Get It Done Time Management Basics For Kids

Helping kids develop effective time management strategies and achieve goals.
Get It Done Time Management Basics For Kids
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Get It Done Time Management Basics For Kids

What you’ll learn

The concept of SMART goal-setting
Time management strategies
How time can be managed using study and leisure activity examples
How to plan effectively

Get It Done Time Management Basics For Kids


No pre-requisites, except willingness to master time management


Time management has become an essential life skill which can help kids effectively manage studies and achieve goals.Many businesses continue to upskill their employees in order to manage time effectively and optimise productivity at workplace.Why not give the opportunity for children to learn this skill they will need as adults while young?This course is specially designed for kids 8+ and includes high-level information about common time management basics using life-based examples relevant to children.Upon course completion, children will be able to appreciate the value of time and understand that they use time effectively through prioritising, planning and organising their schedule to be in control of what needs to be done.In addition, kids will learn the concept of setting SMART goals (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Time-bound), which is equally effective in the school setting, home and for achieving personal aspirations.Make time work for youChildren learn time management basics to accomplish study tasks and achieve personal goals with maximum results.Learn to set SMART goalsKids learn a popular approach to setting goals which will help them thrive in studies and in life.Note: This course is intended for purchase by adults who will manage te enrolment and supervision of kids’ learning.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Section 2: What We Know About Time

Lecture 2 Lecture

Section 3: How To Organise Time

Lecture 3 Lecture

Section 4: How To Set SMART Goals

Lecture 4 Lecture

Section 5: The Value Of Time

Lecture 5 Lecture

The courses are designed for children 8+ with legal guardian or parental guidance.

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