Git Github Master Course2022

Master the most essential tools for software development, everything about Git, Github & Version Control.
Git Github Master Course2022
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Mohit Uniyal


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Git Github Master Course2022

What you’ll learn

Understand Version Control Systems
Master Git, the most popular VCS
Git Workflow – Staging area, git commits, git diff
Branching – Creating and Merging Branches
Deploying a Git Repository on Github
Using Github Pages to deploy websites
How to collaborate as a team
Moving back and forth in git timeline
Advanced Git Features – Rebasing, Stashing, Branching, Merge Conflicts
Project Work – Create a Web Portfolio

Git Github Master Course2022


No prerequisite
Passionate to learn coding & software development.


If you are curious to know how big tech giants manage multiple versions of their projects? In this course, you will learn everything related to version control systems.Welcome to the Git & Github Master course (2021). This course is designed for absolute beginners who have no experience in project building and developers who already are working on projects, but want to upskill with the advanced features of git.Hi, My name is Mohit Uniyal, I’m a data scientist and a programming instructor. I co-created Coding Minutes to help students & developers like you to build a solid foundation & become great programmers.Key features of the Course:11+ hours of on-demand HD videos.90+ high-quality lectures. 15 sections covering various tools in Git & Github.Fully practical hands-on experience.Quizzes to test your understanding.Overview of Topics :Version Control SystemsCommand Line ToolGit IntroductionTracking your projectsAdditional Git commandsNon-linear Development: BranchingNon-linear Development: MergingNon-linear Development: RebasingIntroduction to GithubSocial Coding with GithubMiscellaneous Git ToolsRewriting HistoryProject Work : Creating your portfolio website  No matter whether you are a student, web developer, mobile developer, data scientist or just a computer programmer. Everyone should have Git & Github in their toolkit. This course the only course you need to master Git & Github. The course covers everything in a practical hands-on manner. You will get a quiz in each section to test your understanding of the topics. So, what are you waiting for? Sign up for the course and take your first step towards building your career in software development! See you in the course!


Section 1: Welcome

Lecture 1 Course Orientation

Lecture 2 Introduction

Lecture 3 Course Slides

Section 2: Version Control System

Lecture 4 Building a portfolio

Lecture 5 Version Control System

Lecture 6 Local VCS

Lecture 7 Centralised VCS

Lecture 8 Distributed VCS

Lecture 9 How git was created?

Lecture 10 What is Git?

Lecture 11 Git Features

Section 3: Setting Up the Environment.

Lecture 12 Installing Git [Mac]

Lecture 13 Installing Git [Windows]

Lecture 14 Configure Git

Section 4: Command Line Tool [Optional]

Lecture 15 Introduction & PWD

Lecture 16 List items

Lecture 17 Change Directory

Lecture 18 Create Files & Folders

Lecture 19 Remove Files & Folders

Lecture 20 Copy & Move

Section 5: Git Introduction

Lecture 21 Git Introduction

Lecture 22 Three stage Architecture

Lecture 23 Initialising Git repository

Section 6: Tracking your project

Lecture 24 Tracking files

Lecture 25 Commit Changes

Lecture 26 Lifecycle of the status of a file

Lecture 27 Example of Lifecycle of the status of a file

Lecture 28 Logging the previous Commits

Lecture 29 Deleting a Git Repo.!!

Section 7: Additional Git Commands

Lecture 30 Skipping the staging area

Lecture 31 What’s the difference?

Lecture 32 I’m gonna Ignore you.

Lecture 33 Remove and move files

Lecture 34 Untrack an already tracked file

Lecture 35 Unstaging & Unmodifying Files

Lecture 36 Git Alias

Section 8: Non linear Development : Branching

Lecture 37 What is Branching?

Lecture 38 Why do we need Branching?

Lecture 39 Creating a new branch

Lecture 40 Switching to Branches

Lecture 41 Working with Branching

Lecture 42 Branch logging

Lecture 43 Deleting a branch

Section 9: Non linear Development: Merging

Lecture 44 Merging Introduction

Lecture 45 Adding functionality

Lecture 46 Basic Merging

Lecture 47 Recursive Merging

Lecture 48 Merge Conflicts

Lecture 49 Resolving Conflicts

Lecture 50 Git Branching workflow in production

Section 10: Rebasing

Lecture 51 Rebasing Introduction

Lecture 52 Rebase a branch

Lecture 53 How Git performs rebase internally?

Lecture 54 Key points of Rebasing

Lecture 55 When you should not use rebasing.

Lecture 56 Merge Vs. Rebase

Section 11: Introduction to Github

Lecture 57 Git Vs. Github

Lecture 58 Exploring Github

Lecture 59 Why Central Repository is required?

Lecture 60 Creating a github repository

Lecture 61 Personal Access Token

Lecture 62 SSH Keys

Lecture 63 Additional Resources

Lecture 64 Uploading an existing Git Project on Github

Lecture 65 Working with Remotes

Lecture 66 Cloning a Github repository

Section 12: Social coding with Github

Lecture 67 Fetching changes from Github

Lecture 68 Git fetch Vs. Git Pull

Lecture 69 Forking a repository

Lecture 70 Making a Pull Request

Lecture 71 Merging a Pull Request

Lecture 72 Github Issues

Lecture 73 Sync git & github repo with upstream

Lecture 74 Github Pages

Section 13: Miscellaneous Git Tools

Lecture 75 Show me the commit changes

Lecture 76 Stashing

Lecture 77 Apply Stashing

Lecture 78 Cleaning working repository

Lecture 79 Changing commit messages

Lecture 80 Changing commits content

Section 14: Rewriting History

Lecture 81 Travelling to the past commits

Lecture 82 Making new branches from old commits

Lecture 83 Reverting commits

Lecture 84 Reverting commits in action

Lecture 85 Git reset command

Lecture 86 Deleting commits from github

Lecture 87 Cherry-picking commits

Section 15: Project Work – Creating a Web Portfolio

Lecture 88 What we are going to build?

Lecture 89 Cleaning junk code

Lecture 90 Creating Navigation in your portfolio

Lecture 91 Landing page – HTML

Lecture 92 Landing page – CSS Background

Lecture 93 Landing page – CSS UI improvements

Lecture 94 About page

Lecture 95 Lisiting your projects

Lecture 96 creating a contact page

Lecture 97 Website is LIVE

Section 16: Assignment

Lecture 98 Maintaining a Project

Software Developers who wants to use VCS in their daily routine.,College students pursuing computer science or related fields.,Programmers who wants to build a solid foundation in software development,Version Control is required skill for everyone – Students, Software Developers, Data Scientists etc

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 11h 9m | 5.92 GB
Created by: Mohit Uniyal

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