landscapeUnique aspects of this coursePioneering approach: The course presents a groundbreaking perspective on using ChatGPT for data science, offering learners a chance to stay ahead of the curve in this rapidly evolving field. Comprehensive coverage: The course covers a wide range of topics, including ChatGPT for coding, learning, communicating, and understanding the broader implications of data science in the age of AI. Hands-on learning: The course provides students with practical examples and exercises that showcase how ChatGPT can be effectively used in real-world data science applications. Accessible to diverse audiences: Whether you’re a student, a data science professional, or someone simply curious about AI, this course caters to various learning needs and backgrounds.  Expert instruction: Learn from an experienced data scientist who understands the potential of ChatGPT and can effectively guide you through the nuances of AI-assisted data science. Future-proofing your skills: By mastering the use of ChatGPT in data science, you’ll not only elevate your current skill set, but also ensure that you’re well-prepared for the ongoing AI revolution in the job market. Active community: Engage with like-minded learners and professionals through course forums, fostering collaboration, networking, and the exchange of ideas related to ChatGPT and data science. Who is your instructor?I am Mike X Cohen, a former neuroscience professor (I left that job to teach online full-time). I’m a bestselling and highly rated instructor on Udemy. I’ve taught over 250,000 students the foundations of scientific programming, data analysis, and applied mathematics, and I’ve written several textbooks on programming and data analyses. I’ve also been studying and using deep learning for 20 years, and I’ve thought a lot about how to use AI-assistance, and ChatGPT in particular with prompt engineering, to optimize and customize teaching people about data and coding. I worked really hard to make this course a great learning experience for you. Check out what some of my students have said about my other courses: ** ‘Best teacher ever. I am a psychologist and I didn’t have mathematical training as an undergrad, but the books and lectures of Dr. Cohen have been life saving’ ** ‘What I REALLY like about Mike’s style is that not only clear and direct, but he mixes in appropriate amounts of foreshadowing … to make it easier for me to connect the dots.’ ** ‘Mike X Cohen’s courses are by far the best ones I’ve done in Udemy.’ Why Choose This Course?By enrolling in this course, you will gain a competitive edge in the data science field by learning how to harness the power of ChatGPT. Stay ahead of the curve and boost your data science skills with AI-assisted learning. Enroll now and start your journey towards data science mastery with ChatGPT.What Should You Do Now?Check out the free preview videos, and the reviews of this course. Join the course to start your new life in AI-assisted data science.


Section 1: Introductions

Lecture 1 [Important] Get the most from this course

Lecture 2 Master Udemy in 6 minutes!

Section 2: What is ChatGPT?

Lecture 3 Section summary and goals

Lecture 4 Deep learning

Lecture 5 DL and language models

Lecture 6 ChatGPT

Lecture 7 Accessing ChatGPT

Lecture 8 Fun with ChatGPT

Section 3: Understand text data with generative AI

Lecture 9 Section summary and goals

Lecture 10 Summarizing unstructured text

Lecture 11 Mining food choices data

Lecture 12 World population discussion on Wikipedia

Lecture 13 Ask questions to a medical research article (and get answers!)

Lecture 14 (Fun) Customizing chat style

Section 4: ChatGPT and data science

Lecture 15 Section summary and goals

Lecture 16 What is data science?

Lecture 17 What ChatGPT can and cannot do

Lecture 18 Three ChatGPT uses in data science

Section 5: ChatGPT for coding

Lecture 19 Section summary and goals

Lecture 20 Using Google Colab for Python data science

Lecture 21 IMPORTANT: Get the course code!

Lecture 22 Write code

Lecture 23 Debug code

Lecture 24 Explaining code

Lecture 25 Translating code

Lecture 26 Prompt engineering (usage tips), part 1

Lecture 27 Access ChatGPT through Python

Lecture 28 Coding exercises

Section 6: ChatGPT for learning

Lecture 29 Section summary and goals

Lecture 30 Explain how an analysis works

Lecture 31 Check your understanding

Lecture 32 Guide to color-coding in google-sheets

Lecture 33 Brainstorming for analyses

Lecture 34 Inspiration for learning soft skills

Lecture 35 Prompt engineering (usage tips), part 2

Lecture 36 Learning exercises

Section 7: ChatGPT for communicating

Lecture 37 Section summary and goals

Lecture 38 Improving your writing

Lecture 39 Points to text, text to points

Lecture 40 Data summaries and insights

Lecture 41 Language translations

Lecture 42 Writing emails

Lecture 43 Usage tips, part 3

Lecture 44 How I used ChatGPT for this course

Section 8: Data science in the age of AI

Lecture 45 Section summary and goals

Lecture 46 Will ChatGPT take your job?

Lecture 47 Will ChatGPT make people more stupider?

Lecture 48 Future-proofing with ChatGPT

Section 9: Bonus section

Lecture 49 Bonus

Students who want to use ChatGPT to learn more, faster,Data science professionals who want to up their game,Business leaders who want to know about AI-assisted data approaches,Clients who want to know how ChatGPT will benefit them,AI enthusiasts who want to learn about the potential impact of AI on data,Data science enthusiasts who want to learn how to code with ChatGPT

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Udemy | English | 4h 24m | 3.02 GB
Created by: Mike X Cohen

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