German Language Intensive Course A2 Elementary

Grammar & Vocabulary – Efficient & to the point – Native German teacher in spoken German with English text
German Language Intensive Course A2 Elementary
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Esther Hartwig


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German Language Intensive Course A2 Elementary

What you’ll learn

Expand your German skills with to the point explanations, many examples, and texts on various topics.
Expand your German vocabulary on an elementary (above beginner to intermediate) level.
Understand and apply grammar and structure on an A2 level.
Develop your German reading and listening skills.
Practice what you learn with exercises and quizzes.

German Language Intensive Course A2 Elementary


You need to be familiar with German on an A1 level. For all relevant grammar points, check my German Grammar A1 course content (different verb types, Nominativ/Akkusativ/basic Dativ, Perfekt tense, basics of Präteritum etc.)


This course contains all the grammar and structure on an A2 level as well as several texts on topics used in daily conversation, such as personal data, family, looks and character, living, travelling, health, money, school, studying, work, celebrations, the internet, leisure time and public transport.All grammar explanations are in German, so you can train your listening, and there is on-screen English text to support your understanding. The explanations are compact and to the point and are supported by multiple examples, which also give you more options to expand your vocabulary and demonstrate how to use vocabulary and grammar in the context of spoken language. For each lecture in German, there is also a script with the German text, so you have both, the German and the English version.Each lecture also has a pdf-script attached with the lecture presentation.Of course, there are also exercises and quizzes for you to practice what you have learned.The texts on different topics will be read out and you can read along. The most important vocabulary will be presented once more at the end of the lecture but of course, there is no need to limit yourself – there are plenty of other words and expressions in the texts that you can add to your wordbank collection.The focus of this course is on effectiveness and efficiency and therefore designed for people, who are serious about advancing their German and might need it for their university studies or their work.I certainly hope you will find the course helpful in your journey to understanding and using German in your life.Viele Grüße, Esther Hartwig, Course Instructor


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 What this course has to offer and where to find everything

Section 2: Grammar A2, part 1

Lecture 2 Modal verbs in the past tense (Präteritum)

Lecture 3 German script: Modal verbs in the past

Lecture 4 Exercise: Modal verbs in the past

Lecture 5 Connecting statements with conjunctions (A1 review)

Lecture 6 German script: Conjunctions

Lecture 7 Connecting statements with adverbs

Lecture 8 German script: Adverbs

Lecture 9 Exercise: Adverbs

Lecture 10 Connecting statements with “weil” (subclauses)

Lecture 11 German script: Subclauses with “weil”

Lecture 12 Exercise: Subclauses with “weil”

Lecture 13 Connecting statements with “wenn” and “als” (subclauses)

Lecture 14 German script: Subclauses with “wenn” and “als”

Lecture 15 Connecting statements with “obwohl” and “damit” (subclauses)

Lecture 16 German script: Subclauses with “obwohl” and “damit”

Lecture 17 Exercise: Subclauses with “obwohl” and “damit”

Lecture 18 Connecting statements with “dass”

Lecture 19 German script: Subclauses with “dass”

Lecture 20 Exercise: Subclauses with “dass”

Section 3: Listen, read & expand: personal info, family, living, studying, working & more

Lecture 21 Personal information

Lecture 22 Family

Lecture 23 Place of residence

Lecture 24 Home: apartment, house

Lecture 25 Studying a language

Lecture 26 School, training, studying

Lecture 27 Work

Lecture 28 Daily routine: an example above the basics

Section 4: Grammar A2, part 2

Lecture 29 Change of state

Lecture 30 German script: Change of state

Lecture 31 Exercise: Change of state

Lecture 32 Future

Lecture 33 German script: Future

Lecture 34 Exercise: Future

Lecture 35 Indirect (polite) questions

Lecture 36 German script: Indirect questions

Lecture 37 Exercise: Indirect questions

Lecture 38 Konjunktiv II: Subjunctive in requests

Lecture 39 German script: Requests (Konjunktiv II)

Lecture 40 Exercise: Requests

Lecture 41 Konjunktiv II: Subjunctive in wishes + exercise

Lecture 42 German script: Wishes (Konjunktiv II)

Lecture 43 The past: Präteritum

Lecture 44 German script: Präteritum

Lecture 45 Exercise: Präteritum – regular

Lecture 46 Exercise: Präteritum – irregular

Lecture 47 Präteritum: Function & short story (example)

Lecture 48 German script: Präteritum – function & short story

Lecture 49 Relative clauses

Lecture 50 German script: Relative clauses

Lecture 51 Exercise: Relative clauses

Section 5: Listen, read & expand: leisure time, hobby, holidays, travel, money & health

Lecture 52 Leisure time & hobbies

Lecture 53 Holidays & travel

Lecture 54 Public transport

Lecture 55 Money

Lecture 56 Health

Section 6: Grammar A2, part 3

Lecture 57 Pronouns – demonstrative, possessive, negative

Lecture 58 German script: Pronouns

Lecture 59 Exercise: Pronouns

Lecture 60 Reflexive verbs & pronouns

Lecture 61 German script: Reflexive verbs & pronouns

Lecture 62 Exercise: Reflexive verbs & pronouns

Lecture 63 Verbs with prepositions

Lecture 64 German script: Verbs with prepositions

Lecture 65 Exercise: Verbs with prepositions

Lecture 66 Special adjectives

Lecture 67 German script: Special adjectives

Lecture 68 Exercise: Special adjectives

Lecture 69 Genitiv: possession & affiliation

Lecture 70 German script: Genitiv

Lecture 71 Exercise: Genitiv

Lecture 72 Word order in German sentences

Lecture 73 German script: Word order

Lecture 74 Exercise: Word order

Lecture 75 The passive voice (present tense)

Lecture 76 German script: Passive voice

Lecture 77 Exercise: Passive voice

Lecture 78 The infinitive verb with “zu” (basics, present tense)

Lecture 79 German script: Infinitive with “zu”

Lecture 80 Exercise: Infinitive with “zu”

Section 7: Listen, read & expand: public holidays, celebrations, internet, looks, character

Lecture 81 Public holidays & celebrations

Lecture 82 Internet

Lecture 83 Looks & character

Section 8: End of course

Lecture 84 Auf Wiedersehen!

Lecture 85 Und jetzt? (Bonus lecture)

Everybody who wants to study German on an A2 level from start to finish,Learners who are serious about advancing their German and might need it for their university studies or their work,Students who are looking for to the point information in an intensive A2 course that will help them reach their goals most effectively and efficiently,A2 students who want to have a review of what they have learned or have some gaps they need to fill

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 6h 34m | 3.30 GB
Created by: Esther Hartwig

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