Git GitHub with Eclipse Android studio IntelliJ

Git and Github Bootcamp & Integration with popular development tools – Eclipse, Android studio & IntelliJ
Git GitHub with Eclipse Android studio IntelliJ
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Git GitHub with Eclipse Android studio IntelliJ

What you’ll learn

Understand what Git is, and how to use it.
Save your software projects in Git
Be able to clone Git projects from the Internet
Upload projects to Git enabled web repositories like GitHub
Access Git inside popular IDE’s such as Eclipse, IntelliJ and Android Studio

Git GitHub with Eclipse Android studio IntelliJ


This course shows you how to use Git, on Windows, Mac, or Linux. The minimum requirement is to have a computer running on of these operating systems


Student Reviews For The Git Bootcamp With GitHub Course.
“Brilliant course. Learned a lot and I am now using git and github in my software development. The videos and explanations are very clear and cover everything you need to get started using git and github.” – David Crombie
“Not only does he teach the basics of git and GitHub, but he also shows how to use it with several different editors, and even shows you how to install all of them on top of it. I have a much better grip on git and GitHub and although I do need a lot of practice” – Francisca Roele
“The information on how to configure git and github was very clear and easy to follow. The examples on how to use git were easy to understand and the instructor showed how to use the most important features of git. Overall it is a very good introduction to the use of git and github.” – Bill Coulter
Maybe you’ve heard how version control is an important part of software development, but haven’t gotten around to learn about Git yet?

Perhaps you have searched to find a course that will teach you the important parts of using Git and GitHub, but have failed to find one that actually explains things in detail, step by step.

Maybe you have an urgent need to understand how to use Git, but don’t want to spent hours watching videos that are fully of theory, but don’t include the necessary how-to information.

Or maybe you tried another Git course, and found that it was created by someone who is not a full time developer, and it left you needing more information.

If any of this resonates with you, then this is the course for you.

In this course, you will discover Git and version control systems in general, and obtain real world, value skills that can dramatically increase your career prospects as a software developer.
The fact is that an understanding of version control systems and source control in general is vital for developers in 2016, and this course will get you up to speed fast.

Git is one of those skills that employers look for on resumes, so don’t miss out on opportunities because you are do not have the necessary skills.

You will learn how to:

Setup and install Git for your operating system, with separate videos for Windows, Mac and Linux.

How to use Git from either the command line/shell, or from software development tools like IntelliJ, Android Studio, and Eclipse.

How to create and maintain your own Git repositories on your local computer.

Understand core Git commands like add, push, pull, checkout, clone, and more

Learn how to create new repositories on Github.

Obtain the skills to setup GitHub as a remote repository for your local Git repositories.

Learn how to download and install a valuable free tool that makes it dramatically easy to understand how Git works.

Understand the core differences between centralised version control systems and distributed version control systems, and why its vital to use the right system.

And for bonus points, find out the reason why Linus Torvalds, the inventor of Linux actually developed Git in the first place!

Plus lot’s more!

What about updates and support?

My other courses get continued updates and support, and this course is no exception.

We answer questions daily in the questions and answers area of the course, so you are never on your own.    

So, are you ready to get started? Enroll now and start your journey to understanding Git and Github today.


Section 1: Introduction and Getting Started

Lecture 1 Course announcement: VERY IMPORTANT!

Lecture 2 Introduction

Lecture 3 Navigating through the Course

Section 2: Installation

Lecture 4 Install Git on Windows

Lecture 5 Install Git on a Mac

Lecture 6 Install Git on Linux

Section 3: Overview

Lecture 7 Version Control Systems

Lecture 8 Bird’s Eye View of Git

Lecture 9 Git History

Lecture 10 Git States

Lecture 11 More on States

Section 4: Using Git

Lecture 12 Setup a Repository

Lecture 13 Setup Name and Email Address For Git

Lecture 14 Setup Git Prompt on Windows

Lecture 15 Setup Git Prompt on a Mac

Lecture 16 Setup Git Prompt on Linux

Lecture 17 Creating an empty Git Repository

Lecture 18 Adding an existing Project to a Git Repository

Lecture 19 Adding Files to a Git Repository

Lecture 20 Committing Changes to a Git Repository

Lecture 21 Checking a Git Repository Status

Lecture 22 Reverting Changes From a Git Repository

Lecture 23 Viewing the Git Commit History

Lecture 24 Git Branches

Section 5: Github

Lecture 25 Introduction to Github

Lecture 26 Creating a Repository on Github

Lecture 27 Push Changes to GitHub

Lecture 28 Pulling Changes from Github

Lecture 29 Forking and Cloning a Github Repository

Section 6: Using Git With Graphical User Interface Software Tools

Lecture 30 Overview of the content in the following sections of the course.

Section 7: Using Git With Android Studio

Lecture 31 Introduction

Lecture 32 Downloading and Installing the Java Development Kit

Lecture 33 Downloading and Installing Android Studio

Lecture 34 Configuring the Android Software Development Kit

Lecture 35 Setting up Android Studio for Git Usage

Lecture 36 Importing an Android Studio Project into Github

Lecture 37 Push Changes From Android Studio to Github

Lecture 38 Clone a Repository From Github

Lecture 39 Pulling Changes From Github

Lecture 40 Branching

Lecture 41 Merge Branches

Section 8: Using Git With JetBrain’s IntelliJ IDEA

Lecture 42 Introduction

Lecture 43 Install Python for Windows

Lecture 44 Install Jetbrains IntelliJ IDEA for Windows

Lecture 45 Configure IntelliJ for Python

Lecture 46 Setting up IntelliJ for Git Usage

Lecture 47 Importing an IntelliJ project into Github

Lecture 48 Pulling and Pushing Changes to a Remote Repository

Lecture 49 Clone a Repository

Lecture 50 Pulling Changes

Lecture 51 Basic Branching

Lecture 52 Merging Branches

Section 9: Using Git With Eclipse

Lecture 53 Introduction

Lecture 54 Install Java Development Kit

Lecture 55 Install Eclipse

Lecture 56 Setting up Eclipse for Git Usage

Lecture 57 Import Project

Lecture 58 Pushing Changes to Github

Lecture 59 Cloning from Github

Lecture 60 Pull From Github

Lecture 61 Working with Branches

Lecture 62 Merging Branches

Section 10: Bonus Section

Lecture 63 Bonus Lecture: Special Offers

The course is not designed for people new to programming.,As the course is teaching you have to save software projects to Git repositories, it’s envisaged that you have previous software development experience and/or been through a programming course

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 7h 58m | 3.89 GB
Created by: Bibhash Roy

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