Get Rid of Chronic Stress and Anxiety Beginner Level

Drastically reduce your level of stress and stop panic attacks!
Get Rid of Chronic Stress and Anxiety Beginner Level
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Elizabeth Massot. Coaching ⎮ Neurosciences ⎮ Stress Management


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Get Rid of Chronic Stress and Anxiety Beginner Level

What you’ll learn

Understand stress and anxiety
Discover your main profile and deficiencies in the main neurotransmitters
Find emotional, physical and psychological balance
How to change anxious thoughts
How to take back control of your body by mastering your physiology

Get Rid of Chronic Stress and Anxiety Beginner Level


No previous experience is required for this course
Be open and ready to change your patterns


A 3-MONTH METHOD ADAPTED TO ANXIOUS CHARACTERS.This first part only includes modules 1 to 4. The other two parts (modules 5 to 8 and 9 to 12 will be the subject of 2 separate courses).Well-being is a balance between several elements: assertiveness, transformation of beliefs, management of emotions, time and stress, self-knowledge, mastery of communication for better relationships, control of one’s energy level.Living without anxiety is essential for a successful personal and professional life.You will be able to fulfill yourself without being held back by your fears and doubts.BEGINNER LEVEL: MODULES 1 TO 4- Module 1: Understand anxiety and stress better. Set your wellness goals. Understand the necessary changes.- Module 2: Neurotransmitter test with dominant profile and possible deficiencies. All the advice to find a physical, psychic and emotional balance.- Module 3: Learn to make the connection between thoughts and anxiety. Change your worrying thoughts.- Module 4: Take back control of your body by mastering your physiology. Discover your greatest ally.The rest of the modules will be part of two different courses (Intermediate and Advanced)Module 5: the intelligence of the heart at the service of your change. Understand neurocardiology and change your biological nature in less than 6 weeks.Module 6: the power of your emotions. Change your negative emotions and turn them into positive emotions quickly.Module 7: discover the power of mental programming to prepare for an important event. Trigger a positive emotion in advance whenever you want.Module 8: learn to manage the rise of an anxiety attack, to stop its progression and anticipate its arrival to better eliminate it.Module 9: learn a very effective psycho-energetic technique to manage your emotions and beliefs in less than 5 minutes. You will be able to replace limiting patterns with new high-performance patterns!Module 10: boost your self-confidence! Discover its mechanism and learn how to regain more confidence. Develop love, image and self-confidence.Module 11: permanently install the positive in your life. Eliminate the negative and break your self-destructive habits.Module 12: Organize a serene future. Empower your personal change and transformation. Put in place actions that guarantee that anxiety attacks will not return.


Section 1: Week 1

Lecture 1 Introduction to week 1

Lecture 2 Lesson

Lecture 3 Hypnosis session

Lecture 4 Dynamic meditation session

Lecture 5 Extra lesson

Section 2: Week 2

Lecture 6 Presentation of week 2

Lecture 7 Lesson week 2

Lecture 8 Hypnosis session week 2

Lecture 9 Dynamic meditation week 2

Lecture 10 Supplement

Section 3: Week 3

Lecture 11 Presentation week 3

Lecture 12 Exercise to stop ruminations

Lecture 13 Lesson week 3

Lecture 14 Hypnosis week 3

Lecture 15 Dynamic meditation week 3

Section 4: Week 4

Lecture 16 Presentation week 4

Lecture 17 Lesson week 4

Lecture 18 Hypnosis week 4

Lecture 19 Dynamic meditation week 4

You feel paralyzed by stress and anxiety,You feel oppressed,You feel anxious to take exams,You feel restless and unable to calm down,You feel uneasy and frightened frequently,The idea of dying paralyses you

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Udemy | English | 5h 46m | 7.58 GB
Created by: Elizabeth Massot. Coaching ⎮ Neurosciences ⎮ Stress Management

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