Geothecnical Invastigation and Parameters

Geothecnical Survey and Impleting Data in GIS
Geothecnical Invastigation and Parameters
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Prof. Matteo Mirabilio


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Geothecnical Invastigation and Parameters

What you’ll learn

Introduction to Geotechnics: types of investigations and parameters
Geothecnical Survey ; estimate parameters
Implementing Geothecnical Data in GIS
Prepare Resume and Report for Client

Geothecnical Invastigation and Parameters


Basic Knowledge of Geology
Understand Coordinate Projection
Principle of Physics


I invite you to take this course to learn a different approach to the geotechnical sector. The usual roundup of investigation methods will not be presented, but the course will try to analyze the different types of geotechnical investigations by providing a very direct approach, trying to connect them directly to practical use. Therefore we will try to focus on a one-to-one relationship between the investigations that can be performed in the field – the parameters – the geotechnical problems to be solved. We will try to provide a very practical and direct cut, which can facilitate the learners in introducing the subject. In the first part the direct investigations on site and the types of parameters that can be obtained will be analyzed, then the direct investigations with sampling – the laboratory tests, the type of parameters that can be obtained, which tests to carry out, which parameters can be obtained and in which cases to use them (some case history).The last part will deal with how to import and implement geotechnical data obtained from direct surveys and laboratory tests in a GIS environment; also to be able to view them spatially, geo-reference them, view the parameters at different depths to create a geotechnical model.


Section 1: Introduction to Geotecnics

Lecture 1 Introduction to Site Investigastion

Lecture 2 Probe testing and Samples : laboratory investigastions

Lecture 3 Correct use of Geotecnics parameter

Section 2: Implementing in GIS Geothecnical site investigation and Create Report

Lecture 4 Implementing Geotecnical Survey in GIS software

Lecture 5 Create Report for client

Geology Student,Professional Degree,Joung Engeneering

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Created by: Prof. Matteo Mirabilio

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