HAProxy for Beginners

Load Balancing and High Availability
HAProxy for Beginners
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HAProxy for Beginners

What you’ll learn

Students will be able to build a high available and load balanced services

HAProxy for Beginners


For practical Labs students are preferred to have basic knowledge in Linux in addition to VMware or VirtualBox


HAProxy is the most powerful solution used for Load Balancing and High Availability, it is open source, stable and reliable , it can be used to receive  requests  from your clients and to distribute theses requests among your servers.This course is a crash course, you will be able to move from beginner to advanced HAProxy admin within 80 minutes. In this course you will learn the following topics:Load Balancing Concepts and PrefaceWhat is HAProxyWhy to Use HAProxyHAProxy TasksFrontend and Backend conceptsScheduling AlgorithmsConfigurationsPractical ExampleDisplaying Statistics and MonitoringTCP and HTTP modesForwardFor OptionAccess ListsSticky SessionsSSL configurationsAvoiding Single Point Of FailureConclusionEventually, this will be a continuous course I am going to add any additional topics I think they are important, and any topics requested by students.So, if you think that this course can be improved by adding any topics, then please let me know.


Section 1: HAPRoxy

Lecture 1 Load Balancing Preface

Lecture 2 What is HAProxy

Lecture 3 Why HAProxy

Lecture 4 HAProxy Tasks

Lecture 5 Frontend and Backend Components

Lecture 6 Scheduling Algorithms

Lecture 7 HAProxy Configurations

Lecture 8 Practical Example

Lecture 9 HAPRoxy Statistics and Monitoring

Lecture 10 TCP and HTTP Modes

Lecture 11 ForwardFor Option

Lecture 12 Access Lists

Lecture 13 Sticky Sessions

Lecture 14 SSL Termination

Lecture 15 Avoiding Single Point Of Failure

Lecture 16 Conclusion

Students interested in High Availability and Load Balancing

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 1h 42m | 747.15 MB
Created by: Hadi Alnabriss

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