Google Ads for Beginners

Learn how to effectively use Google Ads to reach more customers online and grow your business.
Google Ads for Beginners
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Corey Rabazinski


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Google Ads for Beginners

What you’ll learn

Fundamentals of AdWords
Campaign Targeting
Managing Budgets and Bids
Creating Successful Ads
Keyword Research
Competitive Research
Research Tools
Optimization Strategies
*Bonus* Intro into Advanced AdWords (Display & Remarketing)

Google Ads for Beginners



“This course was exactly what I needed. I will watch it several times and would suggest it for anyone looking to start with AdWords.” -Brad Fach, Founder, PatentFileIn just over 3 hours you will learn how to create Google AdWords campaigns that boost traffic, increase sales and build your business online – or your money back!  Throughout this comprehensive course you will learn all of the elements that go into creating campaigns that deliver a high return on every dollar you spend – from targeting, to research, to writing compelling ads, to campaign optimization.  You will also get a firm grasp on the basics of AdWords and how it works, which is necessary to create successful campaigns. And, on top of lifetime access to the course, you’ll also get a FREE copy of my Google AdWords for Beginners eBookAfter completing Google AdWords for Beginners, you will be armed with the knowledge needed to launch your first campaign or drastically improve an existing one. I include detailed examples and proven strategies that I’ve personally used to run thousands of successful AdWords campaigns.  Each lesson includes:  An in-depth video lessonA screencast walk-through using a live AdWords account Links to tools and relevant articles for further readingThe walk-through is to give you a first-person perspective on each aspect of setting up and running your campaigns so that you can follow along in your AdWords Account or know exactly what’s needed when launching your first campaign.  You will learn faster by doing, rather than just listening.  This course is regularly updated to include new features and changes from Google, so that you can stay up-to-date with all of the tools available in your AdWords tool belt.  If all of that sounds good to you, enroll now, and we’ll get started with Google AdWords for Beginners.


Section 1: Google AdWords Fundamentals

Lecture 1 AdWords Intro

Lecture 2 Ad Rank

Lecture 3 Landing Pages

Lecture 4 Walk Through: Landing Page Examples

Lecture 5 Campaign & Ad Group Fundamentals

Lecture 6 Section 1: Links & Further Reading

Section 2: Targeting and Bidding

Lecture 7 Location Targeting

Lecture 8 Walk Through: Location Targeting

Lecture 9 Walk Through: Location Groups

Lecture 10 Language Targeting

Lecture 11 Walk Through: Language Targeting

Lecture 12 Walk Through: Budget

Lecture 13 Walk Through: Bidding

Lecture 14 Walk Through: Start/End Date

Lecture 15 Walk Through: Audiences

Lecture 16 Ad Extensions

Lecture 17 Walk Through: Sitelinks

Lecture 18 Walk Through: Call Outs

Lecture 19 Walk Through: Call Extensions

Lecture 20 Walk Through: Additional Settings

Lecture 21 Walk Through: Adding Conversion Tracking

Lecture 22 Section 2: Links & Further Reading

Section 3: Creating Ads & Adding Keywords

Lecture 23 Creating & Writing Ads

Lecture 24 Walk Through: Creating Ad Groups

Lecture 25 Walk Through: Creating and Writing Ads

Lecture 26 Adding Keywords

Lecture 27 Keyword Match Types

Lecture 28 Walk Through: Adding Negative Keywords

Lecture 29 Dynamic Keyword Insertion

Lecture 30 Walk Through: Dynamic Keyword Insertion

Lecture 31 Section 3: Links & Further Reading

Section 4: AdWords Strategies & Research Tools

Lecture 32 Walk Through: Competitive Research

Lecture 33 Google Keyword Planner

Lecture 34 Walk Through: Using Google Analytics for Keyword Research

Lecture 35 Better Keyword Research

Lecture 36 Section 4: Links & Further Reading

Section 5: Optimization

Lecture 37 Optimization Overview

Lecture 38 Optimizing Campaign Settings

Lecture 39 Optimizing Through A/B Testing

Lecture 40 Optimizing with Ad Extensions

Lecture 41 Optimizing Click Through Rates

Lecture 42 Optimizing with Negative Keywords

Section 6: Display and Remarketing

Lecture 43 Intro into Display Campaigns

Lecture 44 Walk Through: Display Campaigns

Lecture 45 Intro into Remarketing

Lecture 46 Walk Through: Remarketing

Lecture 47 Section 5: Links & Further Reading

Section 7: Conclusion

Lecture 48 The Wrap-up

Lecture 49 Free AdWords eBook

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Udemy | English | 3h 27m | 1.26 GB
Created by: Corey Rabazinski

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