Grow Your YouTube Channel Fast in 2023 Advanced StepByStep

Grow Fast on YouTube The Tried & Tested Method! Beat the Algorithm, See My Analytics, Here’s How I Did It…
Grow Your YouTube Channel Fast in 2023 Advanced StepByStep
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Dan Britain


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Grow Your YouTube Channel Fast in 2023 Advanced StepByStep

What you’ll learn

Step-by-Step Plan on How To Grow Your YouTube Channel Fast
Proven Plan to Get Monitized Fast & Grow Subscribers
Daily & Weekly Step-by-Step Plan Used to Grow Multiple Channels
Learn From a Current YouTuber Who Has a Vlog Channel in 2022
Learn Really How YouTube works & Has changed in 2022 from a Current YouTube Creator
See My Daily Growth From My Own Current Channel and All My Analytics to See How You Can Grow too
Copy My Proven Method to Grow a YouTube Channel from Scratch
Understand How Features like Thumbnails, Titles and More have Changed in 2022

Grow Your YouTube Channel Fast in 2023 Advanced StepByStep


No experience needed, just a desire to grow a channel and you want to learn from my mistakes and success so you grow a channel fast!


Get your own step-by-step, day-by-day plan of how to grow your YouTube channel fast. See what I did day-by-day to get fast growth. I’ll share my analytics, actually see how a YouTube creator grows their channel fast!I have my own vlog YouTube channel I grew from scratch in 2021 and 2022 (important because what worked years ago on YouTube does not work now). I work with dozens of companies and manage my own and other YouTube channels so every day I see what is working, what isn’t and how to grow fast on channels in all niches.See exactly what I did, I will share my analytics with you, show you my stats so you know what I did every day when I launched and over the months so you can copy it too and guarantee fast growth.It’s not often you get to see inside analytics of a channel, come and check it out. We’ll look at both my niche of vlogging and in to other channels to see what’s needed from how often you should upload when you launch, video length (more ads, more money, more shares), understanding YouTube as a business so you can manipulate the algorithm and get more impressions by YouTube.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Who I am, why me, what you’ll get in this course


Lecture 3 How This Course/Udemy Works

Lecture 4 Private Group Invitation

Lecture 5 How I grew my YouTube channel fast in just 1 month (and then why i broke them)

Lecture 6 You don’t have to be great in front of camera to grow on youtube

Lecture 7 You don’t have to be able to film or edit to be successful on youtube

Lecture 8 Get Real – what to REALLY expect in 2023 with YouTube growth

Lecture 9 1-on1 Coaching

Section 2: Understand YouTube first (this will save you mistakes) here’s what I’ve learnt..

Lecture 10 How youtube works – the 2023 algorithm

Lecture 11 Youtube is a business remember (an ad-display network)… therefore we should…

Lecture 12 Your niche & how important it is in 2023 not to stray

Lecture 13 Video length for the algorithm (and how this changes with channel age)

Lecture 14 Topic is king in 2023… but only just

Lecture 15 Titles and thumbnails to grow quick when you first start (& then when to change)

Lecture 16 How much is too much content? How much to launch… really

Lecture 17 Video structure to grow fast

Lecture 18 After launch follow the stats… always; here’s what to look for

Section 3: Before you launch

Lecture 19 Don’t stray away from niche – here’s your plan

Lecture 20 Plan launch videos & research competitors

Lecture 21 Your practice video and use it as a template (exactly what to do)

Lecture 22 Familiarise yourself with filming and editing before you start (keep it simple)

Section 4: The ULTIMATE step-by-step/ day-by-day plan for FAST GROWTH

Lecture 23 What I did step-by-step to grow (see what I did on my channel)

Lecture 24 Daily for 1 month minimum… the video formula to enable you to do this & proof

Lecture 25 How I was monitized in 1 month (then youtube will share you more) here’s how

Lecture 26 What now?.. how to keep growing after the first month/monitization

Lecture 27 Transitioning: now make less video but with more results; here’s how

Lecture 28 Going against the grain (if you just want to grow and not make money do this…)

Lecture 29 The step by step calendar – what to upload & when, to grow fast

Lecture 30 Your step by step calendar

Section 5: This ALL depends on your channel

Lecture 31 Depending on your channel niche; how fast will you grow & how much will you earn

Lecture 32 Don’t compare to others (this is why you can’t trust looking the big YouTubers)

Lecture 33 Where you make videos and who will watch will make a difference!

Lecture 34 Secrets to grow faster I’ve learnt having my own channels

Lecture 35 If I could do it again what would i do differently (so you can grow much faster)

Section 6: November 2022 Update Your Video Template, Money, Working Out Your Niche & Titles

Lecture 36 Work Out What to Make Videos about, How to Structure These and Title Structure

Lecture 37 Wider Earnings with YouTube (all the ways to monetize)

Beginner Youtube creators,All aspiring Youtube creators,Existing YouTube channel owners who want to grow faster

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 5h 16m | 5.73 GB
Created by: Dan Britain

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