GIMP Light Effects 77 Free Light Overlays

Discover how to add “flair” to your images with GIMP!
GIMP Light Effects 77 Free Light Overlays
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GIMP Light Effects 77 Free Light Overlays

What you’ll learn

Discover how to create unlimited Sun Flares
Learn how to create custom Light Leaks
Learn how to create custom Light Prisms
Learn how to use the included 77 Light Effect Overlays with your images
Learn pro tips and techniques for enhancing Golden Hour portraits

GIMP Light Effects 77 Free Light Overlays


No experience required. Step-by-Step instructions included.


Welcome to the GIMP Light Effects & 77 Free Light Effect Overlays!Would you like to learn how to create custom lighting effects in GIMP and add a little flair to your images?Once you learn the techniques in this class, you’ll be able to create unlimited light effects to help you fulfill your creative vision. I’ll even show you how to save them as an overlay for future projects.I’ve also included 77 of my favorite light effect overlays to use with your images, and you’ll also discover how to customize these for your own needs.69 Sun Flares5 Light Prisms3 Light LeaksThere are four main types of light effects you’ll learn how to make. The first set of light effects includes Light Leaks, reminiscent of the olden days when we used to shoot film.Next, you’ll learn how to create a Linear Prism light effect, how to use them for creative color treatments, and bend your prisms for additional creativity.You’ll also learn how to create traditional, natural lens flares and how to create custom sun flares with unlimited possibilities.Last but not least, I’ll walk you through a Golden Hour portrait edit. This edit will include additional tips and techniques for adding lighting drama to your images.If you’re ready to add a little flair to your images, sign up now, download the included overlays, and I’ll see you on the inside.


Section 1: Let There Be Light… 77 Pre-made Light Effects

Lecture 1 Start Here

Lecture 2 Download Overlays

Lecture 3 How To Use the Overlays

Section 2: Custom Light Effects

Lecture 4 How to create a Light Leak

Lecture 5 How to create a Light Prism Effect

Lecture 6 How to create your own Custom Sun Flare Overlays

Lecture 7 How to create a Natural Lens Flare

Section 3: Photo Editing Challenges

Lecture 8 How to edit a Golden Hour Portrait + add a Sun Flare

This course is perfect for any level of GIMP user that wants to create custom Lighting Effects.

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 1h 17m | 1.08 GB
Created by: Chris Parker

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