Hard Rock Lead Guitar

The Ultimate Guide to Speed and Accuracy
Hard Rock Lead Guitar
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Marc Terribilini


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Hard Rock Lead Guitar

What you’ll learn

Develop finger strength/dexterity
Develop legato technique
Develop alternate picking speed & accuracy
Perform multiple string sweeping patterns
Perform various tapping techniques
Perform a number of harmonics
Bending & vibrato techniques
Additional tips/techniques
Whammy bar techniques

Hard Rock Lead Guitar


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Are you looking to take your lead guitar playing skills to Rock Star status – To master the techniques necessary to not only improve your skill, but to create killer songs and a die hard fan base!?
Welcome, to Hard Rock Lead Guitar – The Ultimate Guide to Speed and Accuracy, where my goal is to help you achieve a new level of confidence in your lead guitar abilities.
I will break down fast and complicated techniques into their most basic components, allowing you to build a solid foundation for growth. Some of the techniques covered include legato, speed picking, sweep picking, tapping, and more! This is more than just a library of licks, but a powerful set of exercises that build your strength, dexterity, speed,
and accuracy. From beginner to advanced, practice these licks on a regular basis and
I guarantee you will be on your way to playing like a Rock Star!


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 Tuning up, gear, and posture

Section 2: Legato – building strength and dexterity

Lecture 3 Introduction to legato and strength building

Lecture 4 Hammer-ons and pull-offs: 2 notes per string

Lecture 5 Hammer-on and pull-offs: 3 notes per string

Lecture 6 Hammer-on and pull-offs: 4 notes per string

Lecture 7 Additional exercises

Section 3: Staccato – build picking speed and accuracy

Lecture 8 Intro to picking, holding the pick, wrist action, and palm muting

Lecture 9 Picking styles

Lecture 10 Single string speed and picking dynamics

Lecture 11 Single string speed: Ascending/descending 2s

Lecture 12 Single string speed: Ascending/descending 3s

Lecture 13 Single string speed: Ascending/descending 4s

Lecture 14 Introduction to two string speed

Lecture 15 Two string speed: ascending/descending 3s

Lecture 16 Two string speed: string skipping

Lecture 17 Multiple string speed

Lecture 18 Additional exercises

Section 4: Sweep picking – building fluidity

Lecture 19 Introduction to sweep picking

Lecture 20 3 string sweeps

Lecture 21 Major arpeggios

Lecture 22 Minor arpeggios

Section 5: Tapping

Lecture 23 Introduction to tapping

Lecture 24 Single string tapping: along a scale

Lecture 25 Two string tapping

Lecture 26 Tap and bend

Lecture 27 Tap and slide

Section 6: Other guitar techniques, tricks, and tips

Lecture 28 Introduction and pick scrape

Lecture 29 Vibrato and the importance of muting

Lecture 30 Natural, artificial, and tapping harmonics

Lecture 31 Palm slides and harmonic sweep

Lecture 32 Bends, rakes, and false harmonic bends

Lecture 33 Volume swells

Lecture 34 Pick tapping

Lecture 35 Whammy bar screams

Lecture 36 Additional whammy bar tricks

Section 7: Wrap up

Lecture 37 Overview and advice

For those looking to take their lead guitar playing skills to the next level

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 1h 33m | 2.78 GB
Created by: Marc Terribilini

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