Gradle Fundamentals

Learn the fundamentals of Gradle
Gradle Fundamentals
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Gradle Fundamentals

What you’ll learn

Learn and understand the fundamentals of Gradle.
Learn how to setup and use Gradle.
Learn how to build a Java project with Gradle.
How to create Gradle tasks and use Gradle in the cloud.
How to add dependency to a project and create a library module.
Learn about the Gradle project structure.

Gradle Fundamentals


Basic knowledge of Java Programming Language


Gradle is an extensive build tool and dependency manager for programming projects. Gradle can automate the building, testing, publishing, deployment and more of software packages or other types of projects such as generated static websites, generated documentation or anything else. In this course students will learn the core concepts of Gradle and how to use Gradle to manage building, testing and deploying your Java application. We will first go through some Gradle fundamentals and how to build a Java project with Gradle, add a dependency to a project,  and create a library module. We’ll also get into the Gradle project structure, Gradle tasks, Gradle in the cloud, and more.Students will learn by doing, by working through exercises designed to build on the presented material and explore.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Welcome

Lecture 2 Introduction

Lecture 3 Prerequisites

Lecture 4 What is Gradle

Section 2: Gradle Basics

Lecture 5 Installing Gradle

Lecture 6 Gradle’s domain-specific language

Lecture 7 Gradle Wrapper

Lecture 8 Executing a Gradle Build

Lecture 9 Build files

Lecture 10 Tasks

Lecture 11 DAG & Build lifecycle phases

Lecture 12 Plugins and domain objects

Lecture 13 Documentation

Section 3: Build Java Project with Gradle

Lecture 14 Course Update

Lecture 15 Building a Java project

Lecture 16 Java source code and JAR file

Lecture 17 Java application plugin

Section 4: Dependency Management

Lecture 18 Understanding dependency

Lecture 19 Dependency Tree

Lecture 20 Project dependency

Lecture 21 Publishing libraries

Section 5: Java Project Testing

Lecture 22 JUnit

Lecture 23 Executing tests

Lecture 24 Conclusion

Section 6: Build Java Project with Gradle (Old Version)

Lecture 25 Older Course Version

Lecture 26 Installation and course files

Lecture 27 Creating a new project

Lecture 28 Gradle Java Plugin

Lecture 29 Add Gradle to Java Program

Lecture 30 Create Java Program with Gradle

Lecture 31 Using Groovy

Lecture 32 Project object model

Lecture 33 Add dependency

Lecture 34 Create library module

Lecture 35 Gradle project structure

Lecture 36 Build directory

Lecture 37 Gradle wrapper

Lecture 38 Tasks

Lecture 39 Gradle view tool

Lecture 40 Create new Gradle tasks

Lecture 41 Extend existing tasks

Lecture 42 Plugin

Lecture 43 Profiling

Lecture 44 Gradle Cloud

Lecture 45 Conclusion

Anyone interested in learning Gradle,Java programmers

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 3h 37m | 1.03 GB
Created by: Jimmy H.

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