Getting Started with Azure Virtual Machines

Learn about Azure Virtual Machines and get started in your Azure Journey
Getting Started with Azure Virtual Machines
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Getting Started with Azure Virtual Machines

What you’ll learn

Learn to Deploy Azure Virtual Machines
Learn about PowerShell DSC and VM Extensions
Learn about Virtual Machine Storage
Learn how to do basic VM monitoring
Get ready to continue on their Azure journey

Getting Started with Azure Virtual Machines


Basic Azure Knowledge
Understanding of Operating Systems


This is a beginners course to Azure Virtual Machines that covers the following core fundamental topics:Azure OverviewAccess to PowerShell Admin GuideDeploy Workloads on ARM VMsPerform Configuration ManagementDesign and Implement VM StorageMonitor ARM VMsManage ARM VM AvailabilityScale ARM VMsThis course is designed to give you a basic introduction to all the different VM types and specializations in Azure, as well as how to complete a basic deployment. It is meant to be a short course to help you get a feel for Azure and deploying some of the most common IaaS services from the portal.Consider the AZ-100 certification course if you want to continue on to Azure certification.


Section 1: Azure Overview

Lecture 1 Introduction to Cloud Computing and Azure

Lecture 2 PowerShell Reference Guide

Lecture 3 Connect with fellow students

Section 2: VMs Module 1: Deploy Workloads on Azure ARM VMs

Lecture 4 VMs Part 1

Lecture 5 VMs Part 2

Lecture 6 VMs Part 3

Lecture 7 VMs Part 4

Lecture 8 DEMO: Deploy Azure VM from Azure Portal

Lecture 9 DEMO: Deploy Azure VM via PowerShell

Lecture 10 DEMO: Connect to Azure Windows VM

Lecture 11 DEMO: Connect to Azure Linux VM

Lecture 12 VM Images

Lecture 13 DEMO: Create a Windows VM Image

Lecture 14 VM Networking

Section 3: VMs Module 2: Perform Configuration Management

Lecture 15 Configuration Management

Lecture 16 DEMO: PowerShell DSC Example

Lecture 17 Custom Script Extension

Lecture 18 Enable Remote Debugging

Section 4: VMs Module 3

Lecture 19 VM Storage

Lecture 20 DEMO: Add Managed Disk to Azure VM

Lecture 21 VM Storage Limits and Capacity Planning

Lecture 22 Disk Caching

Lecture 23 DEMO: Enable Disk Caching

Section 5: VMs Module 4

Lecture 24 DEMO: Monitoring ARM VMs

Section 6: VMs Module 5

Lecture 25 Availability

Lecture 26 DEMO: Configure Availability Set for 2 VMs

Section 7: VMs Module 6

Lecture 27 Scaling

Lecture 28 DEMO: Create a VM Scale Set

Anyone looking to get an entry level understanding of Azure Virtual Machines,Looking to get more family with basic Azure constructs as they pertain to Virtual Machines,Anyone looking to get a taste of Azure certification before purchasing a complete course

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Created by: Skylines Academy

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