Graphics in Unity 3D for Beginners

Achieve Triple-A graphics quality in Unity using the post processing stack.
Graphics in Unity 3D for Beginners
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Graphics in Unity 3D for Beginners

What you’ll learn

Learn how to create visual effects for games with Unity.
Master the post processing stack and every effect that comes with it.
How to structure AAA Visuals In Unity.
How to structure Advanced Image Effects.

Graphics in Unity 3D for Beginners


No programming experience required
Basic knowledge of how to use the unity interface
Unity 2021.3 Preferably


This course is about the creation of Graphics for Video Games with Unity. Adding Graphics for video games can be a technical endeavor, but at its core, it’s an art form. You’ll learn about the various image effects Bloom, Depth Of Field, Screen Space Reflections, and so much more. you’ll get the concept of how to approach advanced image effects like Night Vision, Underwater, Solo Color effect, and more.It contains the theory, the practice, and the creative liberty you will need in your future as a Game Artist.With this course you will also learn:1) How to use the Post-Processing Stack and create advanced image effects;2) How to Color Grade your game (the right way) and give it a Cinematic LookIt’s suitable for beginners to Intermediate levels, and also for the more advanced artists as this mini-course contains lots of nerdy information, tips, and tricks on how to approach this topic. Over time, the course will get regular updates and keep on trend with industry techniques and standards. New content will also be added in the future.Disclaimer! this course is not for total beginners, this course needs a solid understanding of the Unity User Interface. complete beginners can get lost easily. if you are a complete beginner but want to get some cool information and resources on how Graphics is created for video games then this course will be super fun for you.What are you waiting for? Enroll in this course and Join me now.


Section 1: Getting Started

Lecture 1 What is Post-Processing

Lecture 2 Setting up Post-Processing

Lecture 3 Setting up the Scene

Section 2: Introduction to Post-Processing

Lecture 4 Anti-Aliasing

Lecture 5 Post-Processing Profile

Section 3: Advanced Effects in Unity

Lecture 6 Ambient Occlusion

Lecture 7 Bloom

Lecture 8 Auto-Exposure

Lecture 9 Color Correction

Lecture 10 Color Grading

Lecture 11 Screen Space Reflections

Lecture 12 Depth Of Field

Lecture 13 Chromatic Aberration

Lecture 14 Lens Distortion

Lecture 15 Vignette

Lecture 16 Motion Blur

Lecture 17 Grain

Section 4: Creating Advanced Effects

Lecture 18 Dynamic Post Processing

Lecture 19 Advanced Effects in Unity

Lecture 20 What’s Next

Unity Beginners,Game Designers,3D Artists,3D Generalists,VFX Beginners

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Udemy | English | 1h 2m | 820.26 MB
Created by: Omar Hidoussi

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