Gypsy Cards Learn to read Level 2

Gypsy Card Spreads to widen your techniques
Gypsy Cards Learn to read Level 2
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Gypsy Cards Learn to read Level 2

What you’ll learn

How to read Gypsy Cards
Gypsy Cards Line of Sight Spread
Directional Cues
Gypsy Cards Box & Hidden Spread
Gypsy Cards Relationship Spread – The Comparative Spread
Gypsy Cards Wheel of Fortune Spread
Gypsy Cards Astro Year Ahead Spread
How to read Merriment in conjunction with Sweetheart & Lover
Auspicious vs Inauspicious spreads

Gypsy Cards Learn to read Level 2


Gypsy Cards Level 1
Card Meaning Knowledge
Auspicious vs Inauspicious Knowledge
Directional Cues


In Gypsy Cards Level 1 we touched on the techniques needed to interpret the Gypsy Cards with ease. In the second level course we delve into spreads that will enhance your divination toolbelt.Learn how to interpret the spreads using directional cues, auspicious versus inauspicious read AND placement houses.Within 5 lessons you learn a wealth of spreads and techniques to create a clear predictive read.Advanced Gypsy Card Techniques LESSON 1 Gypsy Cards Line of Sight – The Horizontal + Vertical Reminder LESSON 2 Box + Hidden Card – The Situational Read LESSON 3 Relationship Spread – The Comparative Read LESSON 4 Wheel of Fortune – The Progressive Read LESSON 5 Astro Year Ahead


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 Lesson 1 – The Line of Sight – Merriment / Sweetheart / Lover

Lecture 3 Lesson 2 – The Box & Hidden Spread

Lecture 4 Lesson 3 – The Relationship Spread

Lecture 5 Lesson 4 – The Wheel of Fortune

Lecture 6 Lesson 5 – The Astro Year Ahead

Intermediate Readers,Gypsy Card readers

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Udemy | English | 1h 18m | 1.44 GB
Created by: Toni Puhle

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