GIT and Visual Studio with Azure DevOps Repos for Developers

Step by Step, easy way for developers to get started with Azure Repos, GIT and Visual Studio
GIT and Visual Studio with Azure DevOps Repos for Developers
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GIT and Visual Studio with Azure DevOps Repos for Developers

What you’ll learn

Learn source control using Microsoft Azure DevOps Repos with GIT and Visual Studio
Working with Branches
Save work with commits
Fetch, Pull and Sync
History, Compare and Revert
Dealing with merge conflicts
Pull Request and Code review
Clone repository, Cherry pick and Git Ignore

GIT and Visual Studio with Azure DevOps Repos for Developers




Move your source control to the Microsoft cloud. This video is the quickest and easiest way to learn to use Azure DevOps Repos with GIT and Visual Studio. The step by step instruction will show you how to effectively use GIT for local version control. The video starts with introducing what is Azure Repos and GIT and shows you all the steps required from creating a local project to managing it in the cloud. No prior experience required. Quick reference guide included.Updated to the latest Visual Studio 2022Visual Studio 2017 & 2019 are in section 2Just a few hours longThis course has been designed to learn GIT and Azure DevOps in just a few hours. Even though GIT is a multi day class, the video has been edited so tight that what resulted was just a few hours. You will not see any pauses or time wasted. These have been designed like Tik-Tok videos to keep you engaged.Reviews for my courses:Excellent video!! Especially for a beginner like me. Wow! ‘am so happy that i found your video. Keep up your good work Patrick. Ur way of narration-bringing in a steady flow throughout the tutorial. Easy to understand-line by line explanation. Excellent visual clarity – Prema, USA​You are like an angel to all your students. In a simple way you’ve explained us such difficult and most confusing things. I always believe that teaching is a precious gift and only some lucky people have it – Hari, Australia​Wow, amazing, awesome videos. The best for newbies like me.Thank you very much! – Dev, NicaraguaI was searching for a nice tutorial the whole day and frankly i was losing any hope to find it but then i found your videos… U’ve got a real gift to explain kind of difficult things in a simple way, i mean i can’t imagine a better way to explain that 🙂 thank you very very much! God bless you! – Vaness, Russia​


Section 1: Azure Repos with GIT and Visual Studio

Lecture 1 Introduction to Azure Repos and GIT, Installing GIT

Lecture 2 Create a Project and Push to Repo

Lecture 3 Clone a Project from Repo

Lecture 4 Giving permissions to your code

Lecture 5 Troubleshooting Proxy issues

Lecture 6 Working with Branches

Lecture 7 Save work with Commits, Fetch, Pull & Sync

Lecture 8 Link commits to work items

Lecture 9 Stage files

Lecture 10 Ignore files with .gitIgnore

Lecture 11 History, Compare, Revert

Lecture 12 Amend previous commit

Lecture 13 Merge conflicts

Lecture 14 Before Pull request – update branch from master

Lecture 15 Pull request and code review

Lecture 16 Branch policy

Lecture 17 Tags

Lecture 18 Cherry-Pick

Lecture 19 Fork your repo

Lecture 20 Stash your code

Lecture 21 Quick reference guide – PDF Notes

Section 2: Visual Studio 2017 and VS 2019. Archived.

Lecture 22 (OLD Version) Setup of Visual Studio Project and Azure DevOps Repos

Lecture 23 (OLD Version) Visual Studio 2019 GIT menu

Lecture 24 (OLD Version) Troubleshooting proxy issues

Lecture 25 (OLD Version) Working with branches

Lecture 26 (OLD Version) Save work with commits

Lecture 27 (OLD Version) Link commits to work items

Lecture 28 (OLD Version) Stage files

Lecture 29 (OLD Version) Fetch, Pull & Sync

Lecture 30 (OLD Version) Clone repository, Fetch remote branch

Lecture 31 (OLD Version) Ignore files with gitIgnore

Lecture 32 (Older Version) Quick reference guide PDF

Beginner Visual Studio developers

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Udemy | English | 2h 33m | 1.06 GB
Created by: Patrick Videos

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