Hand lettering for beginners modern brush pen calligraphy

Learn everything important about modern brush pen calligraphy and become a hand lettering pro.
Hand lettering for beginners modern brush pen calligraphy
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Hand lettering for beginners modern brush pen calligraphy

What you’ll learn

the technique of brush lettering
what kind of different pens and papers there are
how to hold the brush letter pen
which common mistakes you can avoid
how to write letters and numbers in brush letter style
how to develop your own brush letter font

Hand lettering for beginners modern brush pen calligraphy


You don´t need any previous experience or knowledge!
You’ll need a brush letter pen – you’ll get my recommendation in the lesson “What you need!”
You need the exercise material printed.


This course is designed for hand lettering beginners with no previous experience or knowledge about brush pen calligraphy. By the end of the course, you will have developed your own lettering and mastered brush lettering to the point where you can create your own lettering. In one of the first lessons you will get my recommendation which pen is best to start with and what you should look for in paper. So if you don’t have a pen yet, take a look at this lesson first. Together we will work step by step on brush lettering and you will learn everything you need to know about brush pen calligraphy. We’ll work with different materials, I’ll introduce you to my favorite brush pens, we’ll work on the technique together and practice both print and script alphabets as well as numbers. Of course, you will also find practice materials for download. Tips for getting started and mistakes that I have made, but that you can avoid, are also summarized each in a lesson. Before you start, you should download and print the exercise materials so that we can work on brush lettering together.I’m looking forward to teach you brush pen calligraphy! See you soon, Ela


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Section 2: 1. What you need!

Lecture 2 What you need!

Section 3: 2. Materials

Lecture 3 Pens

Lecture 4 Paper

Section 4: 3. Technique

Lecture 5 Pen position

Lecture 6 Brush lettering technique

Lecture 7 Up and down strokes

Lecture 8 Roundings

Lecture 9 Set down

Lecture 10 Letter blocks

Section 5: 4. Numbers

Lecture 11 Numbers – Variant 1

Lecture 12 Numbers – Variant 2

Section 6: 5. Tips for beginners

Lecture 13 Tips for beginners

Section 7: 6. Print lettering

Lecture 14 Lowercase letters a-j

Lecture 15 Lowercase letters k-z

Lecture 16 Uppercase letters A-J

Lecture 17 Uppercase letters K-Z

Section 8: 7. Script lettering

Lecture 18 Lowercase letters a-j

Lecture 19 Lowercase letters k-z

Lecture 20 Uppercase letters A-J

Lecture 21 Uppercase letters K-Z

Section 9: 8. How to connect letters

Lecture 22 How to connect letters

Section 10: 9. Common mistakes – summary

Lecture 23 Common mistakes – summary

Section 11: 10. Develop your own font

Lecture 24 Develop your own font

for everyone, who wants to learn brush lettering

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Created by: Daniela Becker

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