Have Fun Earning Extra Money at Home Doing Voiceover Acting

Your guide to one of the most satisfying and potentially profitable home businesses. Learn a 40+ year VO veteran.
Have Fun Earning Extra Money at Home Doing Voiceover Acting
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Have Fun Earning Extra Money at Home Doing Voiceover Acting

What you’ll learn

Understand what voiceover work is, and what it’s like to work in the profession.
See what is involved in setting up to do basic voiceovers, and learn how to save a lot of money by getting only the gear you really need (it’s not much!)
Get expert advice on how to develop your skills using nothing more than your voice and a computer.
Get a new perspective on what is REALLY needed, and isn’t needed, when getting started into voiceoverwork.

Have Fun Earning Extra Money at Home Doing Voiceover Acting


No previous experience, and no particular gear, software, equipment is required to benefit from this course.


This is my most comprehensive course to help people discover the fun, and the money-earning possibilities of doing voiceover work from home, simply and affordably.  If you have abilities as a communicator, there’s a good chance voiceover work is something that will not only be appealing to you, but potentially profitable.  The good news I want to especially convey through this course is that voiceover work is not as difficult to get into, and certainly not as costly, as what you may have been led to believe.  For example, did you know that:You already have what you need to practice and develop your skills all the way up to the point where you create your first demo.You may be able to set up a recording space for little to no cost.You don’t have to reinvent yourself to do voiceovers.There are effective ways to offer your voiceover services that cost you nothing.  If you’ve taken my other courses, you’ll see that this course combines some of the important points from my other courses, with greatly expanded information in some subject areas.  After completing the course, I’ll give you a free copy of my book, “12 Pro Tips to Help You Grow as a  Voice Actor. Included in the course:IntroductionSetup and EquipmentDeveloping Your SkillsSelling Your ServicesBusting Some Myths


Section 1: Have Fun Earning Extra Money at Home Doing Voiceovers

Lecture 1 Understanding What Voiceover Work is, and What it’s Like

Lecture 2 Gearing Up the Easy Way

Lecture 0 Developing Your Skills Practically and Effectively

Lecture 3 A Winning Way to Market Yourself That Costs You Nothing

Lecture 4 Busing Some Myths, and Saving Some Bucks

This course is designed for anyone who would like to make some income from home in the fun and potentially profitable area of voiceover work. It’s ideal for people who are investigating it for the first time, or who have been looking into it for awhile and feels a little confused about what they’re reading, seeing online.

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Created by: Dane Scott

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