Hacking Public Speaking

Quick, easy & fun steps to become a more engaging presenter with proven techniques from the world of stand-up comedy.
Hacking Public Speaking
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David Nihill


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Hacking Public Speaking

What you’ll learn

How to Replicate Top TED Talks & Speakers
Effective Memory Techniques so you Never Go Blank on Stage
How to Become a Great Storyteller
How to Add Humor & Up Engagement
Manage Any Audience & Hold Their Interest
How to Manage a Fear of Public Speaking
How to Deliver Better Virtual Presentations
How to Craft Your Message & Make Boring Content Fun
How to Bring the Energy Up
How to Manage Disruptions
How to Craft a Memorable Story Around Your Product/Service
Tried and Tested Techniques from Public Speaking’s True 10,000 Hour Masters: Stand Up Comedians

Hacking Public Speaking


A good sense of humor


Hi, I’m David Nihill. I’ve spent over 10,000 hours on stage. Here’s how I can help you:I’ve always been afraid of public speaking but I’m lucky enough to have the option to get paid to do it. Wacky I know. To try and overcome my own fears I spent the last 11 years on every stage I could find. I’ve won storytelling and standup comedy competitions, have a talk on TED, spoke at many of the world’s largest tech and business conferences, recorded a comedy special, and taught this topic at some of the world’s leading institutions, like Stanford Business School and University of Oxford. I wrote a bestselling book on the not so sexy subject and run a high level ghostwriting company that’s behind many of the world’s highest profile leaders talks.I’ve applied a lot of what I’ve learned to help thousands of students manage fear of public speaking, give TED talks, be the one who speaks at conferences on behalf of their company, get promoted, get paid to speak (and get paid more to speak), deliver more engaging lectures, tell better and more impactful stories, and nail that wedding speech, job interview or non profit funding. Everything I learned clocking up over 10,000 hours on stage you’ll learn in a fast and fun way. It will save you years of learning the hard way and is the most fun and laugh out loud way to become a better and more engaging public speaker.What they’re saying about it:  “My audiences were engaged, emotional, and laughing out loud. David Nihill is a master.” Blake Irving – Former CEO and Board Director of GoDaddy“I’ve given quite a few talks and David’s content is the most helpful I’ve found on becoming a better speaker. Plus it made me laugh out loud!.” Justin Mares – Bestselling Author, Speaker, Founder of Kettle & Fire“This course is great. I haven’t taken it yet but David drew a picture when he was 6 years old of a penguin drinking beer in a Chinese restaurant and it was clear the potential for slight wisdom and misguided creativity were there.” —Marita Nihill, David’s MotherMost Presentations Are Glorified Snoozefests! Let’s Change ThatAside from making your day a little less fun, boring presentations are also bad for business. Now, more than ever, your message is competing against hungry pets, rambunctious children, and everything happening on Tiktok. The good news: knowing a few techniques will make sure yours are never dull. The even better news: The bar out there is pretty low. No matter what your experience level, you can stand out fast. This course will make sure you do just that and in a fast and fun way, no matter what level you are. This is everything you’ll ever need to know about public speaking in one place.


Section 1: Welcome to the course!

Lecture 1 Hacking Public Speaking: The most entertaining way to learn public speaking!

Lecture 2 Welcome to the course and thanks for joining me!

Lecture 3 How we’re going to hack public speaking


Lecture 4 Breaking down and replicating talks

Lecture 5 Using images and video to up engagement

Lecture 6 Making the image the story

Lecture 7 80/20 principle public speaking

Lecture 8 Start with a story

Lecture 9 Your funny story file

Lecture 10 Assignment: Start your funny story file

Section 3: Use comedy writing techniques

Lecture 11 Applying joke structure to your content

Lecture 12 The rule of 3

Lecture 13 Stacking techniques: Combining the rule of 3 and images

Lecture 14 Stacking techniques: The rule of 3 and stories

Lecture 15 How to avoid going astray with the rule of 3

Lecture 16 Assignment: Get writing and link your stories to topics

Section 4: How to story

Lecture 17 Making storytelling easy

Lecture 18 How to story part 1

Lecture 19 How to story part 2

Lecture 20 Assignment: Watch and try and create your own personal starting story

Lecture 21 Watch these if you are struggling to come up with your own stories

Lecture 22 In case you still think you’ve no stories: A socially proven content example

Section 5: How to make content un-boring

Lecture 23 Boring content? No problem. Ask this question

Lecture 24 Start with frustration and pain points

Lecture 25 Assignment: What drives you bonkers?

Lecture 26 Use funny words

Lecture 27 Use exaggeration

Lecture 28 Use analogy

Lecture 29 Link and contrast things that don’t normally go together

Lecture 30 Use memorable details

Lecture 31 Use my favourite technique: Callbacks

Lecture 32 Is my topic too serious a topic for humor?

Lecture 33 How to get engaging fast

Lecture 34 Assignment: linking stories to your presentation or talk topic

Lecture 35 Assignment: Compare and Contrast


Lecture 36 How to have awesome yet relaxed looking delivery

Lecture 37 How to start strong

Lecture 38 Assignment: Develop an Opening

Lecture 39 How to get the best possible introduction

Lecture 40 Assignment: Write out your intro

Lecture 41 How to control the room if it’s less than ideal

Lecture 42 How to self edit your content

Lecture 43 How to remove filler words (ah, ehh, but)

Lecture 44 How to build more trust and control the room

Lecture 45 How to never worry about forgetting what you plan to say

Lecture 46 The secret to truly conversational presenting: The memory palace

Lecture 47 Quick note on using the memory palace

Lecture 48 Assignment: Start your own memory palace

Lecture 49 What to do with your hands

Lecture 50 How to turn negatives into positives and get a positive reaction from anything

Lecture 51 How to 10X your delivery with very little effort

Lecture 52 My own act out attempts

Lecture 53 How to deliver key points

Lecture 54 How to short cut preparation time

Lecture 55 How to have the best possible finish: Never end with questions and answers

Lecture 56 How to avoid ever going over your time limit

Lecture 57 How to work in callbacks for huge audience reactions

Lecture 58 How to win over the audience

Lecture 59 How to evaluate your own performance and improve fast

Lecture 60 Assignment: Listen to yourself

Lecture 61 Delivery wrap up and summary

Lecture 62 Assignment: Evaluation and permanent beta

Section 7: Managing stage fright

Lecture 63 How to manage stage fright

Lecture 64 Exercise: Watch this Talk on How to Beat Stage Fright

Section 8: Bookending it

Lecture 65 The audience are on your side

Lecture 66 Congrats! You made it! (here’s that link for more resources as promised)

Lecture 67 The book end. Wrapping it up!

Section 9: Bonus Content

Lecture 68 How to Improve Your Virtual Presentations with our special guest

Lecture 69 Better Virtual Presentations Interview and Tips

Lecture 70 How to deal with shaky hands

Lecture 71 Speaking on panels

Anyone who wants to improve their public speaking slills,Professionals who want to make their presentations more entertaining,Marketing and Advertising professionals looking to add humor to their messaging,Start-Up companies who want to stand out from the crowd,Entrepreneurs looking to get a competitive advantage,Sales professionals looking to hone their humor skills,Anyone who wants to be consistently funnier,Those who want to overcome a fear of public speaking,Those interested in stand up comedy,Those who want to learn a new skill,Students looking to stand out from their peers through comedy,Anyone regularly making presentations,Anyone who wants to improve their storytelling skills,Keynote Speakers and aspiring keynote speakers,People of any experience level

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Created by: David Nihill

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