Git GitHub Masterclass

Add real world development team skills for version control and source control to your resume & programming arsenal!
Git GitHub Masterclass
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Git GitHub Masterclass

What you’ll learn

Use Git and GitHub in the way that modern development teams use them.
Understand the ideal structure of a repository.
Learn how GitHub will enable great collaboration in a development team.
Master the git commands that will help you explore any repository.
Leverage Markdown in your GitHub repositories.
Publish your repositories in public websites through GitHub Pages.
Feel comfortable contributing to a repository, whether open source or as part of your job.
Understand how GitHub is the foundation for more advanced development practices such as CI/CD and DevOps.

Git GitHub Masterclass


No prior programming knowledge required but such knowledge would be an asset.
No previous experience with Git or Github required.
A Computer running Windows, Mac OS or Linux.


Git is the most used version control system for programmers in the world.  GitHub, with 57 million repositories (projects) and 28 million users is  the largest host of source code in the world.The reality is, developers of all levels need to have a mastery of these tools.  Why?Firstly, because employers are demanding these skills.  Developers who don’t know Git and GitHub have less opportunities available to them because so many companies are using one or both of these technologies.Secondly, if you don’t know how to use this technology you literally won’t be able to function as a programmer anywhere that version control is used.  And thats most companies! Don’t get left behind!This course was designed to get you back in the race – by giving you a mastery of both Git and GitHub!You will learn all the basics of Git and GitHub, everything from what a repository is, to adding your code to one.Commits, Pull Requests, Forks, Cloning a repository, Branches, Handling Merge conflicts, Continuous Integration and Delivery, Markdown, GitHub Pages and Google Colab – It’s all here.But in addition to that you will learn how to use Git and GitHub in real life development situations, rather than learning theory only – So you will know how to use Git and GitHub the right way, and be ready to apply it to your professional development career.Eduardo, your course instructor has structured this course in such a way that you will be able to follow the videos step by step and apply each concept as you go and finally build up to the final section on Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery (a topic which is not covered by other Git and GitHub courses).You truly will be a master of Git and GitHub by the end of the course.I could go on and on about what’s in the course, but all you really need to know is that this is a comprehensive course on the topic and Eduardo as the instructor, and Learn Programming Academy as the publisher have a great track record of producing high quality courses.    So you can be assured that its the right training you need to master Git and GitHub. This course is ready for you now.Are you ready to start?  Click the Enroll button to get started.  Note that you can also check out some of the course content by using the free preview feature on this page.


Section 1: Getting Started with Git

Lecture 1 What is Version Control

Lecture 2 Install Git on Windows

Lecture 3 Install Git on macOS

Lecture 4 Install Git on Linux

Lecture 5 Setup Git Workspace on Windows

Lecture 6 Setup Git Workspace on macOS 10.15+

Lecture 7 Setup Git Workspace on Mac/Linux

Lecture 8 Executing a First Commit

Lecture 9 Understanding The Full Commiting Process

Lecture 10 Reviewing File Changes

Lecture 11 Missing Git Configurations

Section 2: Getting Started with GitHub

Lecture 12 Git and GitHub

Lecture 13 Create your GitHub account

Lecture 14 Pushing your Local Repo to GitHub

Lecture 15 Editing Code and Commiting from GitHub

Lecture 16 Pulling from the Remote

Lecture 17 Check for changes with Git Status

Section 3: Fork and Clone

Lecture 18 Intro to Forking GitHub Repositories

Lecture 19 Cloning a Repository

Lecture 20 Exploring Git Logs

Lecture 21 Getting Commit and File Details with Git

Lecture 22 Exploring Commit and File Details from GitHub

Lecture 23 Making Changes

Lecture 24 Undoing Changes and Reverting Commits

Section 4: Working with Branches

Lecture 25 Good Version Control Practices

Lecture 26 What is a Branch?

Lecture 27 Creating a Branch with Git

Lecture 28 Creating a Branch with GitHub

Lecture 29 Adding a gitignore File

Lecture 30 Syncing Branches

Lecture 31 Graph the Branches on the Terminal

Lecture 32 Merging Branches in the Terminal

Lecture 33 Pull Requests in GitHub

Section 5: Merge Conflicts

Lecture 34 When do Merge Conflicts Happen?

Lecture 35 Types of Merges

Lecture 36 A First Merge Conflict

Lecture 37 Solving the Conflict

Lecture 38 Merge Conflicts on GitHub

Lecture 39 Solving Merge Conflicts on GitHub

Lecture 40 Adding Tags to the Repository

Section 6: Collaboration in GitHub

Lecture 41 Colaboration on Private Repos and Cloning to Colab

Lecture 42 Protecting Branches on GitHub

Lecture 43 Requiring Reviews in Pull Requests

Lecture 44 Working with Issues and PRs in GitHub

Section 7: Working with an Open Source Project

Lecture 45 Adding a README file

Lecture 46 Adding the important Templates

Lecture 47 Filtering the Git Log to Better Understand the repo

Lecture 48 The Full Contribution Flow – Beyond Pull Requests

Lecture 49 Importance and Naming of Feature Branches

Lecture 50 Importance of Descriptive Commits

Section 8: Markdown

Lecture 51 Introduction to Markdown

Lecture 52 Formatting Text with Markdown

Lecture 53 Creating Lists with Markdown

Lecture 54 Adding Tables and Links with Markdown

Lecture 55 Images and Videos using Markdown

Lecture 56 Writing Code Blocks using Markdown

Lecture 57 The Notion App

Section 9: GitHub Pages

Lecture 58 Intro to GitHub Pages

Lecture 59 Creating the Page’s Content

Lecture 60 Publishing a GitHub Page

Section 10: Using Git and GitHub from the IDE

Lecture 61 Intro to Git in Different IDEs

Lecture 62 Git and GitHub in Android Studio

Lecture 63 Git and GitHub in Xcode

Lecture 64 Git and GitHub in Visual Studio Code

Lecture 65 Git and GitHub in Visual Studio

Lecture 66 Git and GitHub in VS for Mac

Lecture 67 Git and GitHub in IntelliJ

Lecture 68 Git and GitHub in Eclipse

Section 11: Intro to Continuous Integration and Delivery

Lecture 69 What is Continuous Integration

Lecture 70 What is Continuous Delivery

Lecture 71 Using Circle CI from GitHub

Lecture 72 Using App Center from GitHub

Section 12: Extra Information – Source code, and other stuff

Lecture 73 Source Codes

Lecture 74 Bonus Lecture and Information

Anyone who is willing and eager to learn more about Git and Github.

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 11h 43m | 6.74 GB
Created by: Tim Buchalka’s Learn Programming Academy

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