Graph Databases With Neo4j

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Graph Databases With Neo4j
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Clément Fiocre | Data Governance | Business Intelligence


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Graph Databases With Neo4j

What you’ll learn

What is the graph theory and how to apply it to an IT context?
What are the differences between graph, SQL, and other NoSQL Databases?
When is it appropriate to use a graph database?
How to use Neo4J?

Graph Databases With Neo4j


No programming experience needed
A first experience with SQL Databases


You are CIO, Architect or developer and you hear a lot of things about graph databases, You did some searches on the web but you only found a commercial speech which explain you how much this type of database is powerful and it looks like it is the answer to all you problems …But you know that this is not the case, you know that a technological choice is never perfect and is about strength and weaknesses. And finally, after your searches, you don’t really know when to use a graph-oriented database even if you feel that they have a good added value.So how to choose the right technology for your projects?In this course, I suggest you to explore Graph Oriented Databases like this:What is the graph theory and how to apply it to an IT context?What are the differences between graph, SQL, and other NoSQL Databases?When is it appropriate to use a graph database?At the end of this course, you will understand the differentiating points of graph databases. you will have an overview of the database selection criteria and you will be able to detect use cases for this technology.There is on more thing, this course is the first version of the translation of my existing course in French. In the future, I will enrich it and you will have access to this new content. The next versions include:A demonstration with Neo4j, the best-known graph oriented databaseAnd some exercises, again with Neo4j


Section 1: The Graph Theory in Databases

Lecture 1 Theorical Module Introduction

Lecture 2 The Graph Theory

Lecture 3 Graph Theory Usage 1

Lecture 4 Graph Theory Usage 2

Lecture 5 Graph Theory Usage 3

Section 2: Databases Comparison

Lecture 6 Databases Comparison Introduction

Lecture 7 Graph Database Review

Lecture 8 Relational Databases Review

Lecture 9 Relational Databases Analysis

Lecture 10 Document Oriented Databases Review

Lecture 11 Document Oriented Databases Additional Information

Lecture 12 Conclusion

Section 3: Use Cases

Lecture 13 Use Cases Introduction

Lecture 14 Land Use Plan

Lecture 15 Legacy Presentation

Lecture 16 Use Cases Overview

Lecture 17 Use Case 1 details

Lecture 18 Use Case 2 details

Lecture 19 Use Case 3 details

CIO,IT Architect,Functional Architect,Developer,Product Owner,Business Analyst,Product Manager

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Created by: Clément Fiocre | Data Governance | Business Intelligence

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