Hacking For Beginners

Perform your first hack in the next 2 hours!
Hacking For Beginners
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Hacking For Beginners

What you’ll learn

Learn the four components required to perform ethical hacking
Deep dive into packets and protocols
Identify vulnerabilities manuall, semi-automatically and automatically
Compromise a remote target and take full control over it

Hacking For Beginners


Basic computer knowledge
NO previous hacking knowledge required
NO Linux knowledge required
NO programming knowledge required


VERY IMPORTANT: To make the most of this course you will be using Hackers Academy online labs. You will be provided with 14 days FREE access. To access the lab, you are required to create an account on Hackers Academy website.Short, concise and straight to the point. This is how this course will guide to into your first hack in two hours!You want to learn hacking but you don’t know where to start? Then this is the course for you. Hacking for beginners course requires zero experience, zero programming knowledge and zero Linux knowledge. We start with the assumption that you know nothing about hacking, networks or the web. And step by step we will build up your knowledge so you can perform you first hack in two hours!Zero ProgrammingWe know how frustrating programming can be for beginners. And this why you will need zero programming to complete this course. As a matter of fact, you’ll be hacking into your first target with out reading or writing a single line of code!Zero NetworkingNetworking is essential for you to become a hacker. Having said that we designed this course with the expectation that you have zero knowledge of networking. You’ll be surprised what you’ll be able to learn by the end of this course though!Zero LinuxWe would be lying if we said you don’t need to learn Linux to become a hacker. We would also be lying if we said you can’t hack without knowing Linux. This is why we will get you started assuming you have zero Linux knowledge.NOTE: this course is for students with ZERO knowledge about hacking. If you already have experience in ethical hacking, then we invite you to take our other more advanced courses.This is literally the first course that I’ve stuck with on Udemy. I really appreciate your work. I am learning a lot more than I thought I would as the topics are dealt with in a curiosity-bringing way. I am also taking detailed notes and am documenting all my solutions for the missions needed for future reference. Again, I really appreciate your ability to teach and explain, as every teacher can’t provide clarity as you do. – VH ★★★★★Thank-You for this awesome course, it was indeed very informative. To be very honest, the whole internet is full of knowledge but you guys put all that in an order where people like us can consume and understand easily, now this is what I call having a method to madness!! – MA ★★★★★


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 Let’s connect!

Section 2: Kali Linux First Steps

Lecture 3 Help!

Lecture 4 Access the labs

Lecture 5 IMPORTANT: Lab Instructions

Lecture 6 CAPS lab issue

Lecture 7 Introduction to Kali Linux

Lecture 8 Kali Linux GUI

Lecture 9 First Commands in Kali Linux

Lecture 10 Kali Linux – Terminal Shortcuts

Lecture 11 Kali Linux – root

Lecture 12 Kali Linux – Basic Commands

Lecture 13 Kali Linux – Package Management

Section 3: The Internet

Lecture 14 The Internet

Lecture 15 Internet Protocols

Lecture 16 Public and Private IPs

Lecture 17 NAT

Lecture 18 DNS

Section 4: Servers, Services, Ports and Clients

Lecture 19 Servers

Lecture 20 Services And Ports

Lecture 21 Clients

Lecture 22 Apache Server Troubleshooting

Lecture 23 Server Client Demo

Section 5: Packets and Protocols

Lecture 24 What Are Packets?

Lecture 25 Understanding TCP

Lecture 26 Understanding HTTP

Section 6: Packet Analysis

Lecture 27 How to download files into Kali labs

Lecture 28 Download PCAP File

Lecture 29 Introduction to Wireshark

Lecture 30 Wireshark TCP Handshake Analysis

Lecture 31 Wireshark Display Filters

Lecture 32 Wireshark Capture Filters

Section 7: Port Scanning

Lecture 33 Port Scanning First Run

Lecture 34 Port Scanning Techniques

Lecture 35 Port Scanning Packet Analysis

Lecture 36 Port Scanning With Service Detection

Lecture 37 Port Scanning Service Detection Packet Analysis

Section 8: Vulnerability Identification

Lecture 38 Vulnerabilities and Exploits

Lecture 39 CVE and CVSS

Lecture 40 Manual Vulnerability Research

Lecture 41 Semi-automated Vulnerability Research

Lecture 42 Scripted Vulnerability Research

Lecture 43 Vulnerability Scanning

Lecture 44 Vulnerability Reporting

Lecture 45 Vulneraility Report

Section 9: Exploitation and Backdoors

Lecture 46 Exploitation Key Terms

Lecture 47 What Is A Remote Shell?

Lecture 48 What Is A Backdoor?

Lecture 49 Exploiting A Backdoored FTP

Lecture 50 Creating Your Own Backdoor

Lecture 51 How The Backdoor FTP Exploit Works

Section 10: Metasploit Crash Course

Lecture 52 Introduction to Metasploit

Lecture 53 Metasploit Auxiliary

Lecture 54 Metasploit Auxiliary Search

Lecture 55 Metasploit Search

Lecture 56 Exploiting Backdoored FTP With Metasploit

Lecture 57 Managing Metasploit Multiple Sessions

Lecture 58 Install A Tool

Lecture 59 Exploiting Tomcat Manually

Lecture 60 Exploiting Tomcat with Metasploit

Lecture 61 Metasploit Meterpreter Shell

Anyone wanting to learn the absolute basics of hacking

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Udemy | English | 5h 1m | 1.69 GB
Created by: Hackers Academy – Online Ethical Hacking Tutorials

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