Graphics Expert Advanced Photoshop and GIMP

Develop your graphic design skills by mastering the advanced features of Both Photoshop and GIMP
Graphics Expert Advanced Photoshop and GIMP
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Graphics Expert Advanced Photoshop and GIMP

What you’ll learn

Use curves to improve lighting and coloring in Photoshop
Adjust contrast, brightness and exposure for better lighting in Photoshop
Make photo pop and change colors with hue saturation in Photoshop
Create web banner ads in Photoshop
Create designs for YouTube in Photoshop
Design a Facebook ad in Photoshop
Design a Facebook page cover in Photoshop
Make typography quotes images in Photoshop
Use healing brush in Photoshop
Use smart filters in Photoshop
Use image dispersion effect in Photoshop
Use double exposure effect in Photoshop
Use neon text effect in Photoshop
Use fire text effect in Photoshop
Use lens flare effect in Photoshop
Use Lomography effect in Photoshop
Do digital black and white conversions in GIMP
Color a black and white sketch in GIMP
Do tone mapping with colors exposures in GIMP
Remove film grain or noise in GIMP
Use luminosity masks in GIMP
Create a contrast mask in GIMP
Change background color in GIMP
Use various blur filters for cool effects in GIMP
Use selective Gaussian blur to remove noise in GIMP
Use various paint tools for different effects in GIMP
Use color tools to change parts of the image in GIMP
Use path tool to create different shapes in GIMP
Install scripts plug-ins and brushes to GIMP

Graphics Expert Advanced Photoshop and GIMP


Basic knowledge of Photoshop and GIMP is needed.


Advancing the skills of your graphic design career will certainly pay off, as graphic design is considered one of the most profitable careers on the market. The demand for graphic design tasks is simply ENDLESS!You will always find business owners or even individuals around you who is constantly searching for graphic designers to do various designs for their venture. Whether you’re an expert or a newbie graphic designer, you will always be in demand.The best part is that graphic designing jobs are mostly required from freelancers, so you will have the most time-freedom and job satisfaction compared to thousands of jobs out there! That’s because graphic designer is not bound to an office chair for 8 hours from 9 to 5 o’clock like most people do. You as a graphic designer can do your work from anywhere in the world. Most graphic designers nowadays can simply do their graphic design work, and they can surf the waves of the beautiful ocean in Bali, or enjoy hiking in the mountains of Switzerland or New Zealand…By taking this concise course that’s brought to you by linCademy, you will learn the advanced graphic design skills using Photoshop and GIMP. Regardless of which software you choose to work with, this course will teach you what will improve and advance your graphic design skills.This course includes:30 concise, to-the-point lectures without any side talks; you get what you need. 16 illustrated lectures on using and applying Photoshop advanced features 4 important projects done using Photoshop 14 illustrated lectures on using and applying GIMP advanced features


Section 1: Advanced Working with Photoshop

Lecture 1 Using Curves in for Better Lighting and Coloring

Lecture 2 Adjusting Contrast, Brightness and Exposure for Better Lighting

Lecture 3 Making Photo Pop and Changing Colors with Hue Saturation

Lecture 4 Project 1: Creating Web Banner Ads

Lecture 5 Project 2: Designing for YouTube

Lecture 6 Project 3: Designing a Facebook Ad

Lecture 7 Project 4: Designing a Facebook Page Cover

Lecture 8 Project 5: Making Typography Quotes Images

Lecture 9 Using Healing Brush

Lecture 10 Utilizing the Powers of Smart Filters

Lecture 11 Using Image Dispersion Effect

Lecture 12 Using Double Exposure Effect

Lecture 13 Using Neon Text Effect

Lecture 14 Using Fire Text Effect

Lecture 15 Using Lens Flare Effect

Lecture 16 Using Lomography Effect

Section 2: Advanced Working with GIMP

Lecture 17 Doing Digital Black and White Conversions

Lecture 18 Coloring a Black and White Sketch

Lecture 19 Doing Tone Mapping with Colors Exposures

Lecture 20 Removing Film Grain or Noise

Lecture 21 Using Luminosity Masks

Lecture 22 Creating A Contrast Mask

Lecture 23 Changing Background Color (Part 1)

Lecture 24 Changing Background Color (Part 2)

Lecture 25 Using Various Blur Filters for Cool Effects

Lecture 26 Using Selective Gaussian Blur to Remove Noise

Lecture 27 Using Various Paint Tools for Different Effects

Lecture 28 Using Color Tools to Change Parts of the Image

Lecture 29 Using Path Tool to Create Different Shapes

Lecture 30 Adding Scripts Plug-Ins and Brushes to GIMP

Anyone wanting to improve their graphic design skills,Intermediate and advanced graphic designers,Anyone wanting to improve their Photoshop skills,Anyone wanting to improve their GIMP skills

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 1h 20m | 980.12 MB
Created by: LinCademy for Training

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