Getting Started with Data Management

Learn the basics of how organizations deal with data. Analyze data using Python and SQL. Explore Hadoop and Hive.
Getting Started with Data Management
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Getting Started with Data Management

What you’ll learn

Get started working with data
Understand big data fundamentals
Explore tabular data with Python
Learn the fundamentals of SQL
Use the ETL workflow for data integration

Getting Started with Data Management


If you know how to install software to your computer, you’re good to go


Data Management is one of the most important competencies your company has. With Digital Transformation at the top of the strategic agenda for many large organizations, Data Governance and Data Management are vital to building a strong foundation for integration, analysis, execution, and overall business value. Business and data professionals are currently facing The Fourth Industrial Revolution’s convergence of megatrends around Customer 360, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, programmatic marketing, and globalization. To survive these unrelenting business pressures, it’s more critical, and strategic, than ever to put your data to work!In this course, you will learn about the various disciplines of data management. First, you will discover what Data Governance is and why you might want to implement a governance program for your organization, after which you will go through some very basic exploratory Data Analysis using the Python programming language.Next up, you’ll cover basic Database Design, Data Quality essentials, and the fundamentals of the Structured Query Language. Then, you will get hands-on with some rudimentary Data Integration ETL, as well as Big Data with Hadoop.Finally, you will explore the various disciplines in the Data Management space.By the end of the course, you will have a firm understanding of enterprise data management and what the various disciplines do.


Section 1: The Value of Data Management

Lecture 1 The Value of Data Management

Lecture 2 The Lifecycle of Data

Section 2: Understanding Data Governance

Lecture 3 Why Do We Need Data Governance

Lecture 4 Understanding Data Stewardship

Lecture 5 Implementing Master Data Management

Lecture 6 Developing Data Definitions

Lecture 7 The Importance of Standardization

Section 3: Exploring Tabular Data

Lecture 8 Understanding Tabular Data

Lecture 9 Installing Jupyter Notebook

Lecture 10 Exploring Tabular Data

Lecture 11 Most Common Names in California

Lecture 12 How Frequently Does Your Name Occur?

Lecture 13 Statistical Data Types

Lecture 14 Visualizing Data

Section 4: Relational Database Basics

Lecture 15 Database Management Systems

Lecture 16 The Database Development Lifecycle

Section 5: Improving Data Quality

Lecture 17 Removing Duplicate Data

Lecture 18 Removing Inconsistent Data

Lecture 19 Breaking-down Data into Smaller Components

Lecture 20 Requiring Complete Information

Lecture 21 Designating the Primary Key

Section 6: Database Design

Lecture 22 One to Many Relationship

Lecture 23 Many to Many Relationship

Lecture 24 Integrity Constraints

Lecture 25 Indexing for Performance

Section 7: SQL

Lecture 26 Downloading Oracle XE

Lecture 27 Installing Oracle XE

Lecture 28 Opening the Oracle XE Database

Lecture 29 Connecting to Your Brand New Database

Lecture 30 Oracle Live SQL

Lecture 31 The SELECT Statement

Lecture 32 Restricting and Sorting Data

Lecture 33 Using Single-row Functions

Lecture 34 Aggregating Data with Group Functions

Lecture 35 Displaying Data from Multiple Tables

Lecture 36 Answering Multi-step Questions Using Subqueries

Section 8: Up and Running with Ubuntu Linux

Lecture 37 Downloading Ubuntu and Workstation Pro

Lecture 38 Up and Running with Ubuntu

Lecture 39 Transferring Files Using SFTP

Section 9: Data Integration

Lecture 40 Setting-up Your Postgres Database

Lecture 41 Setting-up Your Postgres Data Sources

Lecture 42 Installing Python and PySpark

Lecture 43 Installing Java and JDBC for Postgres

Lecture 44 Extracting Data

Lecture 45 Transforming Data

Lecture 46 Loading Data

Section 10: Understanding Big Data

Lecture 47 Big Data Overview

Lecture 48 Types of Big Data

Lecture 49 Limitations of Relational Systems

Lecture 50 Introducing Hadoop

Lecture 51 Setting-up Hadoop

Lecture 52 Connecting to Your Hadoop VM

Lecture 53 Issuing SQL Queries through Hive

Section 11: Data Management Careers

Lecture 54 Data Management Roles

Lecture 55 Data Steward

Lecture 56 Data Analyst

Lecture 57 Data Engineer

Lecture 58 Data Architect

Lecture 59 DBA

Lecture 60 Application Developer

Lecture 61 Data Scientist

Anyone seeking a career in data management,Aspiring DBAs, Developers, Data Analysts, Data Scientists and Data Engineers

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Udemy | English | 2h 15m | 952.17 MB
Created by: Philip Agaba

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