Gerrit Code Review Project and User guide

Go from novice to expert in Gerrit using this project and user guide tutorial
Gerrit Code Review Project and User guide
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Gerrit Code Review Project and User guide

What you’ll learn

Learn good practices for using Gerrit
Learn how to handle code review workflows and scenarios
Learn how to navigate and manage the Gerrit web interface
Learn how to administer and configure Gerrit projects

Gerrit Code Review Project and User guide


Basic knowledge of Git


This course will cover all the need-to-knows for using Gerrit and performing code reviews for any Gerrit user, project administrator, or team member. You will emerge from this course confident in your ability to maximise the full ability of Gerrit to raise the standards of your software development work. This course is designed to be simple, easy to follow, and in bitesize format so you can watch actions in isolation to help you get through a task.The course is divided into the following major sections:IntroductionIntroducing you to the course and Gerrit concepts.Project AdministrationEquipping you with the skills to configure Gerrit projects to be secure, enable workflows and manage repositories.User SettingsShowing you how to configure your user account with essential settings.Pushing code to GerritGiving you the core skills you will need to enact changes through Gerrit.Using the change screenShowing you how to get the full benefits of Gerrit change reviews.Grouping ChangesShowing you how to use topics and hashtags to group and search changes.Conflict ResolutionShowing you how to overcome merge conflicts or blockers to change review submissions.All lectures are provided in high quality, clear to see on any device.Moving ForwardThis course will expand to include more topics and bonus content! Some content may be in direct response to student feedback or discussions — so get engaged with the course discussions feature!


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction to the course

Lecture 2 Introduction to Gerrit

Section 2: Project Administration

Lecture 3 Introduction

Lecture 4 How to create a project

Lecture 5 How to create branches and tags

Lecture 6 Access controls

Lecture 7 Submit type

Lecture 8 How to delete a project

Section 3: User Settings

Lecture 9 Introduction

Lecture 10 Name and Status configuration

Lecture 11 Email configuration

Lecture 12 SSH key configuration

Lecture 13 Project watch list configuration

Section 4: Pushing Code to Gerrit

Lecture 14 Introduction

Lecture 15 commit-msg hooks

Lecture 16 How to push to a branch

Lecture 17 Demo: commit-msg and push to a branch

Lecture 18 How to push for code review

Lecture 19 Demo: push for code review

Lecture 20 How to push a patchset

Lecture 21 Demo: push a patchset

Lecture 22 Good Practice: Work in Progress (WIP)

Lecture 23 Good Practice: Private changes

Section 5: Using the change screen

Lecture 24 Introduction

Lecture 25 Change screen walkthrough

Lecture 26 Comments and approvals

Lecture 27 Submit a change

Lecture 28 Revert a submitted change

Lecture 29 Abandon a change

Lecture 30 Restore an abandoned change

Lecture 31 Good Practice: Ignoring Changes

Section 6: Grouping Changes

Lecture 32 Introduction

Lecture 33 Topics

Lecture 34 Hashtags

Section 7: Conflict Resolution

Lecture 35 Introduction to rebase

Lecture 36 Demo: rebase

Lecture 37 Introduction to cherry-pick

Lecture 38 Demo: cherry-pick

Section 8: Course Completion

Lecture 39 Congratulations!

Students new to Gerrit or beginners,Students with Gerrit experience, but want to consolidate their knowledge,Gerrit project administrators or owners,Software engineers that want to learn good practices for Gerrit and do effective code reviews,Gerrit administrators,Students looking for alternative source code management tools

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Udemy | English | 1h 4m | 182.30 MB
Created by: Stephan Folkes

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