Getting Started with NET Core Clean Architecture

.NET Core Clean Architecture
Getting Started with NET Core Clean Architecture
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Manish Narayan


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Getting Started with NET Core Clean Architecture

What you’ll learn

.Net Core MVC
Clean Architecture
Full Stack Development

Getting Started with NET Core Clean Architecture


Visual Studio
SQL Server
Basic Technical Background


Get Started with .NET Core Clean Architecture!Are you a student or professional in the field of software engineering or maybe contemplating an educational or career move to the software engineering world? Have you been looking for a quick and easy way to get up and running with .NET Core coupled with Clean Architecture and don’t want to go through an overwhelming amount of material just to get your environment setup and ready for building your own apps that interact with data? Don’t worry as THIS IS THE COURSE FOR YOU! In my course, I will teach you how to get your environment setup for .NET Core MVC, SQL Server 2017, Dependency Injection, MediatR, AutoMapper and help you to build your first set of apps that apply a Clean Architecture design pattern through a step-by-step guided approach.  Take this course and feel proud of the fact that you will be one step closer towards the rewarding field of Software Engineering using .NET technologies!


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Clean Architecture Overview

Section 2: Clean Architecture Structure

Lecture 2 GitHub For Visual Studio

Lecture 3 Commit Initial Solution

Lecture 4 Initial Folder Structure

Section 3: Presentation Layer

Lecture 5 Presentation Layer Project

Lecture 6 Identity Migration

Lecture 7 Launch MVC

Lecture 8 Commit MVC

Lecture 9 Rename Folders

Section 4: .NET Core Versioning

Lecture 10 Upgrade .Net Core for VS 2017

Section 5: Domain Layer

Lecture 11 Domain Layer Project

Lecture 12 Domain Models

Section 6: Infrastructure Data Layer

Lecture 13 Infrastructure Data Project

Lecture 14 Database Context

Lecture 15 Configure MVC for Data Context

Lecture 16 Commit Infrastructure Data Layer

Section 7: Application Layer

Lecture 17 Application Layer Project

Lecture 18 View Models

Lecture 19 Service Interfaces

Lecture 20 Repository Interfaces

Lecture 21 Commit Application Layer

Section 8: Implementation

Lecture 22 Service Implementation

Lecture 23 Repository Implementation

Lecture 24 Method Implementation

Section 9: Inversion of Control

Lecture 25 Infrastructure IOC Project

Lecture 26 Dependency Container

Lecture 27 Register Services

Section 10: Presentation Layer Implementation

Lecture 28 Seed Initial Data

Lecture 29 Add Images

Lecture 30 Controller

Lecture 31 ViewModel from Service

Lecture 32 Define Views

Lecture 33 Custom CSS

Lecture 34 Adjust Layout and Launch MVC

Section 11: Presentation Layer Finalized

Lecture 35 Deep Dive Debug

Lecture 36 Secure Controller

Lecture 37 Commit Presentation Layer

Section 12: CQRS with MediatR

Lecture 38 Command and Query Responsibility Segregation Intro

Lecture 39 New Solution Folders and Branch

Lecture 40 Infrastructure MediatR Bus Layer

Lecture 41 Infrastructure Bus Implementation

Lecture 42 Domain Core Layer

Lecture 43 InMemoryBus Implementation

Lecture 44 Domain Commands

Lecture 45 Domain Command Handlers

Lecture 46 Updated Repository Layer

Lecture 47 Updated Dependency Injection Container

Lecture 48 Updated Service Layer Implementation

Lecture 49 New Api Project for BackOffice

Lecture 50 Api Project Configuration

Lecture 51 Api Controller Implementation

Lecture 52 Api MediatR Configuration

Lecture 53 Adding Swagger

Lecture 54 Debug Session for Api

Lecture 55 Updated MVC Layer

Section 13: AutoMapper

Lecture 56 AutoMapper Overview

Lecture 57 AutoMapper Nuget Packages

Lecture 58 AutoMapper Profiles

Lecture 59 AutoMapper Configuration

Lecture 60 Refactor Course Service Create Method

Lecture 61 Refactor Course Service Get Method

Lecture 62 AutoMapper Api and Mvc Configuration

Lecture 63 Launch and Test AutoMapper

Section 14: Course Source Code Github

Lecture 64 How to find the course source code

Students and Professionals who want to master MVC using a clean architecture approach

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 4h 6m | 1.54 GB
Created by: Manish Narayan

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