Getting yourself organized with Orgmode

Manage your life in plain text.
Getting yourself organized with Orgmode
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Rainer König


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Getting yourself organized with Orgmode

What you’ll learn

You will learn how to use Orgmode (an extension to the Emacs text editor) to organize your life in “plain text”.

Getting yourself organized with Orgmode


You should have some basic experience in using the Emacs editor.


Too much stuff to do? Feeling overwhelmed? This course shows you how to organize your life within the Emacs text editor. Even if it sounds completely weird, with Org-mode Emacs offers an excellent personal performance tool. You will learn step by step, one concept at a time to master Orgmode, make your life better organized and gain time for the things that really matter. You will get36 videos that teach one topic at a timea 100+ pages course book in PDF format for downloadlesson example files for download


Section 1: Welcome

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 The course book

Section 2: The basics of Org-mode

Lecture 3 Installation of Org-mode

Lecture 4 Headlines & outline mode

Lecture 5 ToDo keywords

Lecture 6 Schedule, deadlines & agenda views

Lecture 7 Repeating tasks

Lecture 8 Checklists

Section 3: Advanced topics

Lecture 9 Tags

Lecture 10 Advanced agenda view

Lecture 11 Customized agenda views

Lecture 12 Drawers, logging and quick notes

Lecture 13 Archiving

Section 4: Making things more smooth

Lecture 14 Automatic logging of status changes

Lecture 15 Splitting your system into several files

Lecture 16 The first capture template

Lecture 17 More capture templates

Section 5: Workflows and time tracking

Lecture 18 Ordered tasks

Lecture 19 Timers

Lecture 20 Clocking

Lecture 21 Column view

Lecture 22 Effort estimates

Section 6: Linking, attachments and more

Lecture 23 Linking (internal)

Lecture 24 Linking (external)

Lecture 25 Attachments

Lecture 26 Priorities

Lecture 27 Tables

Section 7: Exporting and publishing

Lecture 28 Exporting

Lecture 29 Advanced exporting

Lecture 30 Publishing

Section 8: More advanced topics

Lecture 31 Dynamic blocks

Lecture 32 Tracking habits

Lecture 33 Bulk agenda actions

Lecture 34 Google calendar import

Lecture 35 Working with source code blocks

Lecture 36 Goal setting and tracking

Lecture 37 Presenting my system

People that want to have more time for the things that really matter.

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 6h 33m | 3.94 GB
Created by: Rainer König

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