Get 79 in IELTS Speaking IELTS Speaking Masterclass

Improve your fluency, vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation in preparation for the IELTS Speaking test.
Get 79 in IELTS Speaking IELTS Speaking Masterclass
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Nestor Kiourtzidis


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Get 79 in IELTS Speaking IELTS Speaking Masterclass

What you’ll learn

Use advanced vocabulary and synonyms.
Improve your grammar and pronunciation
Give opinions and connect your ideas.
Deal with difficult questions.
Improve your speaking confidence.
Develop your answers and manage your time.
Answer any question, even if you don’t know what to say!

Get 79 in IELTS Speaking IELTS Speaking Masterclass


You just need a computer or mobile device and Internet access.


Do you need Band 7, 7.5, 8 or higher in the IELTS Speaking test? Most universities and immigration departments require a score of Band 7 or higher. Yet according to official IELTS statistics, the average score around the world is less than 6.5.But you can do better than the average candidate. And you don’t need a long time. The IELTS Speaking Masterclass course will teach you essential language skills and preparation methods to help you achieve your target band. Faster than you think.In the course, you will: Study some effective strategies.Learn special words, phrases and structures to impress the examiner.Observe a model candidate putting everything into practice.Many students have achieved their target band with the help of this course. And you can too. Just read some of the reviews below.Besides the lectures, the course includes:20 model answers for Part 2 of the test. 5 videos that teach and show you how to use synonyms to improve your speaking.Bonus materialIn Lecture 50, you also get a free 70-page ebook: Correct your English: Learn to Speak More Like a Native (worth $12.99 on Amazon!).The Masterclass lectures will improve your speaking confidence and listening skills for life. So even after you take the IELTS test, you will understand English speakers better. And you will be able to express yourself more like a native speaker.  Join over 11000 students! Take this course today and start improving your band.


Section 1: Basics and Preparation

Lecture 1 What is the IELTS Speaking test?

Lecture 2 How the Speaking test is scored

Lecture 3 General Do’s and Don’ts

Lecture 4 General preparation

Lecture 5 Dealing with nerves

Lecture 6 Sample questions

Section 2: Vocabulary tips

Lecture 7 Vocabulary for Band 7-9

Lecture 8 Synonyms 1

Lecture 9 Synonyms 2

Lecture 10 Synonyms 3

Lecture 11 Synonyms 4

Lecture 12 Paraphrasing

Lecture 13 Asking for clarification

Section 3: Expressing your opinions and ideas

Lecture 14 Giving opinions

Lecture 15 Connecting ideas

Lecture 16 Giving examples

Lecture 17 Being spontaneous

Section 4: Grammar and pronunciation

Lecture 18 Grammar for Part 1

Lecture 19 Grammar for Part 3

Lecture 20 Questions for grammar practice

Lecture 21 Pronunciation tips

Section 5: Time management

Lecture 22 Developing your answers

Lecture 23 Using conversation fillers

Lecture 24 Buying time

Lecture 25 If you don’t have an opinion

Lecture 26 Difficult questions

Lecture 27 Time management in Part 2

Section 6: Model answers for Part 2

Lecture 28 eBook: 30 Incredibly Useful Phrases for Part 2

Lecture 29 A special occasion

Lecture 30 A book

Lecture 31 An item of clothing

Lecture 32 A collection

Lecture 33 A decision

Lecture 34 A dish

Lecture 35 A dream holiday

Lecture 36 Family

Lecture 37 An enjoyable activity

Lecture 38 A free day

Lecture 39 An ideal home

Lecture 40 A meal

Lecture 41 A photograph

Lecture 42 A school

Lecture 43 A sporting event

Lecture 44 A TV show

Lecture 45 A useful object

Section 7: Typical mistakes and course review

Lecture 46 Typical Mistakes in IELTS Speaking

Lecture 47 Review

Lecture 48 Reminder list

Lecture 49 Which course would you like me to make next?

Section 8: Extra resources

Lecture 50 eBook: Correct your English: Learn to Speak More Like a Native

Lecture 51 Tenses for Speaking + eBook

Lecture 52 YouTube videos

This course is for IELTS Speaking candidates who need Band 7 or higher.,Your current level should be at least Band 6-6.5.

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 3h 44m | 1.40 GB
Created by: Nestor Kiourtzidis

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