Google Sheets The Intermediate Level

Mastering Advanced Spreadsheet Techniques & Tricks
Google Sheets The Intermediate Level
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Google Sheets The Intermediate Level

What you’ll learn

Working with Formulas and Functions in Google Sheets
Using Advanced Features and Tools in Google Sheets
Automating Processes with Macros in Google Sheets
Creating Visualizations and Dashboards with Google Sheets
Analyzing Data with Pivot Tables in Google Sheets
Collaborating with Others in Google Sheets

Google Sheets The Intermediate Level


Basic understanding of Google Sheets
Ability to work with formulas and functions
Familiarity with spreadsheet concepts such as formatting and sorting
Basic understanding of working with charts and data tables


The Google Sheets – The Intermediate Level is online course that teaches students how to work with Google Sheets to its fullest potential. This course is designed for those who already have a basic understanding of Google Sheets and are ready to take their skills to the next level. The course will teach students how to:Create and format complex formulasUse advance featuresWork with data featuresCreate chartsUse advanced formulas and functionsCreating pivot tablesAnalyzing dataand moreWhat is the greatest benefit from the course?According to Glassdoor, experienced Google Sheets users in the United States make an average of $70,837 per year.What is the main focus of the course?The Google Sheets – The Intermediate Level course primarily teaches students how to use Google Sheets more efficiently and effectively.What is the main goal of the course?The main goal of the course is to help students to become proficient in the use of advanced features of Google Sheets, such as functions, formulas, data analysis tools, and more. The course will also cover topics such as how to create complex charts, how to use macros, and how to create and manage large spreadsheets.What will happen with you by the end of the course?If you end course The Google Sheets – The Intermediate Level, you would have gained knowledge and skills in intermediate-level functions and formulas, data analysis techniques for Google Sheets. You would also have increased your overall productivity, making it easier and faster to create and analyze spreadsheets. Additionally, you will have the ability to work with large datasets and create powerful visualizations.Why do you need to learn Google Sheets?Google Sheets is a powerful tool for organizing and analyzing data. It is also free to use, so it is accessible to anyone with an internet connection. Learning how to use Google Sheets can help you save time and make data analysis easier and more efficient. You can use it to create budgeting sheets, track expenses or analyze trends. With the use of formulas and pivot tables, you can quickly and easily explore data to gain insight.With its step-by-step lessons, users can learn at their own pace and become an expert in Google Sheets quickly.


Section 1: Working with Formulas and Functions in Google Sheets

Lecture 1 SUMIF Function

Lecture 2 SUMIFS Function

Lecture 3 VLOOKUP Function

Lecture 4 Dollar sign in the ranges

Lecture 5 IMAGE Function

Lecture 6 FILTER Function

Lecture 7 QUERY Function

Lecture 8 SPLIT Function

Section 2: Complex formula with combinations of functions in Google Sheets

Lecture 9 SUBSTITUTE, INDEX, SPLIT Functions

Lecture 10 CHOOSE, MONTH, QUERY Functions


Lecture 12 TRIM, PROPER, SPLIT Functions


Lecture 14 OFFSET and MATCH Functions

Lecture 15 DATEDIF and VLOOKUP Functions

Section 3: Tricky functions in Google Sheets

Lecture 16 Lists and Checkbox data validation

Lecture 17 Text data validation

Lecture 18 Named functions

Lecture 19 Named ranges

Lecture 20 Protected ranges and sheets

Lecture 21 IMPORTDATA function

Section 4: Charts in Google Sheets

Lecture 22 Line charts

Lecture 23 Column charts

Lecture 24 SPARKLINE function

Lecture 25 Bubble Chart

Lecture 26 Pie Chart

Lecture 27 Geo Chart

Section 5: Other features in Google Sheets

Lecture 28 Alternating Colors

Lecture 29 Publishing charts

Lecture 30 Pivot Tables

This course is designed for anyone who is looking to learn how to use Google Sheets beyond the basic level. It is for anyone who wants to take their skills to the next level and become an intermediate user.

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Created by: Philipp Shay

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