Grow Your Online Community from a Million Member Founder

Not sure where to start with social media or have started but not seeing the fruit expected? Learn from my journey now.
Grow Your Online Community from a Million Member Founder
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Noel Aruliah


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Grow Your Online Community from a Million Member Founder

What you’ll learn

Identify the Vision why your brand exists online
Learn How to run an Online Community day to day
Create a snowball of Engagement to Cascade growth
Utilising the existing brand tools to boost Online Community
Discover How to effectively receive Community Feedback to excel online

Grow Your Online Community from a Million Member Founder


No skills required. Come with an open mind & walk away a community expert.


Hi I’m Noel is founder of CurryTraits, one of the largest closed Facebook Groups on the planet with over 1 million members & an Instagram of 100K. I’ve had great success online and our brand continues to grow, one thing that saddened me was seeing so many brands miss out on making the most of their online presence. Many don’t know how to start, or even if they’ve started lack the knowledge to truly thrive.  Note this course was filmed before we hit the million mark to show how much we are thriving!This course is designed for you to own your social media online & build true community that truly thrives from my failures and learnings. Save time and learn the keys of what it takes to build a thriving online community for your brand today. The course consists of 5 key modules with practical application steps to ensure you see success. It’s important you do the actions to see the fruit in your community. Time is the most important resource we have that is finite. Spend it wisely with someone who has gone the journey and seen success to make your time online all the more successful. Join today & I look forward to seeing you win on your online journey.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 What is a thriving online community (OC)?

Lecture 2 Defining why you exist

Lecture 3 Examples of thriving OC’s

Lecture 4 Keys to achieve a thriving OC


Lecture 5 Taking stock of your OC

Lecture 6 Housekeeping

Lecture 7 Creating content

Lecture 8 Setting Content Goals and creating a schedule

Lecture 9 Scheduling content tools


Lecture 10 What needs is your community addressing?

Lecture 11 Building Trust & encouraging vulnerability in your community.

Lecture 12 Seeding content Through content ambassadors

Lecture 13 Acknowledging high engagers through shoutouts


Lecture 14 Using email list to grow OC

Lecture 15 Using Blog posts to grow OC

Lecture 16 Using Videos to grow OC


Lecture 17 Why is feedback important

Lecture 18 How to get member feedback

Lecture 19 Use feedback to Optimize OC growth

Beginner Brand owners who want to maximise Social media channels to thrive.,Intermediate Social Media brand users who have a community thats surviving and not thriving.

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 1h 48m | 2.28 GB
Created by: Noel Aruliah

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